Correct Way to Break the Seal of a Chamber

In the previous post, we discussed the “chambers” which are often large spacious rooms under the ground built by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers to hide their treasure loot.

But the question here by many is, “How can we correctly break the seal of the chamber?”

If you have not yet read our previous discussion about the chambers, then I suggest that you should read it first before this post. It’s because we covered in the previous post everything you need to know about chambers. But if you have already read the post then you may continue reading.

The most common problem by many treasure hunters when it comes to chambers are the “seal” or the obstacles that block the entrance. These blockages are actually very hard to break or cleared-off to gain entry inside the chamber.

The main reason why it is pretty hard to open the chamber is due to the volume of the treasure deposit stored inside. You have to know that when the item is hidden inside the chamber, it is very common that the deposit is a large volume category. Thus, the Japanese soldiers had put a lot of their effort into this chamber so that the precious items inside won’t be easily recovered by anyone.

In fact, I already came across a lot of treasure hunters who surrendered and left the chambers that they discovered under the ground. Many of them stopped their operation simply because they cannot break the seal to gain entry into the chamber. While the others claim that their tools were simply sliding off the surface of the concrete seal every time they attempted to break it. So if they are going to continue breaking the seal in this kind of manner, it will surely take them a lot of time.

If not the tool, they end up having not enough budget to continue their operation.

On the other hand, some treasure hunters that I came to know who had sufficient budget to sustain their needs which allowed them to continue their operation for several years. So in the end, they managed to break the seal open and gained entry into the chamber to recover the treasure deposit.

Seal Breaking Products

In the past, the only tools we had in breaking hard objects were those traditional hand-held manual tools. If these are the type of tools that we still use today in breaking the seals, it is no doubt that it will take us a very long period of time.

The good thing now is that we have a lot of commercial products available today that are effective in breaking hard objects. I already made a post about these kinds of products promoting a few of them that we use in our operations.

The Correct Portion to Break the Seal of a Chamber

Breaking the seal of a chamber actually has danger involved. So if you did it the wrong way, the tunnel will collapse. You need to know that the seal or blockage of the chamber serves as a support of the tunnel.

If you really want to break and get rid of the entire blockage then you have to put a lot of support into the passage. Make sure that these supports can really hold and prevent the tunnel from collapsing.

However, putting supports can only be effectively done by experienced treasure hunters who have already done a lot of digging or tunneling. So if you are just a newbie and this is the very first time that you are going to do it then there is a huge chance that you will do this the wrong way. And this could put both you and your team in danger.

So for those who do not know what to do, I suggest breaking this bottom portion of the seal. We are going to create a hole at this portion good enough for one person to crouch and move inside. Since the seal really did not sustain much damage this way, it still provide and maintain its support.

Why can’t we break an opening here at the right or left side of the seal? Or here at the top portion?

If we made holes at these portions of the seal, there is a possibility that these portions could collapse. And if this happens while you are trying to go through the hole, just imagine yourself getting caught in the middle.

Thus, the safest portion is the create your hole at the bottom portion of the seal.

If you manage to gain entry inside the chamber, the treasure deposit is commonly encountered right inside the room. If the items are gold bars, they may be stored inside boxes or containers.

But if you entered the chamber but you could not see any objects around, it is possible that the items are buried underneath. 

We already have an experience where we discovered and entered an empty chamber. The only object we found was a seated Buddha. But what we did was that we dug underneath it. And underneath, we managed to uncover the treasure deposits.  

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