Buried Sun Treasure Sign Under the Ground – Part 4

If you think that “sun treasure signs” can only be found on the land surface then you are wrong. It’s because they can also be found under the ground which are intentionally placed by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as markers to their hidden Yamashita treasures.

Sun markers that are found on the land surface often have a meaning that is connected to the actual sun. But when it comes to their buried counterparts, their meaning has nothing to do with the actual sun. We can explain this a lot more clearly by having an example.

Let’s start with this sun marker where its appearance doesn’t seem to have any difference from the other sun treasure signs. As we can see, this marker consists of spokes around the circle symbol and right at its center is a dot.

Let’s say that on your site, you dug ang uncovered this marker under the ground. Since this marker is still considered as a sun treasure sign, there is only a slight change on its meaning. But the meaning that remains the same is the part where the item is hidden just nearby. Other than this is the meaning of a sun maker especially those with spokes do indicate a “large volume” of treasure deposit made of gold.

Now, you need to pay attention to this part. The dot at the center of this marker actually indicates a “hole”. This means that somewhere around the corner, you will find this very important hole. So if you manage to uncover this hole and take a peek on it, you will be able to see the items inside. But at some point, inside the hole can be dark so you need to use a torch or flashlight. 

As for the spokes of this marker, this is what represents the valuable treasure deposit.

Overall, this sun treasure sign indicates that you need to find or uncover a certain hole. If you found this hole, all you have to do is to dig ang follow this hole which will take you into the treasure deposit spot.

The JIA often used this sun treasure sign on their vertical tunnels.

Here is our second sun marker that is often used by the JIA as a marker under the ground. We can see that it simply consists of two circular symbols. Although, they are different in size where the one at the center is a lot smaller.

When it comes to its meaning, it is somewhat very close to the sign that we just discussed above. It also has this meaning where it indicates a certain hole which will be an important basis in locating the hidden treasure deposit spot.

If you happen to discover this particular hole, you can peek on it to see the treasure deposit inside. But this isn’t always the case. Anyway, there are two ways on how you can confirm the hole if you found the right one. One is that you may feel that air is coming out from the hole. And two, a light might be coming out from inside the hole.       

If the marker above which is before this one is commonly used by the JIA in their vertical tunnels, this one is more commonly used by the JIA on caves. This is what explains why there can be air or light coming out from the hole.

In this sun treasure sign, we can see on its appearance that it has three spokes around its circular body. If this is the type of marker that you found under the ground, it actually means that there is a vault that you need to pass through before you uncover the item.

If we are going to look closely and examine the appearance of this marker, it has these three spokes which represent “brilliance” indicating the hidden treasure deposit. But in comparison with the other sun markers, this one has this small or short line at the end of its spokes. Based on how it looks, these small lines seem to prevent the light coming out from the sun. In other words, these short lines represent the vault blocking the item underneath it.

This treasure sign is more commonly used by the JIA in their horizontal type of tunnels.

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