Bird Head Shape Rock Yamashita Treasure Sign

In this post, we are going to discuss an old strange rock that bears the shape of a bird’s head. This rock was discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community on his own site. And he has sent it to my eMail for me to help him decode or interpret what it means.


  1. The Hole
  2. The Shape of the Old Rock
  3. The Indicated Direction
  4. Trial Digging Spots

The Hole

In this photo, we can see here a portion of the old strange rock that has a hole.

Based on my own estimate, it has a depth of around 2 to 3 inches.

When it comes to holes as treasure markers, they can be interpreted with several different meanings. They can either represent distance, location, direction, and the item.

The Shape of the Old Rock

In this photo, we can see here most of the portion of the old rock. By studying its shape, what can you see?

Based on how I see it, it does bear the shape of a bird’s head. Thus, what we have here is a bird head treasure marker. The hole serves as its eye then it has a beak which serves as its “pointer”.

The break of the bird head marker can be treated as an arrowhead pointer. So in the illustration above, we have the indicated direction that we need to follow.

The Indicated Direction

When it comes to bird head treasure marker, they are actually very important types of pointer markers. It’s because they commonly direct pointers to the exact location or digging spot of the buried item. Thus, the distance is just nearby.

If we are going to follow the indicated direction, this is going to take us into the location of the next treasure marker. Containing the marker can be an old rock or an old tree. So if it happens that we encounter the next marker, it is very common that the digging spot is going to be right underneath it.

My estimated distance to a bird head marker is from 5 to 15 ft only which we can use when no next marker can be found nearby.

Trial-Digging Spots

Trial-digging spots is an alternative method when we cannot find the next surface marker. Performing this method will allow us to find the buried marker which confirms the digging spot.

Our first digging spot is going to be just on the side of the bird head shaped rock right at the tip of its beak.

The second digging spot is going to be 5ft away from the marker.

Third digging spot is going to be 10ft away from the marker.

And the 4th digging spot is going to be 15ft away from the marker.

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