Bukidnon Mindanao and Yamashita Treasure Map

Bukidnon is located at the Northern Mindanao region and its capital is the city of Malaybalay. In the previous Second World War, many events took place in this place between the battle of the Japanese Imperial Army and the combined forces of the Allied Forces.

As treasure hunters, we believed that Bukidnon is one of the places in the Philippines with many hidden Yamashita treasure deposits. There are also rumored Yamashita treasure maps indicating some treasure deposit spots in this region. So these are the topics that we are going to discuss on this article.

Bukidnon has a lot of history regarding about the invasion of the Japanese Imperial Army in this region. But as a treasure hunter, it is common knowledge that every region where the Japanese soldiers occupied in the Philippines had hidden Yamashita treasure deposits.

One of the possible reason why the Japanese Imperial Army fought back and never surrendered until the end to the Allied Forces despite that they were already defeated was due to their precious loot that they need to hide.

The Japanese soldiers had almost traveled their way across different regions of the Philippines and on every stop-over they made, they had buried or hidden their treasure. The longer they stayed or settled on one place such as they setup a camp, the higher chances that they had hidden a Yamashita treasure deposit on that site.

Going back to Bukidnon, this region of the Philippines proves that there are many sites where the Japanese soldiers used as their temporary hiding places especially tunnels.

Cabanglasan Tunnel of Bukidnon

For those who does not know, Cabanglasan is a 3rd class municipality of the province of Bukidnon. What’s interesting about Cabanglasan for us treasure hunters is that there exists a man-made tunnel known to be dug by the Japanese Imperial Army in the previous WW2.

Today, this tunnel is being preserve by the authorities because it could potentially attract tourists.

But in the past, there were some groups of treasure hunters who explored the tunnel and conducted their operations. According to them, when they entered a certain passage of the tunnel, they discovered a source of water.

And as they continue to explore deeper, they came across a chamber where they discovered rocks bearing the shape of a table and chairs. Probably, they Japanese soldiers used them for their gathering purposes. However, fear had taken over them to continue so they had decided to stop and immediately exit the tunnel.

It is believe that this tunnel has so many passages under the ground. But now, it is no longer available for the public for exploration until the authorities and some experts will confirm its safety.

In my own personal opinion as a treasure hunter, it is pretty obvious that this Cabanglasan tunnel was used by the Japanese Imperial Army as their hiding place. And at the same time, they probably had hidden some of their Yamashita treasures in some part of the tunnel.

Japanese Imperial Military Camps in Bukidnon

The Japanese Imperial Army had indeed setup their military camps in Bukidnon during their occupation in the Philippines in World War II. The capital of Bukidnon which is Malaybalay had actually served as their headquarters. But aside from this, they had also setup many other military bases in different parts of the province.

The main reason why the Japanese Imperial Army had setup their military bases in this region is due to its location on the Sayre Highway. This is a major road that connects Bukidnon to many other parts of Mindanao.

Other military bases setup by the Japanese Imperial Army were located at Manolo Fortich and Maramag.

According to history, the Japanese Imperial Army had setup their bases in this region for their operations and storage depots. Other than this, it also served as their detention centers for their prisoners.

And above all, since there were so many military camps in Bukidnon, it was heavily guarded by the Japanese Imperial Army.

So as a treasure hunter, Bukidnon also probably served as one of the dropping point for their loot treasures. Thus, there is a very high possibility that they also hid many of these loot right on this location.

Yamashita Treasure Maps of Bukidnon

Now that we know that the Japanese Imperial Army had settled down in Bukidnon during their occupation in the Philippines, the chances that they had buried some of their treasure loot in this region is very high.

So when it comes to hidden Yamashita treasures, the Japanese soldiers left behind clues on how to recover them. These clues commonly comes in the form of engraved symbols where they have deep and complicated meanings. Treasure hunters call these clues today as Yamashita treasure signs or codes.

Apart from the actual signs or markers left behind by the Japanese soldiers on the site, they also made sketches or treasure maps. In possession of such treasure maps makes it easier to locate the hidden treasure because it provides more details as compared to just relying on the actual markers.

For those who does not know, the Japanese Imperial Army had the intention of recovering their treasure loot when the right time comes. This was the reason why they took time to leave some clues and sketch treasure maps for their future references.

Going back to Bukidnon and Yamashita treasure maps, there are some rumors claiming that they possess treasure maps. Some of them claim that a Japanese stranger came to visit Bukidnon to hunt for treasures. But when he decided to gave-up on his search, he just give or entrusted his Yamashita treasure map on one of the locals.

But you have to know that some scammers took advantage of selling fake Yamashita treasure maps. And the story behind their maps are just made-up by the scammers to trick their victims.


Bukidnon is indeed a place where the Japanese Imperial Army spent plenty of their time during the previous Second World War. Due to this reason, the possibility that they hid some of their Yamashita treasures on this region of the Philippines is very high.

As for the Yamashita treasure map, it is possible that such maps exists especially when large volume of treasure deposits are hidden around. But we need to be extra careful about these Yamashita treasure maps since they could just be fakes.

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