Carbonado Black Diamond Price in the Philippines

Recently, there has been a growing interest about Carbonado black diamonds in the Philippines the reason why many individuals often asks the questions regarding about its price.

For those who does not know, Carbonado black diamonds is more commonly known as “black diamonds”. It is actually a type of diamond that is opaque and has black color. Black diamonds are completely different from any traditional diamonds which are formed or created from the Earth’s mantle. You may be surprised to know that these black diamonds are believed to have been formed in the outer space. Theory suggests that such precious stone could have been created due to supernova explosion or a collision between two stars. Thus, this is the main reason why such object is incredibly rare and valuable.

What are Carbonado Black Diamonds?

Again, Carbonado black diamonds is completely a unique type of diamonds and quite different from any traditional diamonds that we commonly see around.


Traditions diamonds that we commonly see around us particularly used in jewelries are formed and extracted from the Earth’s mantle. But when it comes to the Carbonado black diamonds, their source is unknown but many believed that these precious stones came from the outer space. Probably, they originated from a certain supernova explosions which occurred billions of years ago.


In comparison to the traditional diamonds in terms of appearance, Carbonado black diamonds are simply black or dark gray in color. They also have porous, irregular surface giving them a very unique and rugged appearance. As for the traditional diamonds, we are all aware about their appearance as usually clear or white color.


What makes Carbonado black diamonds quite interesting is their extreme hardness similar to the traditional diamonds. According to science, they are the hardest type of material on the Mohs scale which is a measuring device for the hardness of minerals.

Size and Locations

In terms of size, the Carbonado black diamonds do have typically much larger size as compared to the traditional sizes of diamonds. Some black diamond specimens could weigh over 1,000 carats. With regards to the locations, these extremely rare diamonds can be found in several locations around the world which include Brazil, Central Africa, and the Central African Republic.

Factors that affect the Prices of Carbonado Black Diamonds

You have to know that Carbonado black diamonds are priced differently from the traditional diamonds which is due to their unique properties and of course, their rarity. Here are the following main factors used as a basis in determining the prices of such kind of precious stone:

Carat Weight

It is important to know that the cart weight of a diamond is the main basis that affects the price. In most cases, carbonado black diamonds are much smaller than the traditional diamonds which gives us the reason why they may have a much lower price per carat.


Carbonado black diamonds are carefully inspected and valued for their deep black or grayish-black color. Such appearance according to research is caused by tiny inclusions of graphite and other minerals. The intensity of the color is the basis that affects the price. So the darker the color of the diamond means much higher price.


When we say clarity, this refers to the absence of inclusions or blemishes on the surface of the diamond. Interestingly, Carbonado black diamonds do have higher number of inclusions compared to the traditional diamonds. Although, clarity is not much a basis that could affect the price.


The cuttings of the diamond do have a significant impart to the appearance of a diamond which also affects their pricing. In terms of the Carbonado black diamond, they are commonly cut into unique shapes which enhances their natural colors and inclusions.


Perhaps the biggest difference between the Carbonado black diamonds from any traditional diamonds are their rarity. It can be quite challenging to come across such precious gems, as there are only a handful of sites where they may be unearthed. Consequently, their scarcity drives up their value to exorbitant levels.

Current Prices of Carbonado Black Diamonds in the Philippines

You have to know that there is no fixed or steady price for Carbonado black diamonds in the Philippines. They actually vary widely which depends on several factors which include their carat weight, color, clarity, and cuttings. Anyway, the price of Carbonado black diamonds could be less expensive as compared to the traditional white diamonds. However, the price could still be so siginificant.

By the time of this post which is the year 2023, the price of a 1-carat Carbonado black diamond in the Philippines ranges from PHP 60,000 up to PHP 150,000. Interestingly, a very large size carbonado black diamonds could reach a price that could go over PHP 1 million. But in short, it all actually depends on their size and quality.

One of the main factor that affects the pricing of a carbonado black diamond is its color. A perfectly black colored carbonado diamond is the most valuable or precious type.

Aside from its color is its clarity and cuttings which we have already covered above.

It is important to know that pricing for carbonado black diamonds not only in the Philippines can be highly volatile which is due to the fluctuations in supply and demand. Thus, if the demand increases for the carbonado black diamonds then this could drive its prices high.

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