Antique Pocket Knives and Cooking Pot

This post is another topic about antique objects which are a set of pocket knives and a cooking pot. Before we proceed further, I would like to inform you that these antiques are not mine. The real owner of these objects have contacted me to help him find an interested collector who would like to buy these items from him. So to any interested collectors out there, the contact details of the person who currently own these vintage items is posted at the end of this post.

Small Antique Knives

As you can see on the photo below, there are two small knives that is definitely antiques. You can tell it by the looks of their blades. But the most interesting part is that, they do have a very artistic design specifically the handle and the blade cover. I can tell that those kind of design belongs to an ancient era.

I made some research trying to find any similar object but there is none or even something that can closely match them. So up to this point, there are still so many curious questions surrounding about these miniature antique knives.

But here are my thoughts about these items, I think that these knives probably belong from an Asian Culture and not from the Spaniards. There is a huge possibility that the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) looted it from other Southeast Asian countries during the past WWII and brought it in the Philippines along with their other plundered treasures. But of course, there is also a chance that it probably belonged to the Philippines itself making it a Philippine National Treasure.

Anyway, these antique small knives is so very decorative which makes them perfectly good for display purposes.

Antique Cooking Pot

This featured second artifact is a cooking pot with a basin. According to the owner, it is a rice cooking pot. But my question is, “What is the basin used for?” I believe it is where you use to put the cooked rice or food that are to be served.

I can say that this cooking pot is legit antique because just take a close look by how it is made out of thick metal. This means that this metal pot is designed not for the modern stove but by the use of traditional firewood.

Aside from the thickness, there are markings on the cover and on one side of the cooking pot. Sadly, they are unfamiliar symbols to me.

Moreover, I am just wondering where they have found these antiques because relics like these are commonly used by the JIA as markers indicating that they had hidden a valuable treasure on that certain particular spot. Anyway, the current owner of these antiques has provided some additional details below. And for the last time, he is looking for an interested collector who is willing to buy these items from him.

You can contact him through his FaceBook account:


Additional Info from the Current Owner

There is a marking on the back of the basin which is;

MIRRO MANITOWOC.WI. 54221-1330 12IN.(30CM)

While, the cooking pot has a marking of;


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  • Hill Top Foundry Co is a British company. We know that during WWII, JIA invaded several British colonies notably Hongkong and Singapore. Most probably that item came fr. those places.

    • So it probably came from the Allied Forces.

  • Hello. Can I ask the meaning of the bone markings in the stone that we found? Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • If we are dealing about the Yamashita treasure then these bone markings indicates the presence of the hidden item on that spot but at the same time, it also serve as a warning that there are setup traps ahead. On the other hand, those bone markers might be ancient and it can lead to hidden National Treasures.

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