7KD Yamashita Sign Treasure Deposit Under the Big Rock

Many have been requesting about the interpretation of the “7KD” Yamashita treasure signs. This sign is actually very common and easy to interpret where it has a meaning of “Treasure Deposit under the Big Rock”.

If we are going to break down this 7KD sign, the “7” symbol represent the deposit or hidden items which are “boxes of gold bars”. The “D” symbol pertains to the big rock. As for the “K” symbol, it provides the most vital clue because it refers to the item being hidden or buried underneath the big rock.

Based on my experience, most of the 7KD signs that I encountered were engraved on surfaces of rocks. Although, the rocks can either be huge or small. Other than the rocks, I have also seen some old trees with engraved 7KD signs on them.

Since 7KD is a sign with a clear and simple meaning indicating that the treasure is under the big rock, it is common to all treasure hunters that the rock being referred by the sign is the rock where the sign is engraved. If the treasure hunters are lucky, then they will recover the item. However, this is not always the case.

You have to know that the 7KD sign does not confirm which big rock is being referred unless there is only one huge rock on the site.

Determining the Correct Big Rock

When you encountered a 7KD sign, the first thing that you have to do is to determine the correct big rock that is being referred. The way for you to do this is to search for more additional signs around your site. You have to know that the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) didn’t just left one single clue but mostly, several of them around.

Let’s says that you have found some additional signs. By studying them, they will surely provide clues especially directions that are referencing to the exact location of the big rock with the deposit underneath it. Having two signs pointing to the big rock is already good enough to confirm the correct rock.

7K and KD are also Yamashita Treasure Signs

“7K” is actually a Yamashita treasure sign which is interpreted as “boxes of gold bars”. The same goes to the “KD” symbols but with the meaning of “under deposit”. Basically, 7KD is simply the combination of the both the 7K and KD signs.

Some of you may encounter a “7KO” sign. It is almost an exact match to the 7KD sign except that the D is replaced with an O. But despite their differences, they still both have exact same meaning.

7KD Sign under the Ground

Let’s say that you dug a hole deep down the ground then suddenly, you discovered a strange rock with the engrave sign consisting of the 7KD symbols. If this is the case, there is a very huge chance that the sign is referring to the rock where it is engraved provided that it is one big rock.

It is actually a lot much better when you encountered a 7KD sign under the ground because you do not have to explore the entire site as compared from the surface. This is because the big rock that you need to look for is very close or just a few feet away. Or, it can also be the rock where the 7KD sign is engraved.

Digging underneath a Huge Rock is Risky

Please be warned that digging under a huge rock is quite risky especially when you do not know what you are doing. You have to know that the weight of the big rock can cause the hole that you are trying to dig underneath it to collapse.

To prevent the big rock from moving or sliding; I highly suggest that you should setup proper support to ensure that it won’t move out from its position.

Moreover, the 7KD is one of the most interesting sign that a treasure hunter can find. This is due to the reason that, it confirms that site as “positive” and it gives details about the hidden item which are boxes of gold bars. And the most interesting part, this sign gives a very specific clue about where you will start to excavate which is right underneath the big rock.

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  • Hi there, is anybody here can read the sign engrave in the wood and rocks. My father dug more than 6ft and found 3 signs. 1 is the rock like flower and it has too many lines, 2nd the hard cement and when the broke it they found pieces of rocks with letter Y. 3rd is the wood looks like crocodile skin or or a form of dragon. And lastly there was a big rock with engrave sign the same on the 2nd sign. Please help me to analyze those symbols. Thanks.

    • That Y sign could mean an old creek or a hidden tunnel but basing from the other markers that you father discovered, I think that it refers more to a hidden tunnel. Although, you have to be extra careful because there is a booby trap involve due to that flower marker.

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