Arrows Signs as Yamashita Treasure Markers – Part 2

We have already covered in the other previous post about the arrowheads as another form of arrow signs used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) in marking their hidden Yamashita treasures. As a continuation to this topic, we are going to cover on this post the type of traditional form of arrow signs.

One Meter Depth Downward

As the first arrow sign, we have here a simple arrow sign pointing towards the downward direction. But I would like you to take notice its back portion. You will notice that the opposite end of the arrow sign has another arrowhead pointing on the same direction.

This additional arrowhead actually has something to do with the depth. On this marker, it represents a downward depth of 3 feet. You have to know that you may encounter more additional arrowheads. But most importantly, you have to take note that each arrowhead has an equivalent of 3 feet depth.

So if for example, you have found this arrow sign consisting of three arrowheads behind then the total depth is 9 feet.

Pointing to a Small Treasure Deposit

For those who preferred to find small treasure deposits or give-aways, you should take note of this arrow sign. It simply consists of a traditional arrow sign where at its back end portion, it has a square symbol. This square symbol is what symbolizes the small volume of treasure deposit or give-away.

Pointing to Medium to Large Treasure Deposit

Shown on this image is an arrow sign where at its back end portion is an X symbol. The interpretation to this marker is that the arrow sign is pointing into the direction where the item is buried. As for the X symbol, it symbolizes the volume of the treasure deposit which can be from medium to large.

Pointing Down at the Object

This arrow sign almost looks exactly the same as the sign above but only viewed at a different perspective. As you can see on the image, the arrow sign is pointing in a downward direction then at the top or end of its body is an X symbol. The meaning of this marker indicates that the item is hidden underneath.

Two Separate Treasure Deposits

As shown on this image is a marker which consists of two arrow signs pointing in opposite directions. If it happens that this is the type of arrow sign that you found on your site then it means that there are two separate treasure deposits. And these two deposits are hidden at the opposite sides of your site.

In some cases, you may encounter this marker in this kind of form.

Separate Deposits Buried at Shallow Depth

This is another arrow sign that is quite interesting for those who are searching for small treasure deposits or give-aways. As you can see on the image, this marker consists of two arrow signs arranged in X and they are pointing downward.

Just like the above arrow sign, it means that there are two separate treasure deposits on the site. But here is the most interesting part, these separate treasure deposits are buried only at shallow depths.

Dig at the Center Portion of the Trees or Rocks

Among all the arrow signs, I have already encountered this one several times in our past projects. As you can see, it has two arrow signs where they are both pointing into the dot symbol.

The meaning of this particular marker is that you need to look for a group of old rocks or old trees around your site. Let’s say for example that you found a group of old trees. The next step is to dig the center or middle portion since this is the spot where the item is buried.

Treasure Deposits on Both Sides

Referring to this image, we can describe that the marker is composed of an arrow sign with arrowheads at each end pointing in opposite directions. Then at each end, there is a dot or hole on it.

If you have been following my blog for such a long time then you are probably aware that when it comes to dots or holes, they commonly symbolize the item deposit. So when it comes to this particular sign, you are correct to say that there are two separate treasure deposits hidden on the opposite sides.

Let’s say for example that you have found this arrow sign on your excavation site where you discovered it engraved on a surface of a huge old rock. This means that at the two opposite sides of this huge old rock, there are two buried treasure deposits.

Very Near to the Hidden Deposit

This is an interesting arrow sign because it gives confirmation if you are finally near the hidden treasure deposit. As you can see on the image, this marker consists of a broken body. In between, there is a dot and another one at the further end.

One More Marker before the Item

The JIA soldiers often use this arrow sign as a follow-up marker to the above arrow sign. As you see, they have almost the exact same appearance where the only difference is the presence of the dot. This marker only has one dot while the previous one has two.

As for its meaning, encountering this marker means that you should keep going towards its specified direction until you discover one more additional marker. After this marker, you will finally uncover the object.

Item is at the Left or Right Side Portion

In this image is an arrow sign that is in its incomplete form. If you are going to take a look closely, you will notice that its arrowhead is not complete. This marker is actually meant this way because it has a relation to its intended meaning. It means that the treasure deposit is at the left side portion.

Shown in this image is its version indicating that the item is hidden at the right side portion.

In some cases, you may encounter these arrow signs with added dots or holes similar to what is shown in this image.

Pointing Downwards to the Object

This is another arrow sign which confirms that the treasure deposit is buried underneath its particular spot. As shown in this image, there are two arrowheads where both are pointing in the same direction. This is what actually confirms the direction in which you need to follow. As for the dot, it symbolize the hidden item.

Towards the Item Deposit

As you can see in this image, the body of this arrow sign consists of a short body that goes down before going straight right to the arrow tip. If it happens that you discovered this type of marker especially deep under the ground or inside a tunnel, then consider yourself lucky because it means that the item is nearby.

Shown in this image is another version of this marker. As you notice, it has an additional symbol on the top. Regardless of the difference, the meaning still remains the same.

Bearing and Distance

If you are an Engineer or a person whose profession is in the technical field then you will surely be able to understand this marker. But for those who are not then keep reading.

The above number of this arrow sign is the “bearing angle”. This is the angle of the direction which is in relation to how high or low is the direction. The number below the arrow sign clearly represents the distance.

Treasure Deposit is Hidden at the Corner

This is an arrow sign which indicates that the treasure deposit is hidden at the corner of your site. In most cases, this could be at the corner of a huge old rock or old tree. As for the dot, it symbolizes the hidden treasure deposit.

Continue Moving Forward

And finally, we have here our final arrow sign on this post which consists of a wavy line as the body of the arrowhead. What it means is that you simply have to keep moving forward towards the direction indicated by this particular marker.    

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