“Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors” are one among the most popular brand of MDs (Metal Detectors) used by treasure hunters, coin hunters or relic hunters. What makes them a good product of choice is that, they have been on this industry for several period of years. Thus, their background experiences is what makes them able to produce high-quality MD products for their customers.

Aside from quality, they also offer a wide variety of models that perfectly suits the needs of the users. There are MD models designed for complete beginners, professionals, kids and somebody who simply wants to enjoy metal detecting hobby. You have to know that choosing the right model that fits the level of your skill is very important.

As a treasure hunter myself who owns some MDs of this brand, I am very proud of them because I was able to recover some of my interesting findings. I’ll further discuss more about my success in using my tools below.

Treasure Hunter MD by Bounty Hunter

The main reason why I recommend metal detectors by Bounty Hunter is that, I had some great interesting results in using their tools. Since I started my THing (Treasure Hunting) hobby, one of the first MD that I bought was a BH (Bounty Hunter) MD model. As a beginner at that time, I find my tool so easy to use. In other words, it has “user-friendly” features. I think that BH manufacturers mainly prioritize user-friendly features in all of their MD products.

Unlike Coin Hunters, serious THs need tools that can penetrate deep buried targets. It’s because they aim on large deposits rather than small pieces of buried objects. So I made my research for the best BH MD model that offers good ground penetration and I came out with the “TK4 Tracker IV”.

I recently just purchased my first BH Tracker IV MD and I have been testing it quite a lot lately. My best actual testing result is being able to detect a small cylindrical container which measures 10 inches diameter by 15 inches length buried at a depth of around 5 feet. Although, the target was buried under a ground with normal type of soil condition.

Currently, there is no BH MD that is designed to penetrate deeply buried targets which is comparable to “Two-Box MDs”. Let’s just hope that sometime in the future, they will manufacture one.

Bounty Hunter Company

There is very little information about the company that manufactures Bounty Hunter MDs. But, who really cares about the company, what matters most are the customers who are interested in buying their products. Anyway, the company is owned by “First Texas Products”.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

According to the some sources, the company was selling their MD products and providing customer support since 1988. Due to this long period of running their business, you can be confident in purchasing their product. Other than that, the company prides themselves as the oldest brand and the largest dealers in the United States.

If you wanted to know more about Bounty Hunter’s metal detector company, you should contact their support.

Who Makes Bounty Hunter MDs?

First Texas Products Bounty Hunter Company actually brags about their products as genuinely “Made in the USA”. This probably means that their MDs are manufactured in the US and not in China. Although, there is a very controversial issue about this that some claimed rumors are saying that the top 2 best seller BH MDs were manufactured in China.

Regardless of the issue, if it happens that your equipment got broken or damage, you can ship it back to the company for repair which is at El Paso, Texas USA and not in China.

Are Bounty Hunter MDs Any Good?

Some people often asked, “Are Bounty Hunter any good?” which is actually a very good question especially coming from a beginner. The answer into this question actually depends on these two factors:

1. Choose the Right Model that Suits your Purpose

– BH MDs offers several different models designed for a particular purpose. So if your purpose is to detect gold and silver metallic properties, you should choose a model with good gold and silver discrimination feature.

2. Choose a Model that Fits your Detecting Skills

– I have already encountered several complete beginners who immediately purchased their first MDs intended for the expert. As a result, they end up blaming their equipment for their failures. But the fact is, they simply don’t know how to utilize their equipment correctly. So it is important to choose the model that fits the level of you skills.

If you are using the right tool and you thoroughly know how to operate it, you will most likely say a lot of positive things about your equipment.

Bounty Hunter Unit

Common to all Bounty Hunter MDs are their Search Coil, Control box, Stem and Handle. All BH MD models are designed with those basic parts. Although, they mostly vary in shapes of their search coils and control boxes.

Explanation of the Parts:

1. Search Coil

– The search coil is the circular plate at the end of the equipment. It is the part that you sweep on the surface of the ground which transmit and receive the signal.

2. Control Box

– The control box is where you can monitor the feedback of any received signal picked-up by the search coil. It is also where you can adjust the settings.

3. Stem

– The stem is the part where the search coil and control box are connected.

4. Handle

– The other end of the stem is the handle. All BH MDs have similar handle designs which allow you to rest your arms.

Bounty Hunter Accessories

Bounty Hunter manufacturer does not only focus on metal detector products but also some other related accessories. Some of their featured accessories includes carrying bags, digging tools and pin pointers.

Recommended BH MD Accessories:

1. Accessory Search Coils

– Unfortunately, search coils with varied sizes are available as an extra accessory. There are actually three of them which are the 4 inches “Gold Nugget Coil” (designed for narrower field of detection), 7 inches “Replacement Coil” and 10 inches “Magnum Coil” (designed for wide field of detection).

2. Search Coil Cover

– If you have purchased all extra search coils mentioned above, you should also consider buying them each a search coil cover for their extra added protection.

3. Digging Tools

– BH also offers some digging tools such as trowels and foldable shovel.

4. Bags

– If the location where you intend to detect requires some walking distance, it’s actually best to disassemble it then put it inside your bag pack. It’s because there’s a tendency that when you are carrying it on your hand, you might slip down and drop your equipment which may result into some serious damages. Thus, you should consider BH’s Camo Backpack.

For more Bounty Hunter accessories, you can check them out here, Detecting.com

5. Headphones

Included in the accessories is a headphone. It features a lightweight and adjustable ear pads which produces an amazing true stereo sounds with adjustable volume. The size of the jack is 1/8″ with 1/4″ adaptor. Cable length is 4′.

I highly recommend purchasing a headphone because it greatly helps in recognizing weak audible signal which can be hardly noticed from your tool’s built-in speaker.

How to Use or Operate?

Unlike any other sophisticated MDs, Bounty Hunter MDs are not that too complicated to understand. As I already mentioned above, BH equipment are user-friendly.

So how do use it?

1st: Inspect your Equipment

– Make sure that your MD is working properly by inspecting it such as checking its battery and cable connections. You may also want to test it first before using it on your actual site.

2nd: Proper Handling

– Hold your equipment properly by gripping on the handle and resting your arm on the handle-rest. Holding your MD correctly won’t let you get tired easily.

3rd: Sweep the Search Coil Sideways

– To start covering some ground with your MD, start by sweeping the search coil of your equipment sideways. It is important that you have to do it slowly. Assuming that you started on your right side sweeping it towards your left, I suggest that you should sweep it back again to your right before stepping forward.

4th: Keep the Search Coil Parallel to the Ground

– As you sweep the search coil of your MD around, it is important that you should keep and maintain the search coil parallel to the surface of the ground at all times.

5th: Read the Manual

– Lastly, read the users-manual of your BH MD to learn more about its features.

Bounty Hunter Manual

The manual contains the complete instructions on how to utilize your equipment. When you purchase a brand new product, the user-manual is included on the package. But if you purchased it as “Used” or “Second-Hand” product, the manual may not be included.

If it happens that you don’t have the manual, you can access the online copy of your BH MD’s manual at the Bounty Hunter’s official website. All of their products’ manual have an online copy including those models that were already discontinued.

The manuals are in PDF format. This means that you can download it and print an actual copy. Here’s the link to the manuals.

Bounty Hunter’s Official Website

I believe that the official Bounty Hunter website is with the domain “detecting.com”. I’m expecting it to be the “bountyhuntermetaldetectors.com” which is obviously not because it’s for sale. Anyway, I find their Home Page quite a bit simple with minimal contents.

Checking out their website entirely, the site is already complete with all the necessary details for their customers to know about their products. These includes their contact support, warranty service and etc…

What I like best about checking out their website is their “Promotion” page. Currently, they are giving away free additional items once you purchased any of their featured MD products.

Bounty Hunter MD Prices

Prices of Bounty Hunter MDs ranges from $50 to $1000. Those that are designed for beginners are most likely cheap metal detectors with price ranging from $50 to $150. BH MDs designed for intermediate operators have a price range of $150 to $300. Advance to professional MDs are the expensive once with prices that falls between $300 to $1000.

Again, do not purchase a MD that does not suit the level of your skill or you will simply regret it. To tell you a short story, I actually knew someone who is a professional when it comes to metal detecting. However, he had decided to quit this hobby a long time ago that he sold all of his MDs. Then suddenly he just recently came back.

Since he doesn’t have a MD anymore, he really needs to buy one. But unfortunately, he doesn’t have enough money to buy his own pro MD. As a result, he purchased cheap MDs intended for beginners. It was actually a bad move for him. Thus, he fully regret it claiming that he’s just like a kid playing with his toy detector.

If you are on a similar situation, I suggest that you should save up your money until you have enough amount to buy the right MD for your use.

Comparing Bounty Hunter to other Models

To compare Bounty Hunter metal detectors with one another, it’s best to use the Product Comparison Chart provided from their official website. Through the chart, you can compare all BH MD models with one another according to their specific features.

How to read the chart?

The top row consists of the MD models that are grouped according to recommended skills required for the operator. It starts with the Starter, Intermediate, Advanced and so on… The first column of the chart lists the features such as User Interface, Operation Details, Target-ID and so on…

The next succeeding columns consists of X or Numbers. An X mark actually means that the MD model has that feature. Let’s have an example. Check the column of the “Lone Star” MD under Advanced so as the first row of the Feature column which is the “Visual LCD Display”. You will notice that the cell or box where they intersect has an X mark. This means that Lone Star MD has a Visual LCD Display. Those that doesn’t have X on them means they don’t have that feature.

As for the numbers, they indicate measurements, modes, level or frequencies. You may also notice the world “Analog”. This means that the setting is adjusted by using rotating knobs.

Bounty Hunter VS Garrett

Garrett Metal Detectors is one among the top competing brand of Bounty Hunter. Due to competition, many buyers are being confused about which particular brand and model is best for them to purchase.

In my own opinion, the main basis of the comparison should be the price before the features. You have to know that there are slightly cheaper BH MDs that comparably offer the same features or performance of a more expensive Garrett MDs or vice-versa.

Speaking about “Performance”, what would you choose? A MD detector that offers plenty of interesting features but can only detect a 1 inch coin for about 2 to 3 inches depth? Or, a MD with less features but it can accurately detect a 1 inch size coin from a depth of 12 to 15 inches? Of course, anyone would choose the tool that penetrates deeper depths. So aside from the price and features, the performance is another important factor to consider in choosing the right MD.

Moreover, the only possible way to determine the performance between BH MDs and Garrett MDs is to read reviews of those who are already using them.

Bounty Hunter Reviews

When it comes to reviews, you will encounter both positive and negative feedbacks about them. This is actually natural which can be observed to almost any type of products out there. However, the positive and negative reviews coming from the customers must be at least balanced. If it happens that there are a lot more complaints than praises then that product is probably not good.

One of the best places to find customer reviews is at Amazon. Simply search the model of your chosen BH MD and visit the sales page. Then scroll down near the bottom of the page, there you should check the customer reviews of those who already purchased that MD.

Bounty Hunter in Australia

If you are from Australia, it is important for you to purchase your Bounty Hunter equipment only from an authorized dealer or you will end up buying fake versions. Currently, “Treasure Enterprises of Australia” is the only company that is solely authorized dealer by the First Texas Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors (FTBHMDs).

What’s actually interesting about the BH MDs distributed by the Australasian Distributor is that, their equipment have been calibrated in a settings that confirms with the Australian conditions. According to the Treasure Enterprise’s website, they have re-modified the Ground Balance setting (a setting used to null iron-mineralized contents of the ground) to achieve deeper penetration and better responses to all buried targets underground.

Bounty Hunter in Canada

FTBHMDs have three recognized dealers in Canada. First is the Carry All Canada situated at Scarborough. Second is the Canadian Treasure Seekers at Corunna. And third, it is the Leading Edge Hobbies at Kingston. A more complete information can actually be found at this page.

If you are from other countries or a certain specific region of the United States, scroll your way up to the top page and choose your location. The nearest dealer on your place will be presented with all necessary information that you need such as their website, address and contacts.

Bounty Hunter in the Philippines

Unfortunately, Philippines is not included on the lists of recognized dealers. This means that there’s a huge risk that you may end up buying a fake or imitation of a Bounty Hunter MD if you buy one from any store either online or offline. Anyway, some dealers outside the country does offer shipment of orders in the Philippines.

Overall, my personal opinion about Bounty Hunter MDs is that these are machines that are best suited in locating small metallic objects such as coins, rings, jewelries and etc… So to all of my fellow treasure hunters in the Philippines, this is not a good tool in locating deeply buried hidden Japanese treasures.

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    • I own a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV made in the US and it is just great! Although it is not a deep-seeking MD, it has done me grate things.


      Nice to know. Bounty Hunters are indeed good MDs for detecting small and shallow buried objects such as coins.

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