Are you from the United States of America (USA)? You may already be aware about the famous Beale Treasure hidden somewhere in the region of Bedford County, Virginia, USA. It is believed that the deposit consists of gold, silver and jewelries. The combined worth value of the gold and silver goes around $43 million and about $220,000 for the jewelries at this current period of our time.

So what is the story behind this Beale treasure?

There was a man named, “Thomas Beale” who was a prospector in Colorado. In 1819, he and his team were so extremely lucky enough to discover an abundant pile of gold, silver and jewelries. After gathering all these precious treasure, they came into a small problem on how they will divide it among themselves.

Some will say that it is an easy thing to do but not when you are trying to divide a large amount of gold to a few number of individuals. Such large amount of treasure can actually attract a lot of bad people as well. So the entire team decided for themselves to entrust all the treasure to Beale where he transported all the treasures to Bedford Country, Virginia and bury them somewhere at a safe place.

The Three Beale Ciphers

As a part of the plan, Beale created three ciphers which are codes that when interpreted correctly, the exact location of their treasure will be unveiled. It was in the year 1822 when Beale handed the three documents contained inside a lockbox to an innkeeper named, “Robert Morriss”.

Beale’s instruction to Morriss was not to open the lockbox until he himself or one of his fellow team of prospectors comes back for it. If none of them came to claim the lockbox for 10 years then Morriss can freely open it to check the contents of the papers stored inside. Beale also told Morriss that the documents were coded type of information. So if it happens that in 10 years, if he was unable to retrieve them back, his colleague will send a mail containing the decryption key to Morris.

So 10 years passed and no one came to claim the lockbox. The year was now 1832 when Morriss curiously decided to open it up and there he got the three documents containing numerical codes. And unfortunately, no email came that was supposedly contain the decryption keys.

Deciphering the Beale Cipher Codes

Beale’s encrypted codes was too much for just an innkeeper to solve so he handed the ciphers to a friend until it fell into the hand of a person named, “James Ward” in 1885. What this person did was that, he published the codes for public view. As a result, someone was able to decode the second cipher by using the “Declaration of Independence” as decryption keys.

According to the second cipher, the person or treasure hunter who will be able to find the hidden treasure will uncover 3 tons of precious gold, silver and jewelries combined.

The other two ciphers which probably contains the most vital information that reveals the exact location of the hidden treasure remains unsolved until today.

Is the Beale Treasure Fact or Fiction?

A lot of people started to believe that the Beale ciphers is nothing but a hoax or fiction. One of the most intriguing theory about the person who is behind this great deception was the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe.

Poe is currently being accused by most unbelievers as the one who published the pamphlets about the Beale treasure. This was due to the reason that Poe had an interest about ciphers. It is further backup by most of his writings where he used ciphers as plot device.

There are many other claims supported by circumstantial evidence and hearsay about the Beale treasure. But if you are going to ask the personal opinion of a treasure hunter like me, all these claims seems to have come from individuals who desperately tried to decode the ciphers by they failed.

Treasure Hunters VS the Beale’s Cipher

For most treasure hunters, decoding the Beale’s cipher entirely may not be necessary. The most important part is that, there is a confirmation of the hidden deposit situated on a certain particular area. So for over a hundred years, many treasure hunters tried their luck excavating many ground areas of the Bedford County.

In recent years, some treasure hunters were getting arrested for trespassing on private properties. Some groups particularly treasure hunting companies were able to encourage landowners for a 50/50 split. But despite the effort of many treasure hunters, the precious items remain undisturbed.

My Personal Theory:

This is my own personal theory or speculation only. When Mr. Beale didn’t came back for the past 10 years for the lockbox that he left from Mr. Morriss, I think that they made a huge change to their original plan. This should explain why the decryption keys that will supposedly arrive after 10 years never came because it was no longer needed.

As for the two undeciphered codes, I really find it hard to believe that some critiques simply dismissed them as gibberish combinations of numerical codes. Perhaps, no one or it’s too impossible to break the remaining code without the use of the decryption keys.

Moreover, fact or fiction, the Beale’s treasure is still worth giving a try especially for treasure hunters on these days that we now have access to high-tech form of technologies. There are even some rumors that the US military are in possession of a powerful Satellite Scanner which they used in their war against Iraq to scan underground bases. If they would only use this technology to swipe on the area of Bedford County then the result will put an end to the long time mystery of the Beale hidden treasure.

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