Based on my own personal experiences as a treasure hunter, I noticed that the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers seem to favor old trees as a basis for their hidden Yamashita treasures.

So if you are an amateur treasure hunter, it is very important that you really have to determine your suspected old tree if it is a legit treasure marker or not. One way of knowing this is by checking the old tree for any foreign embedded objects. And, such common objects include old large nails and bullets.

In the other previous post, we have already tackled the topic about the different meanings of embedded old nails on old trees. So if you have not yet read about it then I suggest that you should read it as well.

Now, let’s say that you have found one large bullet that is embedded on the body of the old large tree on your site. Similar to the way you interpret the old large nails, you just have to follow the direction being pointed by the outer end of the bullet.

The direction being pointed by the bullet will most likely take you into the next location that you need to check. But in most cases, this location is the exact digging spot that you need to dig.

If you have already read my post about the old nails, you will notice that they are pretty much similar when it comes to the way they point directions. Perhaps the only slight difference is that bullet markers tend to point further distances as compared to the old nails.

What if there are more than one embedded bullet on the body of the old tree?

If there are more than one embedded bullets then it actually means that there are multiple separate treasure deposits around your site. For example, you have found two bullets that are embedded on the old tree. These two bullets actually confirm that there are two separate treasure deposits hidden in your area.

How about if there are a lot of embedded bullets on the body of the tree that it takes time for you to count?

If the body of the old tree is filled with too many embedded bullets then that is actually a pretty good sign. What it means is that the treasure deposit is buried right underneath the old tree itself. And the best part, the hidden treasure deposit is composed of one large volume.

Do the number of the bullets that are embedded on the body of the old tree have a relationship to distance or depth of the hidden item?

It really depends on the arrangement of the embedded bullets. If the embedded bullets seem to be completely random where they do not follow some sort of formation or arrangement then they have nothing to do with measurements.

But if the embedded bullets do have certain forms of arrangements especially when they are aligned together, they do provide hints to measurement of either distances or depths to the location of the hidden treasure deposit.

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