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This is a blog dedicated to all those who love and enjoy outdoor activities especially searching for the lost precious items such as coins, bottles, ring and etc… You will find here information that discusses about Metal Detectors and Treasure Hunting tips that will guide you on your way towards success. Other than the tips, Safety Precautions are also discussed because there are some dangers involve that you need to know and avoid.

Treasure Hunting is indeed a very enjoyable outdoor activity especially when the whole family or group of friends participates on the search. The feeling of being able to find buried item even it is of no value will make you proud about yourself. You will be happy that you have found something rather than nothing and you can even boast them around your friends.

Other serious individuals even formed their own trusted groups where they aim to find treasures with great value. These are hidden chest of gold, diamonds, coins and other rare items. Although, you can only hear stories about such precious items on movies, novels and other form of multimedia. But today, many treasure hunters have already proven their existence due to their successful recoveries of such abundant treasures.

Treasure Hunting Tools

This blog covers all treasure hunting tools such as metal detectors, dowsing, GPS and etc…

The primary tools of treasure hunters are detectors that aid them in locating the exact location of the buried or hidden item. There are actually hundreds of metal detector products available online which is the perfect place to buy rather than on your local store where you have very limited items to choose from.

An alternative tool for metal detectors are the dowsing tools. These are traditional tools that can locate various missing objects. And unlike metal detectors, they do not need batteries to be operated.

Further discussion about detectors is discussed on this post, Detectors for Treasure Hunting…

Interpret Treasure Signs

This blog helps treasure hunters learn how to interpret treasure signs, codes and symbols.

Interpreting treasure signs is an important skill for every treasure hunters who are searching for large hidden treasures.

Share Knowledge and Experience

I am sharing my knowledge and experiences about treasure hunting on this blog.

I am on this treasure hunting industry for several years now. Thus, I acquired a lot of knowledge and experiences that I am willing to share to anyone who is also interested on this activity.

Helping Complete Beginners

This blog is intended for complete beginners.

I am proud to say that I am friendly and easy to be approached. Thus, I am making myself completely available for free consultation about treasure hunting. You can always contact me via the methods I posted on my Contact Page.

You can also read more about me on this post.

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Beginner’s Guide to Treasure Hunting

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