If you are new in the field of metal detecting hobby trying to explore if it gains you the interest, it’s actually best to start by choosing the “best metal detector for beginners” that suits your needs. Some people who attempts to engage on this kind of activity tends to lose their interest due to their wrong chosen equipment. But with the right tool on your hand, there’s good chances that you will enjoy this interesting outdoor activity.

As beginners, it is highly suggested that you should first settle down on a reliable cheap metal detector.

Don’t go buy your metal detector from a Toy Store or Children’s Department Stores because they are basically designed as toys for small kids. They are not really worth using in finding good valuable items buried underground.

The best place to find a professional quality and best metal detector for beginners is on the internet. It’s because you can conduct your own investigation regarding about the product via other people who already bought the same equipment. At Amazon, previous costumers who bought a certain item are free to share their experience about the product and rate them from 1 to 5 (5 stars rating being the highest).

Qualities of Best Metal Detectors for Beginners

When it comes to sensitivity of a certain metal detector, both cheap and expensive MD products can have equally the same capability. The only reason that makes a certain MD quite expensive is that, it has too many additional components that filters out the target for easier identification.

Here are the following qualities that a beginner should consider in choosing the best metal detector to use:

1. Easy Assembly

The majority of complaints coming from beginners is about assembling their equipment. Some says that the user-manual of their newly bought MD doesn’t have enough detailed step-by-step instructions on how to properly assemble it.

If you are not really good at technical stuff, I suggest that you should choose a MD that is easy to assemble.

2. Easy Adjustment Settings

Choose the type of MD that doesn’t have too many settings to adjust especially those that requires manual adjustments. Today, most MDs for beginners are now designed by manufacturers equipped with microprocessors. This is like a CPU that automatically does the appropriate setting adjustments of your equipment.

3. Simple Indicator

In my own personal opinion, simplicity is what’s best for beginners. Thus, choose a MD with simple audible or visual indicator.

4. Discrimination Feature

A MD with discrimination capability is important when you intend to search for relics. You surely don’t want to dig every spot once your MD sends out an alert. If this is the case, you will most likely recover a lot of trash.

And as stated above, choose a MD with discrimination feature that is easy to understand.

5. Perfectly Suited for your Needs

Before purchasing your MD, you need to identify its main purpose. Are you going to use it to hunt for coins or relics? Are you going to use it to detect gold nuggets? Does it require you to submerge your equipment underwater?

Those are just some of the few questions that you need to ask yourself before purchasing the suitable MD that you really need.

metal detecting

Overall, choosing the best metal detector for beginners depends on those factors discussed on this post. Consider them and the right tool will land on your hand.

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