4 Methods to Break Huge and Hard Rocks

There are some of you guys who asked me to tackle how to break huge and hard rocks. As a treasure hunter myself, I do understand that breaking rocks cannot be avoided.

Anyway, there are only two possible reasons why we really need to break a certain rock. One, the rock is blocking your excavation path. And two, the rock itself is the container of the treasure deposit.

There are actually four methods in breaking rocks that I would like to share in this post. You can also apply these methods in breaking hard concrete objects.

Mallet and Wedge

As the first method, we have the traditional pair of tools which is the mallet and wedge. If you do not know it yet, these are actually considered as ancient tools. The first known civilization to efficiently use these tools were the ancient Egyptians.

Moreover, in order for you to effectively break a huge rock by using a mallet and wedge, you should be able to create holes on its surfaces. So if the rock is too hard to puncture or drill holes on it then this method will not work.

You have to embed the wedges onto the surface of the rock and align them in a way that you intend to break the rock apart. Once done, use your mallet and continuously strike the wedges. This causes a crack which then leads to the rock to break apart.

If this is going to be your first time to try this method then you may expect to fail since it requires some skill and experience to do it properly. Thus, the key to do it successfully is to practice a lot and gain the necessary experience of doing it.

Commercial Products

The second method is by using commercial products. There are now so many of these products available in the market today. However, most of these products also require you to create holes onto the surface of the rock. So if the rock tends to be so hard that drilling holes on it is impossible then most of these products will unfortunately not work. Anyway, you can perhaps try the other methods.

If you are looking for a commercial product for breaking rocks, you can give Dexpan a try which I have already reviewed and mentioned several times in my other posts.

Rockbreaker Heavy Equipment

Using heavy equipment is the third method that I do recommend. This heavy equipment is more commonly referred to as the “rockbreaker”. Here is an image of what a rockbreaker looks like.

As you can see, it has a long arm and powerful arm with a chisel rod at its end.

If you have such heavy equipment on your side then breaking multiple huge rocks will be plain and easy. Aside from rocks, this heavy equipment can also be used to break concrete objects.

Fire and Water

The fourth method that you can use to break rocks is by simply using fire and water.

Before you can make this method work, make sure that you can create fire under the rock that you intend to break. So if the rock is slightly buried, you should dig underneath it to provide enough space for the fire that you will create.

By using logs, create a fire to burn the rock to make it extremely hot that you can cook an egg onto its surface. You may really need a lot of firewoods to burn the rock which depends on its size. So if the rock that you intend to break is huge and hard then you should prepare plenty of firewoods.

Other than the firewoods is the time needed to burn the rock and reach its high breaking point temperature.

In one of my experiences about breaking huge rocks, we added old tires on the mix with the logs. You might be surprised to know that tires are made out of materials that are combustible, in other words it’s highly flammable.

The moment that the tire starts to get burned, it’s going to be hard to put it out. This is the reason why it is the perfect burning material for rocks. The only problem is the terrible smell of its fumes.

Through the use of old tires, we were able to burn the rock overnight until the next morning.

The time that we came back to check the rock, its underneath portion was glowing red due to its extremely hot temperature.

If it happens that the rock never incurred any breakage or cracks at such high-temperature, the next step that you need to do is to prepare buckets of water. Cold water is best suggested and more effective.

Now, with the help of your fellow crews, quickly pour the water onto the rock. By pouring the water directly onto the hot rock, this will cause a sudden change in its temperature. This sudden change of temperature which is from hot to cold will cause the rock to break apart.

This burning method can also be performed on concrete objects. Although, if this concrete object is a container of gold treasure deposit then expect that it’s going to be melted. 

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