Antique Metal Water Pitcher with Basin

As promised from my previous post, I will try to help our community who are in possession of antiques and wants to sell them to any interested collectors out there. On this post, I would like to introduce an antique item which is a “metal water pitcher with a basin”.

A water pitcher is a very common object that can be found in the kitchen where it is used as a container for clean drinking water or any other drinkable form of substances. The reason is because of its design specifically the spout which is very useful when pouring out the liquid preventing it from spillage.

If you are an American, then the term pitcher is more commonly known as a “jug”.

Now, this featured antique water pitcher consist of a basin. It is like a saucer plate where you place the pitcher on it when not being used.

As you can see on the actual photo of the item, it seems like it is made of thick metal steel. So it must be heavy and intended to be used for containing hot substances particularly coffee. However, the basin is slightly deformed or distorted which is probably due to mishandling. Due to this reason, the basin could be made from an aluminum material.

On one side of the pitcher, there is an unfamiliar symbol. If it happens that you know what it is, then it would be nice if you can tell about it through the Comment Form below. There are also characters that are etched at the bottom but unfortunately, it is unclear on the photo.

The size is also small which is almost comparable to a cup. You can see on the photo that the owner’s hand can almost wrap it around the item.

I really conducted a thorough research trying to find any close match for this item but it seems that every pitchers that I came across is far different from it. Most of them don’t have a covering and have large size basins. So in my own personal opinion, this antique is probably rare and unique.

But what really bothers me a lot is that, “Where it did originally came from? Could it be a Philippine National treasure? A war-loot by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army)? Or, brought by the Spaniards in the Philippines?” And perhaps, maybe it was owned by a certain king or a powerful person in the past which explains its rarity.

Since I don’t have much any clue about this item, I really do not have any idea or estimate for its current price value today. So again, any information that you can provide may help in identifying this item so as its price.

Moreover, if you are an interested collector and you wanted to add this item on your collections then here is the contact details of the current owner. Please take note that, any transactions or negotiations made by the owner and interested buyer of this antique metal water pitcher is not of my concern.

Phone no: 09500744626
Location: Rizal province
Fb.acc.: akoitomichael@yahoo.co
Email: acc.diasantamichael29@yahoo.com

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  • The sign at the side is an anchor with a rope wound around it - the curving is beautifully made - done by a professional. This metal mug could be an issue by their navy to their officers. It makes sense because sea conditions could be rough so breakables like ceramics and glass will be useless so metal is the logical choice. Anyone who had been at sea would understand how it is to count waves so you can prepare your coffee.

    Show it to a museum curator maybe he can help.

    • Thanks for the valuable input.

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