Are Garrett Metal Detectors any Good?

In the metal hunting industry, one of the most popular and reputable brand known by many hobbyists is the “Garrett Metal Detectors”. But for those who are new, one of the most common question that is often asked is that, “Are Garrett Metal Detectors any good for hunting or locating valuable finds?” Well, let’s find out.

Garrett brand have actually established their reputation in manufacturing MDs (metal detectors) for several years now. Of course, they won’t be able to continue producing such products if they are not able to create MDs that provides satisfying result to the users.

My research lead me to some experienced hunters who claimed that Garrett is the best brand of MD which is according to their own personal opinions.


High Quality Design

Through all those years of manufacturing MDs, the company already made a lot of adjustments and improvements to their products. Thus, all MDs that they are selling or promoting today ensures that they are of high quality designs.

Reasonable Prices

Another main reason why many hobbyists prefers the Garrett brand is due to their product’s reasonable prices. So if you are an amateur with a low budget, Garrett surely has an affordable or cheap metal detector that is available for you.

What Garrett model is best to Purchase?

There are several Garrett metal detectors on the lists that you can choose from. So which one among them is the best?

The answer to this question depends more on your part particularly about where you are going to use it or what do you intend to find. Other aspects includes the range of your budget and the level of your skill in metal detecting.

Here are the following 7 Garret Models that you may want to check:

1. Garrett AT Pro

2. Garrett Ace 150

3. Garrett Ace 250

4. Garrett Ace 350

5. Garrett Ace 400

6. Garrett ATX

7. Garrett Infinium LS

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

The “AT” actually stands for “all-terrain” which means it can be used at any places including water areas. According to the manufacturers, AT Pro is more ideal for hunting old coins which is the object targeted by most metal hunters. Aside from old coins are relics, caches, jewelries, and gold nuggets.

My experience with the AT Pro is quite really good when it comes to hunting old coins and relics. It really has very good accuracy. But what I really like most about it is that, it is waterproof which allows me to metal detect even if it is raining.

Garrett Ace 150

Amateurs might consider choosing the Ace 150 model because based on my own perspective view, it is very user-friendly which means, it is so easy to setup. I would also recommend this MD for kids because everything are made so simple. The handle is great so as the meter panel which shows all the necessary details in locating your target.

In case that you still have a hard time trying to figure out how to use it, the product comes with complete instruction manual with a DVD for visual demonstration.

Garrett Ace 250

Another affordable MD by the Garrett brand is the Ace 250 which I best recommend for complete beginners. I have already used this MD for several years now and I am impressed by its durability because it is still completely functional up until today.

What I really like about the Ace 250 is its Multiple Detection Modes where it allows you to make the necessary adjustments to its sensitivity and discrimination settings. You have to know that these two settings are crucial when metal detecting. Otherwise, you will most likely receive a lot of false signals.

Another feature that I like most about Ace 250 is its capability to display the depth of the object that it found.

Garrett Ace 350

If your budget allows you to purchase the Ace 350 model then you should go for it. Just like the other models described above, Ace 350 is also designed for complete beginners who are just starting to learn or develop their metal detecting skills.

Garrett Ace 400

If you already have some experience handling amateur MDs such as those models discussed above and you are considering yourself an upgrade, then you may want to check the Ace 400. This is a mid-level machine with an impressive accuracy of detecting metal objects.

What I like most about Ace 400 which is aside from its accuracy is that, it is so easy to use and I am quite comfortable handling it.

Garrett ATX

The ATX model is an expensive MD and it is best used by the pro because of its complicated settings. There are actually some users who purchased this product with some complaint issues. But if you are going to take a closer look to the problem, it is at their own end where they still don’t have the necessary skills or they are at an amateur level. They are probably amateurs who got tricked of buying this sophisticated pro-level machine. Or simply, they didn’t performed a research where they dived directly in buying this MD.

My experience with this ATX model is that, it works well with gold targets. It has a very high sensitivity to gold that it can even pick up tiny pieces of it.

Garrett Infinium LS

If you are dealing with an underwater projects then you should consider Infinium LS because it is actually designed for this kind of purpose. Although, this machine is not recommended for complete beginners.

Final Words

The Garrett brand is quite indeed reputable when it comes to metal detector products. However, this does not mean that they are the leading brand or they do not have worthy competitors. There are actually several other brands comparable to Garrett’s reputation on this industry.

Thus, if it happens that you cannot find the perfect MD that suits your needs then you should also check other brands like Bounty Hunter, White’s Electronics, MineLab, Kellyco, Accurate Locators and etc…

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