Arrow Sign Pointing Back to the Turtle Sign

We have a good and interesting question here about the turtle sign. The question asked is, “What if the arrow sign is pointing back to the turtle sign or marker?”

This can be explained by two arrow signs pointing directly to one another. Let’s try to have an example. On the left side, we have a tree that has an engrave arrow sign which is directly pointing to the rock a few feet away on the far right side distance. So you went to check the rock and then you found another arrow sign on the rock’s surface. However, this arrow sign is directly pointing back to the tree.

So what does two arrows pointing directly to one another mean? It basically means that the treasure deposit spot is “in between them” or at the center portion of the two arrow signs.

Now let’s go back to the turtle marker and arrow sign on the rock. Turtle is a sign that gives direction which has been covered in the previous post. In short, it can be treated like an arrow sign where its head is the arrowhead.

Thus, to answer the question, “What if the arrow sign is pointing back to the turtle marker?” It means that the digging spot is “in between the arrow sign and turtle marker”.

Some of you may ask, “How do we know the exact center spot between the arrow sign and turtle marker?”

Well, it’s simple. You can use a rope and you need two individuals to help you out. What you have to do is stand on one spot of the sign while holding one end of the rope. Then, ask your first partner to hold the opposite end of the rope and also to stand on the other sign.

Now that you got the distance between the two signs through your rope, what you need to do next is to ask your first partner to come to your spot. At the same time, ask your second partner to keep the rope from being tangled at the middle end and to keep it stretched. When it’s done, the spot where your second partner stands is your digging spot.  

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    Thank you for your most welcomed help in educating us, the treasure hunters in the Philippines. God bless Mr. Elmo.

    I sent you lots of consultations/ notes about a marker- "headless" turtle (big one), "no left legs" dugged at a hill top at 2 meters depth). This is a sea turtle exactly one (1) meter long...Can you please tell me what it means?

    ( We assumed that the treasure could be under it, so we dugged until we stopped at 43 feet when we run out of support. But at this depth, we recovered a marker about 8 cubic inches that bears an "arrowhead" on embossed on one face/ side of the marker. At this depth, the hardened hard claylike soil start turning black in color)...

    I would like to continue this project but I need your advice please. You can even join me if you want. Let me know).


    I have sent you this querry about five times already starting some 3 years ago...Am sad that I never got any reply from you. I hope this time, I'll receive one. You might think, this kind of marker is covered already in your previous talks, I don't think so. That's why I am asking you, if you won't mind.

    I hope, to get a fast response, if you care, please email me at my address: benzsam13@gmail.com.

    Regards and thank you in advance.

    God bless.

    • Let's skip to the last layer or depth of your diggings, you stated here that you discovered an 8 sign which could possibly mean a tunnel. So I think, there's a tunnel that you need to follow and this direction is being pointed by that arrow head.

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