5 Spokes Sun Marker

When it comes to sun markers used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers in hiding their Yamashita treasure, it has a connection to the actual sun that always brightens our day.

We have here an actual image of a sun marker discovered by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community. As we can see, it is deeply engraved on this side or portion of this old rock. Counting the number of its spokes, it has a total of five.

So how are we going to interpret this five spoke sun marker?

The very first step is to identify the East direction or where the sun rises up early in the morning.

Let’s have an illustration. Assuming that this is the location of our marker and this is the East and West direction. The East direction is where the sun rises up in the morning. 

Thus, what we have to do here is to follow the East direction starting from this spot or location of our marker. As for the distance, one spoke is equivalent to about 3 feet. So in total, the distance is about 15 feet.

Upon reaching a distance of 15 feet towards the East, this will be our digging spot.

However, my further analysis into this marker had brought my attention into this engraved arrowhead. This will actually neglect our previous direction which is the East because the presence of this arrowhead strongly indicates a much more confirmed direction that we need to follow.

So in this situation, the direction of the engraved arrowhead is what we need to follow. As for the distance, it remains the same, which is 15 feet. Thus, starting from the five spoke sun marker going to the direction indicated by the arrowhead with a distance of 15 feet, the spot where we arrived at will be our digging spot.

At this point, upon digging the said spot, we will be expecting buried markers which will continue to guide us into the treasure deposit.        

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