If you are still an amateur treasure hunter then you are not yet probably aware why most experienced treasure hunters have high interest in old houses especially those old “Spanish Houses”. You have to know that such old houses were preferred by most JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers as temporary shelters. But what’s really interesting about it for us is that they commonly hid their Yamashita treasures around the old house.

Before you start searching for old houses around your area and attempt to dig all the possible spots that I am about to mention in this post, I would like to inform you that you need the presence of signs or markers. Thus, you have to make sure that your suspected old house has authentic treasure signs before you attempt to excavate it.

Common places where you can find these signs or markers is inside and outside the old house. So inside the house, try searching at the ceilings, walls, floors, and every possible corner with engrave markers. At the outside portion, check the walls and underneath it.

Stairs or Main Entrance of the House

We have already covered in the previous post that when it comes to stairs as a sign, it refers to the actual stairs of the old house as the treasure deposit spot. In most cases, the item is buried at the lowest end of the stair or right underneath it.

If the house does not have a stair then the item is possibly buried right at the main entrance of the old house.

Posts of the Old House

The number of posts of an old house depends on its size. So a large old house may have multiple posts to support its weight.

Now in one of these posts, the JIA soldiers often buried their Yamashita treasure. With the help of the signs or markers that they left behind, being able to interpret them will allow you to determine the correct post.

When you managed to pin-point the right post then all you have to do is to dig it right down to its end where you should be able to uncover the item.

Underneath the Middle Portion of the Old House

And the third possible treasure deposit spot at an old house is underneath the old house, right at its middle portion.

When the Japanese General was still alive and was my companion as a treasure hunter, he had a treasure map on his hand where we used as a basis in locating one of our projects before.

Through his treasure map and knowledge, we were able to find the place with an old house. This old house was made of thick and hard woods and it is quite a large old shelter. According to the present owner who is a Filipino, he claimed that the old house used to be owned by a powerful and wealthy Spaniard.

Just like what you are seeing in this image, this is how the old house look-like. The only difference is that the old spanish house was a lot way much bigger.

Around the corners particularly the ceilings and walls, the Japanese soldiers had left a lot of engraved signs as clues. But among these engraved signs, the Japanese General ends up putting his interest on the hole on the floor right at the middle of the house.

He then took out a small coin out of his pocket and then he dropped it into the hole. Then he ordered us to dig the spot where his coin landed below, underneath the old house. Going fast forward for the result, he was right.

When the Japanese General had grown too old and could no longer hunt for treasures, this was the time that I decided to gather my own crew. So through my experience, we also encountered a lot of old houses with treasure deposits. And through these experiences, what I commonly noticed is that they Japanese soldiers often hide their treasures underneath the old house right in the middle portion.

The most interesting part about treasure deposit at the old house is that they are most likely not buried too deep. Based on my own personal experiences, they are buried at around 10 feet down to 20 feet only. However, most of the treasure deposits only range from small to medium volume of sizes.

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