5 Peso Coin Philippines Ferdinand Marcos – Ang Bagong Lipunan

One of the most popular coin used in circulation during the time of the late Philippine president, Ferdinand E. Marcos was the “5 peso coin” dated either from 1975 to 1978 or 1979 to 1982. These coins were labeled as “Ang Bagong Lipunan”. The English translation is “The New Society”.

There are actually one major difference of the 5 peso coins dated with 1975 to 1978 from the 1979 to 1982 counterpart. These difference is perhaps used by most sellers in pricing their coins to interested buyers.

I do own a few of these 5 peso coins but I do not have any intentions of selling it to anyone. It’s because they are very nice for display purposes and it holds some valuable information about the Philippine history.

But if you have a hoard of these 5 peso coins and you are willing to sell them, then you should continue reading.

Some Historical Facts about the 5 Peso Coin

It is quite interesting to know that the 1975 to 1978 five peso coin was the very first coin that portrayed a figure of a living person at the time of its circulation. He was Marcos which I think need no introduction since I expect that you already know him unless you are not a Filipino.

He must be so happy that he was able to see the coins with his face embedded on them and utilized as the money by all Filipino citizens.

Declaration of the Martial Law

When was the exact date of the declaration of “Martial Law”?

I bet you have a hard time trying to remember what you History teacher told you or you simply do not know at all.

Ease up your brain because Martial Law was declared on “September 21, 1972”.

I also admit that I myself really do not know the exact month and day but only the year. I know that it was on 1972 because of the five peso coins in my possession that was dated on the same year.

Is it possible that Martial Law was already being planned ahead by the Marcos Administration?

It’s like I could sense some conspiracy here. The coin being dated on the same exact year as the declaration of Martial Law seems like not a coincidence. Other than that, it has a label of “Ang Bagong Lipunan” translated as “The New Society”.

Well, I don’t know. It’s just a mere speculation and besides, the Marcos Administration had already ended a long time ago.

What Dictates the Value of the 5 Peso Coin?

This is the part where buyers and sellers of the 5 peso coin should read. These are criteria that has something to do with the rarity and type of materials used.

Minting of the 5 Peso Coin

The 1975 to 1979 five peso coin was minted in Canada while the 1979 to 1982 was in the US (Franklin Mint).

The side where Marcos’ face was embedded remained unchanged when the coins were minted in the US. But on the opposite side, the text from the banner was change.

“Republika ng Pilipinas” was the original texts but on the second series, it was changed to “Isang Bansa Isang Diwa”.

Why did they changed it?

In my own opinion, “Republika ng Pilipinas” was already on embedded on the coin surrounding its near edge which is much clearly visible than those found on the banner. So I think, it is not worth mentioning again for the second time where it is best to put other conveying type of words.

Alright, I can hear you.

You are now probably asking, what is the relationship of those words to the value of the coin?

Check your 5 peso coin and look closely into the banner if it has the Republika ng Pilipinas or the Isang Bansa Isang Diwa.

If it has the marking of the Isang Bansa Isang Diwa, you are in luck because these type of coins are considered rare and can be quite expensive.

5 Peso Coins Minted by Franklin Mint in the US are made out of Silver

Some sources claims that the 5 peso coins are made out of nickel metals. While others claim that, the coins minted by Franklin Mint in the US are made of precious silver material. It really does sound like the 1972 1 peso old coin.

We all know that silver has is one among the expensive metal. Thus, this is another aspect that some sellers consider when pricing their 1979 to 1982 five peso coins for sale.

Although, there is actually no sufficient proof that can provide us solid evidence that the second series of the 5 peso coin do contain silver.

Somebody who owns one of these rare coin should take it to someone who studies metals. I have already seen one of those high-tech equipment where you are just going to place the item inside its compartment then, the computer can analyze every element on that piece of object.

It’s as easy as that, and the case it closed.

Scratches and Dent

Almost any collectible coin losses their value when they suffered from scratches and dents. So always take good care of your old coins.

I will discuss on a separate post about some tips on how to properly care your old coins and any other collections that are made out of metals.

How much is the price of a 5 Peso coin today?

You have to know that the price of a 5 peso coin is not stable. But there is one thing for sure, the price is steadily rising higher and higher but a very slow pace.

Let’s go straight about the prices already.

The 1972 to 1979 five peso coin minted in Canada which has the Republika ng Pilinas on its banner has a price range today of about 500 to 3000 pesos. There are still many individuals who are in possession of these type of coins the reason why the price really didn’t went up so much after these past few years.

As for the five peso coin minted in the US by the Franklin Mint Company, the one with Isang Bansa Isang Diwa on its banner has an incredible price range of 10,000 to 50,000 pesos.

Take note, the prices that I mentioned here are only considered accurate from the publication date of this post. So if you are reading this post three years from the date of this post then the price may no longer be the same.

Where to Sell your 5 Peso Coin?

Some are saying that you can sell your old coins to those local jewelry makers particularly those at the market. And, they will be the one who will offer the price for your coins.

If you do not like the price then you can just move to another until you are satisfied with the offer. This is a hassle especially when you only have a few of that old coins that you are going to sell.

So my best recommendation of selling your 5 peso coin is via online. There are now many online stores that allows you to showcase your items.

You can even start here by posting what you have on the Comment Form down below.

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