Are Human Skeleton Considered Yamashita Treasure Signs?

Many THs (treasure hunters) often recover human skeletons on their diggings. So are they Yamashita treasure signs?

The answer is most likely “Yes”. Human skeletons are considered as YMTS (Yamashita treasure signs) indicating the distance of the hidden deposit as “close or nearby”. Even if the bones are incomplete, the meaning still remains the same. But on some cases, the skeletal bones can also be found along with the valuable hidden items.

Unfortunately, some inexperienced THs who happens to uncover human bones tends to panic covering their hole back not knowing that they are already very close to the deposit.

Confirming Humans Bones if it is an Authentic Yamashita Treasure Sign

Recovering human bones under the ground does not automatically mean that it is a Yamashita treasure sign. Further confirmation is required to make sure that the remains does not belong to some certain individual who got killed in the war and was not given proper burial.

Presence of Other Treasures Signs

It is important that there must be other authentic YMTS present around the site. Anyway, you will not be able to uncover the human skeleton without the signs unless you are just lucky digging the spot.

Human Skeleton Signs must be Buried Deep from the Ground

If it happens that you dug a human skeleton buried at a shallow depth then there is a huge possibility that “it is not a sign”. You could be digging a certain site which was used as graveyard or battlefield in the previous WW2 (Word War II). Thus, for human bones to be considered as YMHTS, it needs to be buried deep from the ground almost next right to the deposit.

Why the JIA Used Human Skeletons as YMTS?

The reason why it is common to encounter human skeletons on a certain site with positive Yamashita treasure deposit is that, the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) killed their slaves and buried their bodies along with the treasures.

Aside from the slaves, they also betrayed most of their fellow soldiers just for the sake of keeping the secret locations of their hidden treasures to only trusted few. Pelimon Andrada (not his real name) was a WW2 survivor who witnessed Japanese soldiers who were tricked by their fellow comrades to their own demise. According to him, one of the Japanese military officer ordered most of his men to bring their war loots inside the tunnel. Deviously, the remaining Japanese soldiers outside detonated a powerful explosive from the entrance burying everyone alive inside the tunnel.

Perhaps another reason why the JIA had to put dead human bodies into the buried spot of their treasures is to put curse into their victims’ spirits. Through their curse, they can only set themselves free if someone can offer or give their demands. Otherwise, they will keep guarding the treasures. This subject is further discussed on this post, Troubled Spirit Guardians…

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Rodel Cartagena says:

      Hi Sir. Can you explain to me the meaning of yellow Chinese bamboo plant? Just near it, I found a box. When I broke it, I discovered human skeletons.


      Can you tell me more about the skeletons that you found? What are they wearing? And are you sure that the box only contain them?

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good day Sir Elmo. May I know the meaning of a four Japanese skeleton that were placed together under a big rock? They were all positioned facing upward. Thank you very much Sir.


      Are there any markings on the surface of the rock? And I wanted to know how deep did you dug before you uncovered those skeletons.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Cheroselyn Rush says:

      Hi Sir. What is the meaning of a blue color water? They dug and encountered it at a depth of 10 feet. But before they reached this strange water, they uncovered a human skeleton at 4 feet depth. They actually used detector and scanner which confirmed their digging spot. One of their diggers even got poisoned where he experienced vomiting and etc… But gladly, he survived. Please help us explain about these signs. Thank you very much.


      It clearly shows that those are traps. To deal with the poisoned water, you need to fill the hole with ordinary water until it overflows. You have to continue doing this for three days or until the blue water is no longer observed. Anyway, I am much more interested to know about what the detector and scanner detected on that spot.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Hello Sir, what is the meaning of an oasis shell?

    • Please provide more details about this oasis kind of shell that you have found such as the area or location where you discovered it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sir, we saw a sign which is a letter y and an arrow beside it. We had also a stone form of diamond and a stone that a 08. Thanks.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      I have seen so many treasure signs here and there, stories, there's really so much to talk about this Yamashita treasures, and I have seen and heard stories of military and those Balikatan forces who retrieve some Yamashita treasures. Even I have heard people (government) that up until now they're still searching for those 2 entrance in a separate island. I do believe that an entity(jinn) can manipulate your eyes and mind. There were chosen people I have met who discovered that place yet from their stories, they failed because something came up within their hearts(greed, jealousy, etc.) For when they come back to that place the entrance is no more. The 1st island was already visited by the locals and balikatan its a cave on top of high mountain(near the tip of the mountain) its a positive site tons of signs here and there, its an entrance to an entrance. The 2nd entrance always disappear when people tend to come back and locate the deposit(although no one have actually seen the deposit) but still its a positive site.

      The 2nd island there are 2 witness who have seen those treasure, the treasure is a small mountain of treasures, and if I remembered the numbers correctly it has 7 Japanese trucks containing loads of gold bars. The balikatan and the government failed to locate the entrance even if they have seen all the signs. The 2 witness also failed because the 2nd time they came back the entrance was gone, the 2 witness told me that there is guard(entity) guarding the treasures. They even dream about where the entity is angry, same with the 1st island many of the locals have dream of the entity saying that no one should bother his place.

      I really believe that they(other entities) have the power to manipulate your eyes and mind, but they can't move the treasure for they don't have a physical body.

      As for Yamashita treasure, every island here in Mindanao is full of Yamashita treasures. There is an military operation right now on lubigan(its a positive site tons of signs everywhere) and in-front is a small island(also a positive site full of signs its a Japanese camp back then) where the locals told my friend that an entity told them in their dreams that they(government) is destroying their homes and want to gain the treasures for themselves.

      I can't name those 2 island.

      But I did mention one place where every 1 kilometer there is a deposit, multiple deposit, but the government is already starting their operation there and on that small island in front of lubigan.

    • I agree with you, there are entities that often guards treasures especially those with large deposits. I already have a post about spirits guarding the Yamashita treasure which you can read more about it if it happens that you haven't read it yet.

      Anyway, if the government started to work on them then sad to say that there is nothing that you can do about it but hope that they won't be able to recover it. But in most cases, they don't especially then they are dealing with deposits involving spiritual forces. So if the government gave up and left the site, I am sure that you can resume the excavation.

  • Ed santiago says:

    We are on the process of digging and at forty feet, we found human bones. What does this mean?

    • That human remain is probably a sacrifice which is also considered as a marker. Anyway, just continue digging but you have to observe for spirit that may come to disturb you around.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Sir, what is the meaning of a human skeleton that is buried 4ft deep? then there are three antique plates on his chest with a drawing box and flower and many more, we do not know what it is, finished above the skeleton with three triangle bamboo. What does that mean?

    • First, make sure that you are dealing with the remains of a certain individual who belonged to the previous WWII. Otherwise, you might be dealing with a "National Treasure". Anyway, those signs that you describe from the antique plate sounds familiar but for now, try to expand your excavation including going down at a deeper depth.

  • Hello Sir,

    One big turtle stone, I found it beside the joint two waterfalls. I know it’s 3-5 meters but I can’t find the item.

    Please guide me.

    • Can you exactly describe the rock turtle? Does it have its head and feet out? Anyway, I already have a post that discusses about how to interpret a turtle sign. You should read it as it might give you a useful hint about what you have to do next.

  • Sir, if the buried skeletons were found, how many feet from it is the treasure located? Is it normally on east side portion? Thanks.

    • The deposit's distance from the skeleton depends if there are any signs around that tells it. If none then it is commonly near the skeleton itself.

      Yes, the item can be hidden at the east side but in most cases, it is located on the top of the skeleton's head.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Sir,

    Sir what is the meaning of not complete skeleton inside a close cave? It has a clump shell and broken jar beside the skeleton.

    • You have to investigate if the skeleton belonged to the World War II era. If you can find some clue that it does then its existence along with the items items inside that cave possibly indicate a hidden Yamashita treasure. Otherwise, what you might discovered could be a National Treasure.

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