Avon perfume products started way back in the late 1800’s by a company called, “California Perfume Company” in New York, City. The name was later changed to “Avon” during the early year of 1900’s which was also the time when their products started gaining popularity worldwide.

Today, a growing number of individuals are now collecting “vintage or antique Avon bottles”. It is even surprising to know that some of them are willing to pay large sum of money just to complete their set of Avon bottle collections.

What exactly is the reason about the sudden demand of antique Avon bottles?

Avon perfumes are not like any other ordinary colognes around. Their products particularly the bottles always come with ingenious designs which really attracts all bottle collectors. This is actually a part of their “marketing strategy” which made them a successful company.

Due to Avon’s abundant bottle designs, anyone will surely have the most fitting design of his or her own choice. Most women and girls prefer to choose various shapes of cute figurines such as cats, dogs, angels and etc… As for the men and boys, they often choose cars, horses and masculine figurines.

What are the criteria in determining the price value of antique Avon bottles?

Avon Company already produced numerous bottles with unique designs. Even today, they keep on “constantly crafting unique bottles” of their perfume products. Thus, they “no longer reproduce” any of those manufactured bottle designs in the past. This is one of the main aspect that determines the “price value” of most antique Avon bottles. The older the bottle, the higher amount of bid the collector will most likely offer.

Aside from the age of the bottle is its “availability”. If there are many sellers of a certain particular Avon bottle in the market, this will affect its price to go down. On the other hand, rare Avon bottles creates competitions among collectors which increases their prices.

Another criteria that dictates the price value of a certain Avon bottle is its leftover contents. To some collectors, they say that the feeling of being able to find old Avon bottles with unused perform is like finding a precious treasure that they have been searching for a long period of time. Due to this reason, they are willing to purchase the item even at a high cost.

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History of Avon Company

Aside from what has been mentioned above, Avon was started by a man named, “David H. McConnell” who simply gives them away for free as incentives for buying his books. Unfortunately, he realized that his method was not working so he came up with a better idea to market his products.

David’s brilliant idea led to the establishment of “California Perfume Company”. It was a company offering “five different floral fragrances” to their prospective customers. They also specialized in producing many other essential items needed for daily use.

In their first 10 years of operation, they failed to publish brochures of their products that could potentially attract more customers. Their old method was to send representatives to visit individual houses of their customers just for the sake of demonstrating their products. But what makes this traditional method quiet effective was that, representatives often “give-away” free samples which attracted most of their customers to buy.

On this present day, California Perfume is now known as “Avon” and it is the most popular brand of fragrance products around the world. Due to their fame and popularity, they only need minimal advertising of their new products. Their customers can just visit their website, easily browse all items and place their orders. Or, visit any Avon retail shop where they can acquire brochures of their newly released and featured products. The best part of visiting an Avon retail shop is that, they offer “free test samples”.

Old Avon Bottles for Sale on eBay

Anyone who is looking to buy or sell old Avon bottles should visit “eBay”. This is an online store where you get to “bid” for the items that you would like to buy or “auction” your items that you would like to sell. Currently, there are a large number of old Avon bottles available on eBay and their prices ranges from 10 cents to 50 dollars. Although, there are some few rare bottles that are also really quite expensive.

Many Avon bottle collectors are actually making great amount of money by “buying-and-selling” method. Due to their knowledge about the appropriate price value of a certain bottle, they can take advantage of it by buying them at a very low price then selling them to other desperate collectors who wants them for a very high profitable price.

Moreover, Avon bottle collectors are more likely to keep bottles that are not on their set of collections rather than to sell them for money.

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