This is the fourth series of our discussion about arrow signs used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as markers to their hidden Yamashita treasures.

You have to know that when interpreting arrow sign markers, it is very important that you should carefully study the arrowhead’s body because it expresses more important details about what they are trying to tell.

So let’s immediately start with the first arrow sign marker.

Item is Hidden at a Certain Water Area

In this image, we have here an arrow sign marker that is slightly pointing at a downward direction. And by taking a close look at its body, it is slightly curved as well.

When it comes to its meaning, it indicates that the item is hidden at a certain water area. So assuming that you have found this marker on your site, it is trying to tell you that you need to go and search the nearest water area around. When you find it, you can expect that there are additional markers which confirms that you found the right place.

Object is Hidden at the Side of the Creek

As for this arrow sign marker, it gives a clear indication that the treasure deposit is buried at the side of an old creek. Again, you should notice that the body has a curve shape. This curve shape actually represents the curve shape portion of the old creek. And right at this curve portion, it is the location where the item is hidden.

Way Towards the Object

You will notice in this image that the arrow sign marker consists of a wavy line as its body. When it comes to its meaning, it simply means that you need to follow the direction indicated by its arrowhead.

But as an additional symbol to this sign, it has a symbol that is similar to the letter “G”. This actually represents the hidden treasure deposit. So if you are going to follow the direction indicated by the arrow sign, you should be able to find another marker which confirms the digging spot where the item is buried.

Old Creek Treasure Deposit

In this image, shown are arrow signs where they are pointing in the same direction. In order to interpret it, you can imagine the arrow heads as flowing water. It’s actually because this marker indicates that the treasure deposit is hidden at an old creek.

You Still Need to Travel a Far Distance

As you can see in this image, the marker consists of two arrow signs arranged where they form an “X”. But more importantly, you should pay close attention to the arrowheads that are pointing upwards. The reason why they are pointing upward is that they are trying to indicate that you still need to travel a certain far distance.

Treasure Deposit at an Old Waterfall

If you happen to encounter this particular arrow sign marker on your site then it indicates that the treasure deposit is hidden at a certain waterfall. Taking a closer look at this marker, you will notice that the symbol at its bottom represents the falling water of the waterfall.

Treasure Deposit at the Side or Joint of the Old Creek

Based on what I noticed in all of the comments and private messages that I had responded to, many of you guys have already encountered this type of arrow sign marker. Most of you described it as a “Y” sign.

However, if this marker is actually drawn more accurately then it is actually an arrow sign similar to what is being shown here in this image.

When it comes to its interpretation, it means that the old creek being referred has a Y shape. At the portion where it intersects or branches out, this is the part of the old creek that you need to search for additional markers.

As for the dot symbol, this represents the hidden item.

Far Distance

Just like the other arrow sign marker above, this one also indicates a far distance that you need to travel before you arrive at the place where the item is hidden. By taking a close look into this marker, you should notice that it has an incomplete arrowhead. Anyway, what if it is pointing downward?

If it is pointing into a downward direction then it has a much interesting meaning because it means that the treasure deposit is nearby.

Treasure Deposit at the Top of the Mountain

How about if the head of the arrow sign marker is complete like what is being shown in this image?

If this is the case then it means that you should climb upward or go towards an upward direction. But in most common cases, the JIA often use this type of marker to indicate treasure deposits that they buried at the top of the mountains.

What if the arrow head is pointing down?

If the arrow head is pointing at a downward direction then the meaning is the opposite. It means that the treasure deposit is hidden at the bottom portion of the site. To explain it more clearly, let’s say that you found this marker on top of the mountain. As an interpretation, it means that the treasure deposit is hidden somewhere at the foot portion of the mountain.

Treasure Deposit Inside the Cave

Shown in this image is an arrow sign marker indicating that the treasure deposit is hidden inside a certain cave. The interesting part about it is that when you follow the direction indicated by its arrowhead, you should be able to find the hidden entrance. The entrance can be a portion of the cave’s walling or flooring.

The additional symbol at the back end portion of this arrow sign marker is what represents the hidden cave.

Treasure Deposit Inside a Tunnel

If the above arrow sign marker indicates a treasure deposit inside a cave then this one is for the tunnel. By studying it closely, you should notice the difference between them. This tunnel version actually has an incomplete arrowhead.

Change of Direction

And finally, we have here an arrow sign marker that consists of a very sharp curve. The reason why it has such a body is that it signifies a sudden change of direction. 

Let’s say for example that you discovered this marker under the ground. It means that you need to continue digging but now in a different direction which is indicated by the arrowhead of this marker.

I have already covered in the past previous post about change of directions so I guess it needs no further explanation on this post.

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