To all amateur sellers or treasure hunters who happens to discover antique statues or images, there are some basic aspects that every interested buyers or collectors that will often be inspected before deciding to buy your item. These aspects are also often used as the main basis for deriving its approximate price.


If the statue has been well preserved which has a very good condition then expect the best price offered by an interested buyer. In most cases, images that are made out of bronze, gold and stone can withstand the test of time. While, materials made out of lacquer, stucco and terracotta are the once that are likely to deteriorate.

Symbols or Inscriptions

Most ancient statues have some symbols or inscriptions engraved on certain parts of their bodies. Although, these markings don’t usually refer to the artists or who made the object but to the reigning king or emperor at that age of time. So if the antique image that you found bears some strange inscriptions, its best to figure it out what it really means.

You have to know that the age of a certain antique object is also one of the main basis for its price. In short, the older the object – the higher its expected price value.


Every statues has their own poses which represents some deep meaning particularly illustrating the way of life or social lives of the ancient people during the time that they were created.


Every artists have their own varying skills or abilities in sculpturing their creation. Of course, the artists with the best exceptional skill creates high quality statues that are very appealing. Thus, collectors will often take a close observation about the details of the image particularly the face.


Today, well-crafted statues are now commercially produced. And with some hideous techniques applied by some scam artists, they will turn-out to be like an antique. But for a very experience collector, he can easily determine the authenticity of the statue if it is really authentic or fake.

Discovery and Creation of Statues in the Past

Back in the oldest days particularly during the prehistoric period, the oldest form of art was “cave paintings”. Through this visual form of art, they were able to illustrate their way of lives back in the old age. In fact, there are some caves that still exists today with their cave paintings preserved.

Aside from cave paintings, the first objects that they carved (made out of stones) were not statues but tools which was a necessity. As they began to expand their knowledge in carving, they discovered the art of carving more complicated shapes. So they end up creating the first ever made prehistoric statues which they used as offerings for their religious beliefs, rituals and spirits.

The Ancient Egyptian World

Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization who finally explored the art of carving. Many of their creations were life-sized statues but there were also some that were larger. And, they used materials such as alabaster, limestone or slate.

If the prehistoric people used their images for their spiritual traditions, the Egyptians purposely used it mainly as decorations to their tombs. Thus, the statues they created were depictions of their deities (gods or goddesses) and Egyptian rulers. It was actually their traditional belief that these images will guide the deceased in the afterlife.

The Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks were the once who truly mastered the art of sculpture. According to the recorded history, the Greeks has a momentous shift of their sculptural abilities from the 7th to the 4th Centuries BC. Their earlier creations came with abstract forms then later, it had a significant improvement to a more naturalistic forms.

Statues or images plays a lot more role in the Greek’s society than the Egyptians. Although, they were mainly used for decorative purposes to honor their deities, race, religions, historical events, political figures and, their gods and goddesses.

The Ancient Roman Empire

Unfortunately, the Greeks lost to the Roman Empire. So after taking over the nation, the Romans were so impressed by the artistic mastery of the Greeks in sculpturing their statues. Being aware that they cannot create such incomparable masterpiece, they end up recruiting Greek sculptures to carve images for them.

The main purpose of the Roman Empire was to create statues for their political rulers. This is to symbolize the authority and power of the Empire to the entire nation that they conquered.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian countries had also discovered the art of carving statues at an unknown period during the old age of time. But according to some historical sources, the ancient India were the once who influenced the cultures of Southeast Asia due to their economic trading relationship. This explains the huge similarities of their cultural image creations.

Christian Statues

Christianity finally came into power in the 11th Century where statues were created depicting Biblical characters. The most popular image is that of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion which are commonly displayed inside churches and holy or sacred places. The main purpose why is to remind the believers about their sins where they should repent.

Anyway, if you are from the United States and you have a collection of Christian related statues then there is a company who claims to buy them at the best price. The company is “King Richard” who according to them is the largest buyer of any religious relics in the US.

Antiques Statues or Images for Sale

As a growing community that focuses about treasures and antiques, we have members who have some interesting finds that they would like to sell to any collectors out there. Being asked for my help, posting the photos of their items and their contact details here on my blog is what I can do.

So on this post, I would like to introduce a list of antique statues or images that are for sale.

  1. Seller’s Contact: +639338146426

Moreover, if you also have an antique image or statue that you would like to sell then contact me on my FaceBook page. Simply send some photos of your item along with your contact details. Take note, both the photos and your contact will be posted or added on the list above for public view.

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