Caesarea Treasure – An Incredible Undersea Treasure Discovery

Well, treasure being buried somewhere inside the earth’s crust is one of those things that cannot be imagined to be true and is considered to be only heard of in stories or in movies. But throughout history – coins, jewelry and other valuable objects have been buried or they were lost to the ages. So finding buried treasure isn’t something that should surprise you!

The scuba divers who were exploring the Mediterranean harbor in Israel (coast of Caesarea), discovered shiny treasure under water – there were nearly 2000 gold coins which dated back more than 1000 years.

The treasure which had sank consisted of coins which has different denominations and also had different sizes. And it was handed over to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

This undersea treasure was found in the year 2015.

There has been no exact value at which this can actually be priced, but it definitely seems to be so valuable, that is said to be priceless!

This discovered undersea treasure is considered to be the largest hoard of the gold coins which have been ever found in Israel.

As confirmed by various sources, it is said that the coins were in the best state of preservation even though they were at the bottom of the sea for some thousands of years. They actually did not require any kind of cleaning procedures. This is because gold is a noble metal and it does not get affected by air or water.

Various theories related to the coins

Where did the coins actually come from? The answer still remains a huge mystery. There are theories which have been associated with this case. One such being that the coins might have come from the wreck of the official boat of the treasury. While some others assume that these coins must have been used to pay the military personnel during that period.

Yet, another theory states that the treasure was the money which might have belonged to a large merchant ship that used to trade with the coastal cities and the port on the Mediterranean Sea and it must have been too unfortunate to sink there.

Another undersea treasure history?

There was another treasure which was discovered by divers which was found near the port of Caesarea. These divers said that at first, they found a sculpture which they left on the seabed.

But further, they found another one and then realized that the area was covered with more ancient artifacts.

The Israel Antiquities Authority sent some of its divers to investigate and recover the Roman – era cargo, which has precious items like bronze statues, lamps, jars, objects that were in the shape of animals and thousands of coins which had the images of the Roman emperors.

As theories state it, there must have been a storm and the sailors must have dropped the anchors in order to save the ship but all their attempts were in vain. The ship must have drifted apart and all the precious things must have fallen into the water and remained there for thousands of years.

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