Coiled Snake Yamashita Treasure Marker

We have here an interesting marker which is an object that has a figure of a coiled snake.

This marker has been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter on his site where he dug it under the ground for a certain depth. So the main question here is, 

“Is this an authentic Yamashita treasure sign? If so then what does it mean?”

This actual photo taken by our fellow treasure hunter is a low resolution image so it is pretty unclear what it is made of. So it could either be made of a rock or concrete.

But what’s really important is the detail showing a coiled snake.

Now basing on the way this coiled snake marker has been designed, this is no doubt man-made. As you can see, there is so much clear detail that the snake even has an eye. Nature can never do this but not unless this is a fossilized snake.

Decoding the Meaning of a Coiled Snake

If you have been reading my previous blog posts then you may already know the meaning of a coiled snake as a Yamashita treasure sign.

For those who do not know, a coiled snake as a Yamashita treasure marker has a very interesting meaning. 

If you have seen an actual coiled snake, the reptile tends to be aggressive where it wants to stand on its ground. This usually happens when the snake is in its nests trying to protect its eggs. This characteristic of snakes has something to do with the meaning of a coiled snake marker.

The meaning of a coiled snake marker is that it indicates that the item or treasure deposit is directly buried underneath it. This is the reason why I previously stated above that such markers are good and interesting treasure signs.

However, there is an additional meaning attached to a coiled snake marker that every treasure hunter needs to know. It also gives an early warning sign that there is a trap that could be encountered as you attempt to dig underneath it.

A snake as a warning sign does often involve a poison trap. Thus, you should expect a trap which could either be in the form of “gas” or “chemical”.

Digging Underneath a Coiled Snake Marker

I already have several experiences with the coiled snake markers. And through all these experiences, I can say that there is a huge chance that the item is buried right underneath them.

Some of the coiled snake treasure signs that I encountered were in the form of engraved markers. However, engraved or not they still do offer similar meaning.

The only difference that I noticed is when the coiled snake marker has an open or close mouth. In all of the coiled snake marker with open mouths that I encountered, the poison trap that we came across were in the form of gas. While for the coiled snake markers with closed mouths, we came across poison traps that were in the form of chemicals

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