Among the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) treasure signs that brings most confusion to all THs (treasures hunters) are the holes. It is indeed the “easiest and simplest” markings left behind by the JIA as clues to the hidden locations of their war loots. But due to nature, many other holes also tends to exists.

Many THs especially complete beginners often fall into confusion believing that the natural made holes they found is an authentic JIA treasure sign. So they tend to work on it putting a lot of their efforts and sacrifices but only to get disappointed in the end.

Distinguishing natural made holes from man-made holes can be a bit hard for complete beginners. In fact even experienced THs can also be mistaken. However, their authenticity is best confirmed by the “presence of any other signs around”. One good and common example is an engraved arrow sign pointing into the hole.

Hole Treasure Sign

Two Types of Holes as JIA Treasure Signs

1. Through-and-through Hole

A “through-and-through” hole is a type of hole on a certain object that goes way through its back. Common sizes measures from 1 inch to 5 inches diameter.

When it comes to its meaning, it is actually a “pointer”. Although, there are different ways on how to determine the exact spot being pointed by this sign. So to best explain it, let us have an example.

Assuming that you found a through-and-through hole on a large rock, all you just have to do is to take a peek on it landing your sight into the exact digging spot of the hidden treasure.

What if the rock is situated in a certain body of running water? And, it is not possible to take a peek into the hole?

Rocks with through-and-through holes found in water sources are actually interpreted differently. Let us say for example that you found a rock with a hole situated at the creek. What you need to do is to “divert” water into the hole which goes out to its other end. Now, observe the “dropping point” of the running water from the hole and that will be the spot being indicated by the sign.

What if there is a through-and-through hole on a rock but when peeking into it, it shows a

“far view distance”

making it hard to determine the accurate spot?

The solution is to use powerful flashlight/torch. Thus, the procedure must be performed during the night. Simply put or insert the head of your flashlight into the hole then turn it ON. Follow the direction of the light where it hits the surface of the ground and that will be the digging spot.

2. Half-through and Shallow Depth Holes

“Half-through” or “shallow depth of holes” are the most common type of holes encountered by THs. When it comes to holes with shallow depths of around ½ inch to 10 inches deep, they represent the number of hidden deposits. But when it comes to holes with depths consisting of more than 3 feet, they indicate measurements of distances or depths regarding about the location of the hidden item.

122 Comments to “Checking Holes as Yamashita Treasure Sign | 2 Types of Holes”

    • Good morning Sir. We encountered a hole with a depth of about 1 meter on a solid rock. Is this a treasure sign or not? Thanks.


      It can either be an authentic sign or simply just a natural sign. I have to say that it is hard for me to confirm it unless you have a photo of the hole for me to check and analyze. Anyway, a photo may not be needed if you found other signs around that you can describe here in details.

      • We have seen some hole beside the river. They look like sardines and very shiny. 3 meters away, there is a water-well with no water because it is on top of a rock.

        • I think that there is an underwater treasure deposit. Have you tried going down into the water-well since there is no water on it? Then inspect for any engrave markers?

    • Sir Elmo, at about 20 meters away from the “Bangkal tree”, there used to be a statue of an angel which was staring directly into the tree. Unfortunately, the locals destroyed this image where they found three pieces of Japanese old coins underneath.

      30 meters away towards the south from the Bangkal tree, there is an old big tree with a “through-and-through” hole. Peeking at the hole behind pointed me into the location of the Bangkal tree. Please help me interpret and thank you.


      The three coins that the locals recovered under the image means that there are three hidden separate deposits. I need to know how these coins were arranged when they discovered it.

      Since the image and the old big tree (through-and-through hole) are both pointing into the location of the Bangkal tree, you should give it a try excavating on that spot. I would also like to suggest examining the tree for more hidden signs such as embedded old large nails.

    • Hi Sir. My father found a hard round rock with one engrave small hole. This rock was discovered by my father buried one inch from the soil. Please help me Sir.


      I suggest analyzing the hole on the rock if it is natural or man-made. If it is man-made then there are probably other signs around. Or, you may also want to dig deeper where your father found that rock if you can find some additional signs.

    • Sir Elmo. We found engraved holes which are about 2 inches deep and they are arranged in triangle formation. These holes are along with fish and snake head signs. However, when my uncle dug the site, he encountered some kind of milky substance. Due to it, he experienced terrible head ache. Sir Elmo, I would like to show you the sign. Please help us.


      Take a photo of those signs then send it into my FaceBook page.

    • Hi Sir! We found a flat stone under a big stone and also we found another stone in the center of that stone that is being used as cover of a hole of the said flat stone. We were able to get the small stone that is being used as a cover to the hole. And inside in it is a mud like soil, looks like an engine oil, but dried one and it weighted 12 kls. Now, I would like to ask if this is already the treasure we are looking for? Thanks!

    • It is hard to say unless you have to perform some tests. I suggest that you should try cooking. Refer to one of my post about how to cook raw or unprocessed gold.

    • Hi Sir Elmo,

      Sir we find three holes that shape like a triangle. But the one hole it has an x sign engrave beside on it. Please help me.

      Thank you.

    • Those 3 holes are probably representing three old rocks or trees on separate locations forming a triangle. However, the item is hidden in one of those spot which is indicated by the X sign.

    • My father found a 3 rocks probably a river rock, one rock has holes engraved horizontally into it that looks like its eye of the rock. They found it 3 ft deep when they're digging for a hole for our septic tank back then with my grandfather. He also said they found a human skull and other bone parts in the hole and some antique plates and glass with Japanese writings. My grandpa told my papa to put the bone back in the hole while they keep the antique but my grandpa only knows where and now he's dead already. When they reach 10 ft deep they couldn't dig further because they reached a concrete floor but could not determine what was it because the hole was covered by water already. They thought it was something so they called my uncles friend which was a TH by the way and has a scanner which confirmed there is a deposit hidden underneath but told them a poison was encased with it so my grandpa decided to stop the digging and just covered the hole with a cement without putting back the sands. By the way the dug site is 100 meters away from the bay. There's used to be an old tree in the dug site which they cut down before digging a hole. It was the only kind of tree in the area, they called it "balok-balok", there's used to be 2 "talisay" tree planted on the further either side of the "balok-balok" angling it.

      My grandpa has been dead for 15 years now and in the dug site stood our house now. My papa had forgotten bout it until recently when he dreamt of my grandpa thrice. First dreamt of him was that grandpa was telling him why he haven't taken cared of the dug site, that was before papa was taken to ICU. The second dream happened when he was in the ICE, he said he saw grandpa in his room. The third time he dreamt of him he decided to open the site once again. Papa even called an esperitista before digging it back because they believed there are spirit guarding it.after "manong" blessed the site, they opened it up already and found the skulls which "manong" took with him.l when he left, They also uncovered some part of the bones and 2 cups with a Japanese writings at the bottom on one cup and a "stainless steel japan" on the other. I saw it myself by the way.

      Remember when i told you earlier that they couldn't dig deeper because there is some sort of concrete @ 10 ft deep but was covered with water? Now, they used water pump and 2 submersible to drain the water and found out that the concrete floor was actually a bed of sea rocks. The thing is it doesn't look so natural because there are cement in some if it and the center looks hallow. Underneath it were sands already.

      What could that means? And why did the scanner revealed there was some deposit buried there back then? Should we dig further?

      And oh, did i mentioned that a neighbor of ours have dug a box of Japanese gold coins back then underneath one of the "talisay tree" and it was only 1 or 2 ft deep. We've also met a TH hunter when we came to pick up my brother in an airport who told us that box of coins was supposedly to be used as a finance on the large deposit in the area. What do you think of this sir Elmo? I hope to hear of you soon, thanks.

    • I think that the gold coins recovered by your neighbor was the "give-away" (if you know what I mean).

      The concrete floor that does not look natural is what interest me. If it is not really natural then I suggest that you should make an effort to break it because this could be the main blockage or seal where the deposit is hidden.

      Anyway, are there any markings that you discovered?

    • Hi Sir. I want to know more about the meaning of the signs that I found like the many dots from biggest to smallest on the face of the turtle. Then 5 meters ahead, I found 3 dots on the one rock then 15 meters distance, I found all that dots in one big rocks. 30 meters distance from this, I found 3 big rock on the center of the river which is like a triangle.

      What can I do next Sir? and what are the best step to do better?

      Thank you very much for your time.

    • Good day Sir, when we are digging we found a small upside-down boat made of wood. What does it mean Sir?

    • Hi Sir Elmo Sir. Can u help me?.

      As a beginner or amateur in treasure hunting, I really need an idea coming from people who is experienced and expert from these field. Can you please explain further the topic half-through and shallow depth because on my site one of the most visible sign was a hole (verified man made) about 6 inches wide and about 1 meter deep. I would be very grateful to read your comment or reply.

      Thanks a lot Sir.

    • Hello, I found a human skull when we dig for a house, and 1 meter distance we found a plain stone with a two holes and looks like made by a human. It looks like a face with two eyes. Whats that means?

    • What if the 3 holes are perfectly through-and-through from the old tree Sir? Straight holes up to down.

    • What if a three hole in a rock on a river, what does it mean? Small, medium, large are the sizes.

    • Before I can give my interpretation, I want to know how they are arranged.

    • Can I get your e-mail Sir Elmo?

    • You can find my email under the Contact Page above but I prefer best to be contacted via FaceBook.

    • How about two hole in the stone?

    • Holes on the surface of rocks especially when it is obviously man-made often represent the deposit. So if there are two holes, it means that there are two separate deposits. However, when it comes to hole as signs, they are usually accompanied with other markings.

    • Hi I have been in a place a months ago where our Japanese old friends stayed for a quite long time. They made school and houses and military camp and defended it during WW2. Luckily, during my visit we found lot of rocks signs – foot signs, turtles, V signs, line of holes, group of holes in big rock, and many others. Thus, anyone here willing to help me decode this signs and symbols.

      Please PM me on my messenger to share you some of the pictures.

      Kongkwayla abutsikik. Thank you.

    • Sir Elmo good day to you. What does this mean? "Tatokawa Japan 1938". It is placed on a top of steel bar – 2 inches width x 4 inches length x 1 inch thick. It also has an initials SLM.

    • I only have a very little information about it and its just a guess. The Tatokawa here is a name of a Japanese Army General.

    • Hi Sir Elmo,

      Good day, can I ask a favor? What is the meaning of a rock that I sent you there in your FB account?

      Please Sir I am waiting and thank you.

    • I am really sorry but I have not yet came across with the photo of the rock that you sent me on my FB account. It is probably still on the unread folder.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, please help me. I found a big rock and its top is a hole in depth of 7 inch and diameter is 7 inch. Inside is fitted a round stone then covered a concreted stone, then i dig the under and I found a round big rock then I found also a stone with triangle shape. The right side have a small hole within 1 meter from the top soil in the left side of river. What should I do Sir?

    • I suggest digging a little bit more. I think there will be more signs under waiting for you to uncover which might tell you more about directions or location of the item.

    • I have seen many JIA sign in my place but I can't analyze the exact location. Can you help us Sir? Such as a fish face on the big stone, Y on the Stone with heart.

    • The fish means that the item is hidden somewhere where there is a presence of water. Since you encountered a face, it is probably facing towards the direction where the deposit is hidden. The Y is an intersection. In my opinion, it is probably referring to an old creek or river. The heart sign represents a huge hidden wealth.

    • Hi Sir Elmo, I found a half through hole facing between 2 mountains. There was also a unusual shallow hole onsite looks like a post guard – when I detected the area I found a lot of metals, 1 looks like a propeller of an airplane. Between the 2 mountains there are about 4-5 trees in equal distance apart from from missing tree spot between those trees. Where do I start looking for signs. Many thanks.

    • Interesting. My suggestion is start looking for signs within the area of those old trees.

    • Hello, Mr. Elmo I've found a wall-rock with three holes in it just like a human face and two caves below and another one exactly opposite the face. Can you help me interpret these natural signs? Many thanks.

    • The three holes are arrange like a human face? So does it look like a triangle?

    • Hello Mr. Elmo,

      The three holes are arranged exactly like human face. Two of them are like human eyes and the third one is in the place of human mouth. And the three holes make a triangle. And I will send the photo of the place to your messenger. Many thanks.

    • Those three holes is still more considered as arranged in triangle rather than a human face. Anyway, that sign refers to three corners of certain objects particularly old trees or rocks.

  • Hello Sir,

    Just to give you a short story of what I observed during my fathers work with treasure. Last 2015 of June, my father decided to cut the big tree at the back of our farm house, but when the big tree was cut down, they found 6 pebble rocks inside the base of the tree. My father got a feeling that it was a treasure sign.

    My father went to a treasure hunter to ask some information about signs that he found. The treasure hunter confirmed it that it was a treasure sign. Until the dug the site, at 4ft. They found a big taclobo shell, but when they reach 8ft water is coming out, which the site is very near at a river about 50m.

    At 12ft the texture of the sand was so fine. Until they reach 30ft and water was filling the hole, they use big water pumps to lessen the water inside the hole. Until they cannot control the flow of the water, they use air compressor as breathing device to continue the digging. At 40ft two of the digger, felt a metal box 2ft x 2ft size but the edge of the metal box was pinned by a big rock.

    Due to their excitement they decided to pull the metal box by force using 4 tonner chain block. The time the metal box was moved, the big rock that was over the box slipped and a volume of water came out, sending the two digger out of the hole. They try adding big water pumps to lessen the water but they fail. Until such time decided to stop the operation due to the volume of water coming out. Now the hole was covered and my father made it as water well. My question is, are there any possibilities the the metal box is still inside the hole or it maybe shifted to other location due to water movement under ground.

    • Interesting project that your father tried to work on. It is just so unfortunate that the deposit ended up on that kind of situation. But to answer your question, the item should still be there. If it was moved due to the flow of moving water, it won’t be dragged too far. But in my own opinion, it should still be on its original spot especially when the box contains gold deposits which is very heavy. Anyway, tell you father not to give up. Try to think of possible solution. I suggest that if they want to give another second attempt then they should do it during the low tide season.

  • Hi,

    Can I send you a photo of possible treasure signs to check?

    Thank you and more power.

    • Yes, you can send it via PM in my FaceBook page account. The link to my FB account is at the top just below the Search Form which is indicated by the small FB icon.

  • Hi Sir,

    I have found three shallow hole on rock arranged in ark at a distance of 4 inch from one another. 2 holes that are in front having 2 inch depth and the last one have 1 inch or less than one inch depth.

    Kindly help me.

    • If you are going to connect these holes, does it form a triangle? If not then it refers to a certain distance or number of layers from the ground.

      • Sir, it does not make a triangle. These are in straight line. I can send you pictures but I cannot find your FaceBook.

        • If the trees are arranged in a straight line then the deposit is hidden along those lines covered by the trees. What you need to do is to take a closer look and observed the trees for any possible markings on them. You should also look for something strange to the physical features of the trees such as bent branches.

          • Sir, I did not found trees in that location but I found another sign of snake on a rock which is almost 500 meters. At the back from this rock I found 3 hole. Kindly help me.

          • I already have a detailed discussion about the meaning of snake signs so I suggest that you should read that. As for the three holes, it is more likely to be referring to a certain distance.

  • Hi Sir, can you help me about what we found? We found stream form of letter Y. The center of that Y stream has an old lawaan tree and the left side of that Y stream has a hole with the diameter 8 to 10 inches and the depth is 6 to 8 inches beside the lawaan tree. Before the center of the Y stream in the water, there is sound something an empty barrel when we try to smash or break using a rock. Please help us.

    • That must be it. Your project might be an underwater deposit.

      • Hi Sir, can you advice me what to do or what is the meaning of the small deep hole we found engrave the big rocks side by side of the rock. The well engrave hole forming v shape and the next flat rock the same kind of hole but it shows the hole straight deep about 10 inch deep. The next 1000 meters away the hole in the big rock besides the big old cut tree the hole both ft the hole deep target to below the rock still about 12 inch. Please tell me about it.

        • The hole is about 1 peso inch circle and about 12 inch deep clean and well engrave hole. They maybe use to engrave it using barina?

          • It’s nice to know. In most cases, they use some kind of chemical in creating those holes.

        • Those are a lot of holes that you found on your site. However, I should advise you that you need to carefully observed them if those holes are man-made and not naturally made. Anyway, the most interesting hole signs here that you describe are those that are forming a V shape. I think, this can also be interpreted as a triangle. But if it is more of a V shape then it is an arrow head pointing to a certain direction. It it is a triangle then is usually refers to a certain three corners around the area.

  • Hello Sir, I found 3 holes on a rock making a triangle. And at a distance of three meters, there is another rock with a single large hole on it. Please kindly help me about it.

    • Those three holes forming a triangle indicates that the item is hidden somewhere around the corners. Since you found another rock nearby with a large hole, that must be the corner where you need to do some diggings. Anyway, make sure that you really are dealing with authentic hole signs and not just some holes that were naturally made.

      • Sir, they are man made hole not natural. We have to dig at the side of that rock? Will there be any supporting clue present at that site?

        • If they are man-made holes then you should try digging on that spot. If you dug at the right spot then, you will discover more markers or signs as clues.

  • We found two holes sign with a depth of 1 inch and diameter of 1 inch. In front of the stone, it has a triangle shape stone with a hole at the center. We try to locate the three triangle position bamboo tree and we dig. We found out another signed like an eagle eye stone. The other side of the bamboo tree, we dig and found two stone marker. The stone has three holes aligned in c formation 1 inch apart with depth of a half inch. The other stone have only one hole, what does it mean?

    This area have a big deposit. An asterisk sign (A MILLION DOLLAR) maybe down in cave have secret tunnel. We try to excavate the gave aways in bamboo tree. Kindly reply me of what best suggestion you can gave. This area has a big agila engrave in the top of the stone.

    • The best marker according to what you have describe here that gives the most significant meaning as to where the location of the hidden deposit is the eagle. At the spot where the bird is staring at, that will be you the best digging spot for the main deposit.

  • Hi Sir,

    Can you help me with this? There is a large hole in the river side. The hole is one meter diameter and 6 ft deep. At the side of the large hole, there are other 2 holes with 1 ruler around and 1 ft deep. What is the meaning of them Sir?

    • The large hole is the representation of the site that there is a precious buried or hidden deposit. While, the other two holes indicates two separate deposits but they are nearby.

      You may want to give a try digging at the side where the two holes are located.

  • Hello Sir, I need your help to interpret what I’ve seen. There are triangle sign of holes, 2 meters away have also a hole 3 meters deep, and also away from that is another hole 2 meters deep. Thank you and God bless.

    • Holes are actually the hardest markers to interpret because they tell very small hint to the location of the hidden treasure. Anyway, to interpret yours, the holes forming a triangle could mean that on one corner of the area is the correct location of the hidden object. In my own opinion, the corners are those spots where you discovered those three other separate holes. I got a feeling that the correct corner is at the spot with a hole that has 3 meters deep because it differs from the other two.

  • I encountered also another sign. it bothered my mind a ladder with seven step upward. In the end of the seven step, there is a tree, a bend tree and at the right side it has a bamboo tree. Near the ladder, left side there’s a tall 10 feet. I need your interpretation if it is a treasure spot and what does the ladder mean? Thank you.

    • If you discovered a ladder on your diggings then all you have to do is to follow it down to its end. In most cases, you will either find the treasure or another sign indicating what to do next. If you got none of them then the other choice is to check under the ladder.

  • Hello Sir, I need you to interpret what I’ve seen. I found three holes in the creek triangle sign. From that triangle sign of holes, 3 meters away there is another hole that is 4 feet depth. Thank you.

    • This is what you have to do. Try to explore the area and look for three strange or most obvious objects. There should be three of them because this is what the three holes in triangle formation indicate. Since your site is at the creek, I am guessing that they are three huge rocks. Now, one of these rocks is the correct spot where the item is hidden which is indicated by the separate hole.

      • Hi Sir Elmo! I found 4 holes and 1 stone 2 circle and 1 heart. The formation of 3 holes including the heart hole is like letter C and the center at the big hole and its circle also. And also there are 3 tree’s N.W.E. but I don’t have an idea where to start. Can you give an idea? Thank you.

        • Basing from those stones markers that you have found, they are a confirmation that the deposit is somewhere nearby or hidden on that particular area. In my own opinion, the area is covered by those three old trees. What you need to do is to inspect those trees for any possible markings.

  • Hi Sir Elmo, please help me interpret this sign, 3 holes in a right slanted position with another 1 hole on its center right side portion.[pls.see illustration below] found @ more or less 7mtrs depth of very hard layered cement like,.

    o o

    • Those holes are marker like an arrow sign pointing downward. Simply follow it’s direction as you dig further.

  • Sir please help me about this sign. I found a rock size which is a little bigger than a pail. The color of the rock looks like white with mix yellow. The top of those rock, there is a through-hole size 5 or 6 diameter sinking straight down to the soil surface.

    Please help. Thank you.

    • If that is a through-and-through type of hole which goes down straight to the bottom of the rock that you found then it means that you need to dig underneath it.

  • Sir good PM,

    I would like to ask for a help to interpret this symbol. Can I send you the picture?

    • Sure, you can send it to my FaceBook Page via PM. My FaceBook Page is Treasures and Antiques.

  • Sir good day, please help us. We found an unfinished product. Is there anything we can do about unfinished product? What kind of procedure we do? We use chemical? What kind of chemical? Is the unfinished product all are gold? Please help what we do. Thank you very much.

    • It’s so easy, all you have to do is to cook it at a high temperature.

  • Sir please teach us how to cook raw or unprocessed gold, unfinished product, please reply. Thank you.

    • If the raw gold is already processed and cleaned then all you have to do is to directly cook it at high temperature. However, if the gold is in its raw and unprocessed form then you need to do some cleaning which can be done by panning method.

  • Sir please allow me to ask again, the object we found during digging is color black and other is gray and it is looks like a soil inside the jar, they said that this is a unfinished product, and they also said that the procedure we do to remove the covered of this unfinished product is to use a AQUA REGIA ACID. My question is it true that only the aqua regia chemical can only removed the covered of this kind unfinished product? Thank you please reply.

    • No that’s not true. It really needs what type of unfinished product that you have recovered. If it has gray or black color then that means it still requires cleaning which can be done manually through panning.

  • Sir what is manually through panning? What is panning? I don’t understand. Please explain the procedure we did because we have so many of this kind of item that recovered. Thank you.

    • Panning is the manual process of separating gold from the dirt. You will need a flat plate put some sample of it and the right amount of water. Then, shake the plate until the gold and dirt will get separated. It does sound so easy but it actually require some skill. Anyway, the key is to practice until you can properly do it.

  • Sir good PM,

    I have a question. I found a rock which have a through hole sinking down at the soil sure face, the hole is looks like a spiral form. What does it mean? Please reply.

    • What’s important with a through-and-through hole is the spot where the other end of the hole is pointing at.

  • Sir, I need to explain about found holes 4 6 to 6 on a half Giant clam. How to know the spot of Yamashita treasure?

    • How about their arrangement? Or are they completely random?

  • Sir, how to break German cement easily? It is allowed to burn the spot hard rock or flat hard rock? And what best chemical using to destroyed hard rock cement?

    • Yes, you can use the traditional method of burning the concrete to create cracks which makes it easier to break. As for the chemical, simply go and ask from the black market. There are now many of these products that are available.

  • Sir can I ask you about this sign? X with a hole in the center of X. What is that mean?

    • It means that the item is hidden right on that same exact spot.

  • Sir Elmo, we found a big rock in the slope of the mountain. There is a hole above. When I view the rock looking at north, it forms a head of a frog and in the back side there is a form of a face of man looking north east down ward. What do you think the interpretation?

    When I saw a face, I follow what he look and I found a rock has a engrave writing in the top. When I look in down, I saw a 2 holes the same size and that two hole looking in the water path. Then I follow from that rock 5 meters, I found a sign. There is X with a diamond in right side. After the X is a heart sign with small arrow below. In 1 meter on that sign, in right side I found a rock form of heart seated in the soil.

    • I think the digging spot is somewhere near that heart sign which is after the X marker.

  • Hi Sir,

    Can you please help me with my situation? In our area, there is an old tree with one shallow depth hole, the hole is perfectly round. There is also a big space inside the hole. So I’m sure that hole is a man made. The location of the tree is in the river side and river is like in a y form. Is it possible that the treasure is under the old tree? I hope you can answer this Sir. Thank you in advance.

    • That depends on the location of the tree. If it is near the intersection of the old creek then yes, it is possible that it is under the old tree but if the tree is not near the intersection then it’s not.

  • Hello Sir,

    I have lot here in the Philippine in which I found turtle rock. The head facing to east, the turtle is one eye facing to east eye is in right side. So I check the surroundings and I found a big rock which has one hole have more 5 to 7 inches circle and has a depth of approx of 12 inches.

    Thank you of your kind reply to this matter and God Bless.

    • Continue studying the east portion of your site where the turtle’s head is facing it. You can also try to dig underneath that huge rock to check if there are buried markers which can confirm the digging spot.

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