In this post, we are going to discuss engraved markers on the side of an old rock. Two of them are like “arrowheads” and there is one long straight line. This engraved rock marker was discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community on his own site.

So his questions are,

“Are these engraved markers authentic or man-made?”

and ,

“If it is an authentic treasure sign then what are its meanings?”

What we are seeing below is the actual photo taken by our fellow treasure hunter on the rock marker that he discovered on his own site.

As we can see, there are three engraved symbols which are found on this side of the rock.

In order for us to tell if this engraved treasure sign is legit or man-made, we really have to put some time and effort into analyzing it. Thus, I carefully studied the way the symbols are engraved onto the surface of this rock.

As for the result, my findings claim that this engraved marker is legit which was made by the Japanese Imperial soldiers as an important clue that has something to do with their hidden Yamashita treasure on the site.

Now my interpretation of this engraved treasure sign is that it provides a direction where there is a hole that leads into an underground passage where the item is hidden.

We can notice here that this engraved symbol is an arrowhead that is pointing into the direction that we should follow. If you are new here, I suggest that you read my post more about the arrowheads where I thoroughly explained them.

Just below the engraved arrowhead is a straight line. This actually represents distance where it has an equivalent value of around 15 feet. Thus, the direction of the arrowhead combined into the distance of 15 feet, we can arrive into the spot that we are going to start digging.

The engraved symbol at the bottom most part is what indicates the “underground passage”. So if we dug the indicated spot according to the direction and distance provided by the other two symbols, we should uncover the hole which is the opening of the underground passage.

If we discover this underground passage, in most cases, the treasure deposit is hidden at its end-most portion.

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