AKS Locator Product Review

One of the popular detectors used by most treasure hunters here in the Philippines in searching for the hidden Yamashita treasure is the “AKS Locator”. Based on my own personal opinion, it claimed its popularity due to its affordable price. But the huge question is, “Is it really worth it?”

Before we answer that question, let’s first go over the product description of the AKS Locator according to its manufacturer.

Battery Operated

AKS Locator may look similar to the traditional “L-Rod Dowsing” tool but one of their main differences is that this one is battery operated. So before you go out on the field to detect, make sure that your battery is new or fully charged. It’s because low battery power could affect the efficiency of your AKS Locator.

Long Range Detection

According to the AKS Locator manufacturer, this tool is designed by them to achieve “long range detection” and “deep seeking functionality”. Long range means that even if you are way too far from the treasure deposit spot, this tool can still locate it. And even if the item is buried too deep under the ground, this tool will still be able to pin-point it. By the way how it sounds, it is an incredible tool in searching for the hidden Yamashita treasures. 

The manufacturer claims that it could cover an incredible distance of 5 KM. This means that when you are detecting, you will be able to locate any precious buried item within a distance of 5 KM from the spot that you are operating your AKS Locator. As for its depth penetration, it can reach an incredible depth of 70 meters.

Wow! Even the most expensive equipment that I currently own could not reach such an incredible range of depth and distance. 

4 Search System

AKS Locator has four different types of search systems. You are able to make adjustments on what type of precious object that you would like to detect. The setting includes gold, copper, silver, and diamond.

My Own Personal Review

Now let’s go back to the question about, “Is it really worth buying your own AKS Locator?”

Based on the product description of the AKS Locator alone, I am already aware that this product is obviously a total scam. So I really did not have any intention to buy one until many of you guys (fellow treasure hunters) started messaging me for my opinion about it.

Thus, I decided to purchase one for myself to test it out if it really does what it claims based from its product description.

I first tested my AKS Locator’s distance capability. Again according to its product description, it can locate a far distance of 5 KM.

In this test, I used four different types of objects which are made out of gold, silver, copper, and diamond.

My first field test was an item made of gold. And this item was placed only 10 meters away from the spot where I held my AKS Locator. After several attempts of locating, my AKS Locator couldn’t exactly pin-point the location of the item that is being searched.

The same result happened to the silver, copper, and diamond.

The second test that I conducted was my AKS Locator’s depth penetration capability. I used the same four different items and asked my friend to bury them in different places and at a depth of only 3 ft. I had no idea where he buried them because the task was for me to locate them using my AKS Locator.

Again, the result was a total failure. My AKS Locator never worked where it couldn’t do the job as it claims on its product features.

Overall, AKS Locator is a cheap detector and you know what they say, “You get what you pay for”.

My advice to all fellow treasure hunters here is don’t settle for cheap detectors because they most likely do not work. So what you have to do is to keep saving your money up until you have enough to buy one of those high-end metal detectors or scanners. 

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