Buying Dexpan and Other Amazon Products for Pinoys

Many of you my fellow Filipino (Pinoy) treasure hunters have been asking for my assistance on how to purchase Dexpan product from the Amazon store. Some of you are even asking for an alternative product that is available at the local stores here in the Philippines. But based on my research, sad to say that there is “currently none”.

When buying products from the online Amazon Store, there are actually some specific products with this kind of statement:

This item does not ship to ***, Philippines. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally.

The statement is saying the same thing as, “this product is not available for sale in your country”. And unfortunately, Dexpan is one among these products.

How to Buy Dexpan or Other Amazon Products and Ship it in the Philippines?

Thanks to the services offered by Johnny Air Plus that Filipinos can now purchase any products such as Dexpan from the Amazon. Johnny Air Plus is actually just one among the trusted Online Shipping Partner in the Philippines that you can use for your Amazon item to get delivered right into your place.

Here’s the Official Website of Johnny Air Plus

Steps on How to Use Johnny Air Plus Online Shipping Service:

1. Register an Account

The first important step is to register or create an account at the Johnny Air Plus official website. Simply access their “New Member” or “Sign Up” form then fill up the necessary details. And most importantly, you must have a scanned “Government Issued ID” for confirmation of your real identity. You will have to upload it from the registration form to be able to complete the creation of your account.

2. Use Johnny Air Plus Shipping Address

Go to the Dexpan Amazon product page then change your Shipping Address. Change it into the shipping address of the Johnny Air Plus. Their address will be provided to you by a JAC Plus employee. If it happens that they didn’t then you should contact them.

3. Your Receiving Address

Provide the address to JAC Plus about where you are going to receive your purchased Amazon product. You can actually choose to pick it at these following locations:

– SM Megamall
– JAC Plus Makati
– SM Cebu
– JAC Plus Davao
– Or, you can also have them delivered right into your Manila home address

4. Track your Item

After completing step 1 to 3 above, you will be given a “Tracking Number” to monitor the delivery progress of your item.

5. SMS Message

If your item finally arrived and it is available for pick up, JAC Plus will immediately send you an SMS Message to your mobile phone notifying you about your package.

The first time that I used JAC Plus, they offered me a “first-time customer discount”. And here’s the best part, I got my item delivered in just one week which is an amazing service.

So there you go guys. I hope that there won’t be any problem anymore about how to purchase your Dexpan in the Philippines. But just in case that you still encountered some problems or issues, post it on the comment form down below.

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    • Anonymous says:

      They have a FB account already and I think its much easier to communicate with them thru that.

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