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Treasure Hunt Club was used to beĀ  entitled “Treasures and Antiques” back when it was hosted on Blogspot. Thus, our growing community are not only composed of treasure hunters but also individuals with interests on various antique objects. And since, there are many of them who would like to ask for my help in trying to sell their antique, all what I can do is to promote their items here on my blog.

Anyway, if it happens that you also have an antique that you are willing to sell to an interested buyer, then I can add your item on the list below. You just have to send me a photo or photos of your item and your contact details. It would also much better if you can provide just a little interesting description about your antique. Then, send them all to my FaceBook Page Account via PM or Private Message.

Here are the following lists of antiques that are for sale:

Antique Metal Water Pitcher with Basin

Antique Pocket Knives and Cooking Pot

Antique Pottery

Antique Statues or Images

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Antiques for Sale

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