Many have been asking if I am buying Philippine old coins. Since I am a coin collector (which is aside from being a treasure hunter), the answer is “yes”. However, this does not mean that I am collecting hoards of old coins. I only carefully select those that I would like to buy which is to be added to my set of collections.

I actually find it surprising that a lot of interested individuals have contacted me where they sent the details and photos of their old coins. Unfortunately, I already have most of them in my possession.

There are only few that I gained interests and we are still in the process of negotiation.

I really do appreciate all those who gave their time to showcase their old coins where I enjoyed checking them out.

Anyway, feel free to post the details of your Philippine old coins on the Comment Form found at the bottom of this post for sellers. While for buyers, you can also post the old coins that you need. And also, you can leave or exchange your contact information with one another.

However, I should warn you to do your own transaction at your own risk. This means, I won’t be held liable for any of your losses if it happens that you got scammed. Unless, if you are going to ask me to become the middle-man or someone that both parties can really trust.

Old Coins Buyers and Sellers Online

If you want to buy or sell a certain Philippine old coin then your best choice is to do it online. It is hassle-free and you can easily reach a lot of potential buyers or sellers.

Buying Online

Currently, there are several trusted websites that you can use to find the coin you need if you are a buyer or showcase your coins if you are a seller.

One of the largest Online Store is where you can almost purchase anything from them which includes Philippine old coins. Old coin Sellers can also use eBay to showcase their coins for interested buyers.

What I like most about using is its Refine Search feature. You can easily sort the list of your search starting from the lowest to the highest price or vice-versa (this also includes the cost of shipping the item).

Aside from being able to sort the items according to their prices, you can also sort them basing on time if it is newly listed or ending soon.

You can also sort the list according to the nearest distance. Sorting on this manner will arrange the items listing them starting from the seller with the nearest actual location from you.

Perhaps the only issue about using as a Filipino user of this online store is that all prices are in terms of dollar currency where you need to perform conversion. But in my own opinion, this can be easily fixed by their web developer.


OLX is one among the major online store that is recognized in the Philippines where you can buy or sell all sorts of things. I could still even remember their commercial shown in the TV when they promoted it.

Just like, you can also sort the list of your searches according to relevance, cheapest, expensive, and date posted. And unlike, prices are in terms of peso currency which is perfectly catered for Filipino shoppers.

To sell your Philippine old coins, you need to create an OLX account and then provide the necessary details particularly the actual photos of your coins. If you are a buyer, you also need to register an account before you can make any purchases.


Search for FaceBook Pages and Groups that buy and sell Philippine old coins. Unfortunately, Treasure and Antique is a page that is more focused on treasure hunting contents. But, feel free to interact with one another via comments.

If I happen to notice that there will be a growing interest about Philippine old coins then I might create a separate page or group dedicated for this topic.

Buying and selling though using FaceBook can be quite risky because there will be no middle-man who will ensure that your transaction will be safely performed by both sides.

Offline Old Coin Merchants

You can also buy or sell Philippine old coins offline from actual merchants. However, it is quite hard to find them because they seem not to have any interest in advertising their business. I have already spent some amount of time trying to search for them online and I end up getting no result.

Thus, the best way to find them is to ask the locals.

Basing on what I know, the City of Baguio does have a lot of old coin buyers and sellers. I also heard the same thing in the region of Cebu. Manila also has a popular thrift shop owned by Atty. Jose Escano which is located at World Treasure of Megamall.

Antique Buyer and Seller

A person who is willing to buy your old coin for a good price is a collector especially when he is so desperate in acquiring a particular coin that he needs. Although, collectors mostly buy old coins and never sell back any of their precious collections even when they got offered insane amount of money.

Antique Shop

Atty. Jose Escano mentioned above is really not a collector but a buy and seller of any kinds of antiques where Philippine old coins are just one among them. Based on my opinion, he seems to be a trusted person on this industry.

You can get to know more about him on his interview at the TV show called, “GMK” (Good Morning Kuya) aired back on January 17, 2014 at UNTV 37. You can watch the replay on YouTube.


It is always important for buyers to fully inspect the old coin that they intend to buy. If possible, they have to check the actual object which cannot be done when purchasing online. This is the major disadvantage of buying old coins online because it can be quite hard to identify fake from legit.

For sellers, it really needs a lot of patience waiting for the right buyer to come who is interested enough to put an interesting price offer to your old coins. So don’t get disappointed. The good thing is that, as you patiently wait, your old coins also ages which is one among the factors that could potentially increase their prices for even more.

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