In this post, we are going to discuss a tunnel that has been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community. And the most interesting part about it is that he encountered piled concrete inside which I believe is the concrete vault protecting the item on the opposite side.

So the questions here are,

“How can we be sure that the treasure deposit is hidden behind these piled concrete?”


“What are the meaning of the other markers that our fellow treasure hunter discovered on his site beside the piled concrete inside the tunnel?”

Let’s start on this first photo in which we can see large pieces of concrete which according to our fellow treasure hunter, he took them out from the tunnel. We can also notice that one piece of the concrete has a design similar to a turtle’s shell.

In this image, we can see a broken piece of concrete held by our fellow treasure with his own hand. Another piece of concrete which according to him, he took out from the tunnel. Based on how I see it, I can tell that it is no doubt concrete.

What we are seeing here is the actual photo of the tunnel entrance. As we can see, the entrance is under this large strangely shaped rock. For those who are new and still do not know, the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers often used common but strange objects around our surroundings as their treasure markers like this large rock with weird shapes. If we are going to carefully observe its shape, it is like a resting turtle.

In this image is another old rock. I carefully studied this old rock but I could not find any legit or man-made marker on its surface. The large and deep engraved line based on my analysis is made by nature. Thus, we are going to skip on this one.

Here is another photo of the concrete that came from the tunnel. We can notice that it is made out of pure concrete without any mixture of sand and gravel. This is what explains why it is hard to break.

What we are seeing here is another strange rock marker. If we are going to observe it closely, we will notice that it is like the head of an animal, particularly a reptile. It has very detailed eyes and a mouth.

When it comes to this kind of marker, the direction of the eyes holds the key into the location of the hidden or buried Yamashita treasure. So if this rock is facing and staring into the tunnel entrance then this confirms that the item is hidden inside the tunnel. But if it is looking at a different location then it is definitely referring to another separate treasure deposit.

Overall, my analysis of all the photos provided by our fellow treasure hunter here is that the large treasure deposit is hidden inside the tunnel. In most of my previous operations regarding tunnels, when we came across the treasure vault or the concrete obstacle, I admit that it can be pretty hard to break and pass through it. But after a lot of patience and never giving-up, we managed to uncover the items behind.

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