Clear Deposit in Triangle of Trees or Rocks | Yamashita Sign

Clear deposit in triangle of trees or rock is a Yamashita treasure sign composing of a triangle with a dot at the center. The triangle is actually a representation of a “triangular formation” of a group of large trees or rocks. As for the dot in the middle, it denotes the hidden item.

The overall interpretation of this symbol means, “The treasure deposit is buried at the center of the trees or rocks forming a triangle”.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is the treasure deposit buried right under this sign?

The answer is “No”. As already stated above, the item is buried in the middle of rocks or trees in triangular formation.

Most amateur THs (treasure hunters) actually often dig under every signs that they encounter which is a “very common mistake”. Doing this is a complete waste of time, effort and energy. You have to know that the sign above is often engraved by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) a few distance away from the deposit site.

Does this sign tell what kind of deposit was buried?

Again, the answer is “No” but “if it is accompanied by some other signs” then they might tell something about the buried deposit.

What about the depth of the buried item?

This sign is only application on the “outside or surface environment” which unfortunately “does not tell anything about depth”. Anyway, once you started digging the correct spot, you will discover additional signs that can give estimate depth of the buried treasure.

How many deposits are buried around the site?

There is only one buried deposit which is indicated by the single dot inside the triangle sign. Thus, if it happens that there are several dots then it means that there are multiple hidden deposits. Unfortunately, there is only one.

Is it a good YMTS (Yamashita treasure sign)?

In my own personal opinion, the sign above is an “interestingly good” YMTS because it reveals the exact location of the hidden deposit. Considering that you encountered this sign, it gives you the hint to search for a group of trees or rocks forming a triangle. In most cases, they are composed of “three rocks or trees” situated apart but when connected together with an imaginary line, they form a triangle.

Once you found the group of trees or rocks being referred by the sign, locate the center portion and that will be the digging spot. Overall, it is a very good sign disclosing the exact location of the hidden treasure.

Moreover, I would suggest reading Treasures to one side of tree/rock and Deposit around the tree/rock because they are both relevant topics to this post.

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Francis Yap says:

      Hi Sir. We found three old trees. They are old (century) Star Apple trees planted in triangular formation. The distance between them is 4 x 5 x 5 meters apart from each other. When I used a compass at the middle of the formation, the 90 degree angle will hit the century Mango tree which is 10 meters away from the group of Star Apple trees.

      My question, is the deposit buried at the center of the Star Apple trees or near the Mango tree?


      There are several aspects that needs to be considered before we can say that the item is buried at the center of the Star Apple trees or near the Mango tree. The first aspect that I would like you to do is to observe for bent branches. Take note, it must be one of the main branches.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Hello Sir Elmo. I would appreciate your idea about the triangular trees in our property. The trees are more than 70 years old. The first tree is bent over facing a little creek with an old bamboo. Second tree has its perfect two big identical holes (shaped circle) facing at the middle of the three trees. The third tree has a pointer sign carved on it which is pointing to an old coconut tree. I am wondering where the possible hidden spot of the treasure. Thank you Sir Elmo and God bless.


      Basing on the details that you described here, there are three separate deposits around the area. The bended tree will be your best choice because the item is nearby. As for the other two old trees, the deposits are hidden a few distance away from them.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir during our digging, we found 4 rocks at 18 feet deep which were arranged in triangular position. One of them was a perfect ball shape and it was placed in the middle of the three rocks. We continued digging down to 22 feet and we uncovered perfectly cut stones shaped into triangles with dots at their center. Reaching 36 feet deep, we found a turtle (sleeping position).

      The backfilling method that we noticed consist of different types of hardened or cemented gravel/sand with full arranged fresh river stones. Intervals of each layers is about 4 feet thick. Anyway, based on the signs that we encountered, does it mean that we are near the item?


      Probably, you are already near the item due to the turtle sign that you encountered. But, I am a lot more interested about the ball shape stone that you found at a depth of 22 feet. Have you tried breaking it apart?

  • Anonymous says:
    • Joseph Ryan Ymalay says:

      Hi Sir, in my place there is an old coconut tree planted by Japanese soldiers. We saw an engraving of letter C and three dots ( C . . .) the dots was located under the letter C. What does it mean? thank you.

    • I can interpret that as "three separate deposits nearby".

  • Anonymous says:
    • Noah Miranda says:

      Hi Sir, me and my friends goes to treasure hunt near the sea in the Philippines here at Cebu. We see a 3 consecutive triangles inside the big hole and then we curios about that. Sir can you help us?

    • It has something to do with the corners inside that big hole.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Sir, I was confused with this clear deposit because we found an area where in there holes in three rocks one for each, and one is inside a little triangle. Holes depth is exactly 3 inches. There are shoe print, foot fingers prints and one of the rocks with a hole has a slanting heart at its side with a hole on its bottom. At distance of 90-95 meters from this area there old tree with heart, Well and bamboo seems formed a triangle and from that area 50-60 meters away there big trees and a rock shaped like a turtle with a left foot mark on its side.

      What do you think Sir? Are these authentic signs of treasure and how many deposits are there?

    • I think there are three. Each of those sites that you mentioned probably contain a deposit. Anyway, regarding about those shoe or foot print that you found, I suggest that you search the post and read the meaning of this symbol so as the turtle sign. As for the heart, it simply symbolizes "wealth" which is a confirmation sign that the site is positive.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir Elmo please help us to interpret our findings during our digging. I Sent the pictures on your facebook page Private messenger. This is Rus.

      Thank you Sir.

    • Sure, I will check it right after I am done with all pending comments on this blog.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Xelmex Kieyrtiniym says:

      Hello Sir Elmo, I am Elmer Zamora, please help me Sir Elmo. Regarding my site, the sign is triangle with dot 8 inches deep at the center by engrave on the big stone. In estimated 100 meters distance found the old Tugas tree forming triangle with big stone at the center. Beside the big stone, there was 7 meters deep hole.

      My question Sir Elmo is, how deep is the object buried object?

      Thanks and God bless.

    • Your question is too early to be asked. Your first priority should be to locate the correct digging spot. Once located, start digging then tell or describe to me any strange encounters or objects that you uncovered. Through them, I might be able to tell an estimate depth of the buried item.

  • Anonymous says:
    • I see a sign on the rock with a through-and-through hole. With an X mark on the top. What is the meaning of that sign? Please help us. Thank you.

    • I already have a post that answers your question. Please use the Search Form to find that topic.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sir. I just want to ask, about treasure placed inside a hardened stone or concrete? How can you break those concrete square thing? I usually read something like this but never mentioned how to break it.

      Please give us an advise.

    • We use special type of chemical such as Dexpan for breaking such tough concrete. However, access to these kinds of chemicals can be hard to acquire especially in the Philippines. Anyway, there are many other alternative to this product which can only be bought from the black market.

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