Actual Yamashita Cross Sign with Standing Position

In the previous post, we have tackled the cross that is composed of dots or holes. So in this post, we are going to cover another interesting question from one of you guys.

Here is the question,

“What is the meaning of a Yamashita cross sign that is made with some sort of concrete material and it is on a standing position?”

Somebody just replied that it is a marker that is intended for a buried dead body of a certain person. It made me laugh but it is indeed true. You have to know that putting cross as a marker particularly onto the tomb or grave of a certain dead person is a common practice tradition introduced by the Spaniards. Thus, digging underneath it won’t surprise me if you have uncovered human skeletons or remains. 

Anyway, the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers did actually use plain cross signs or markers to their hidden Yamashita treasures. So you really have to confirm if the actual cross object that you found was built by the JIA or not.

If you are not from that place then it is best to ask the locals if you can get some useful information from them. You are lucky if someone can testify that the object was placed there by the JIA soldiers for some unknown reason.

Basing it on my own personal experiences with the objects in the form of cross markers, the residents of the place where we found it doesn’t often have a clue why the cross object was there. They literally do not have any idea about it which draws us more with curiosity.

So what exactly does it mean?

Landmarks for Yamashita Treasures Maps

Cross markers that are in the form of an object are often used by the JIA as “landmarks” to their hidden treasure deposit with a map. Thus, finding this cross marker is what allows the holder of the treasure map to confirm that he found the right place. Other than that, he is also able to pinpoint the exact location of the hidden item through his treasure map.

The Cross refers to a Far Distance

Encountering this type of Yamashita cross sign usually means that the treasure deposit is hidden “far away” from that spot. So if it happens that you discover such type of cross marker, you should continue to explore the entire surrounding of that particular area.

Cave, Tunnel, or Places with Water Sources

Aside from referring to far distance, a standing cross sign also refers to various locations that are often nearby. These locations are common places where the JIA soldiers loved hiding their Yamashita treasures. To name a few of these places, we have the caves, tunnels, old creeks, rivers and etc…

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