One of the most common antique collections by relic collectors includes potteries. These are breakable objects made out of clay that had undergone several processing procedures that involves some crafting skills.

Nobody really knows about who first invented pottery the reason why it is simply considered as the “oldest human inventions”. Thus, antique pots are being found by archaeologists and treasure hunters all over the world. To name a few of the oldest findings, we have the numerous pottery vessels that were uncovered in Jiangxi, China and study shows that these relics were from the 18,000 BC. A much older “Neolithic pottery” were also discovered in Japan, Russia, Africa and South America.


The oldest civilization in our recorded history were the ancient Egypt and the Middle East who already knew how to utilize clay materials in creating various usable objects which includes bricks and potteries. Research claim that the ancient Egyptians used a much finer type of clay as compared to what is being used by pot makers today. They then exposed the freshly molded pot under extreme high temperature of fire inside a furnace. This will prevent the pot from turning into black color caused by the smoke when subjected under direct fire.


In 3500 BC, the ancient Chinese produced a lot of black potteries with round bases and filled with artistic decorations. It was also known that they already know how to use potter’s wheel which allowed them to create more sophisticated objects. Chinese potteries plays an important role in their funeral traditions.


There is an archaeological site in Japan called, “The Odai Yamamoto I site” which originated back during to the “Jomon period”. An excavation into this site was conducted in 1998 where the archaeologists uncovered “earthenware fragments” dated back from the early 14,500 BC.

Pakistan and India

There were a lot of potteries that are still being found and discovered in the northwestern regions of South Asia specifically on the site known as the “Indus Civilization” so as other nearby regions of Pakistan and northwest India. History claims that the entire region of South Asia already used pottery since the prehistoric era.

Middle East

Early potteries discovered by archaeologist from the Middle East turns out to have some slight similarities to the Chinese potteries. According to some experts, the economic trading relationship between the two regions was to be blamed. From the time that the pottery makers of the Middle East saw the potteries made by the Chinese, they made a few adjustments to their own particularly with the design. Originally, they use tiles for decoration until the Chinese introduced the use of porcelain.


The ancient Europe also had their own original potteries where historians claims that they already practiced the craft of pot making during the “circa 5500 to 4500 BC” period. However, the entire region was invaded by the ancient Romans and then followed by the Islam. These events had a huge influence to the ancient Europeans which reshaped their original culture which includes the way on how they create their pottery.


There are some evidences that were recently discovered by archaeologist which were remnants of potteries that belonged to the Native American cultures (dated 3500 to 2000 BC). However, they seemed to have used different materials unlike the other regions that used clay, porcelain or glazes.


One of the oldest pottery which dates back to 9500 BC was found by a Swiss archaeologist back in 2007. He uncovered it at the site of Ounjougou in Central Mali, Africa.


The island of Oceania became a popular site for archaeologists looking for ancient relics. All throughout the region, potteries were being found which include another form of pottery known as “Plainware”.


Unlike America, the natives or indigenous people of Australia never discovered pottery until the Europeans came. When they arrived, they noticed a large deposit of clay perfect for making potteries. This was the start of pottery making in Australia.

Why Ancient Potteries are Important?

Ancient potteries are made of durable materials in a way that it does not easily decay or decompose. Although, they can be easily broken into pieces, their fragments can still stand the test of time.

For archaeologist, ancient potteries are very important because they hold a lot of valuable information from the past. These relics helps them develop theories about the maker’s civilization, economic status and cultural development of their societies. Some of the pottery even hold more information portraying the culture’s way of life such as attitudes, relationship and religious beliefs.

Aside from the archaeologists, scientists are also interested in studying these ancient relics particularly by examining the objects’ element compositions. One good example is the iron material. Through this element that is present on the ancient object, scientists were able to determine the exact magnetic field of the Earth during that period of time in the past when it was crafted.

Antique Pottery for Sale

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