When it comes to “arrow signs” and “arrowheads” as Yamashita treasure markers, they are often interpreted where they provide directions into the next important location. This location can be the location of the next treasure sign or it can also be the exact digging spot where the item has been buried by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers.

However, one of the most common questions about the arrow signs and arrowheads is the “distance”.

There are actually cases where the arrow sign or arrowhead marker does not have any reference for distance. This actually means that what you have to do is to follow the direction being pointed by the arrow sign or arrowhead. Follow this direction without any reference for distance until you will discover the next treasure marker.

But how about when the arrow sign or arrowhead has a specified distance?

Arrow signs and arrowheads with specified distance are actually a much better type of treasure sign. It’s because in my own experiences as a treasure hunter, the specified distance will take you into the “digging spot” where the item is buried.

We have here an actual image of an engraved surface marker that was sent to us by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

Engraved on the surface of this old rock is an arrowhead marker. As I already stated above, this particular marker is providing us the correct direction in which we need to follow.

Studying the engraved marking on the surface of this old rock, the arrowhead has two engraved parallel lines.

Now, these two engraved parallel lines actually refer to a specific distance. Each line is equivalent to 5 meters. Since there are two lines, we have a total distance of 10 meters.

So if we are going to follow the direction indicated by the engraved arrowhead marker and with the corresponding distance of 10 meters, the spot where we arrive is going to be our digging spot.

If we dug the specified spot, it is important that we should be able to uncover buried markers which confirms that we are correct with our interpretation. Thus, if we happen to uncover a certain buried marker then this fully confirms that we should continue with our diggings.

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