In the previous post, we have covered the meaning of different Yamashita treasure cross signs or markers specifically on how to interpret the directions that they are trying to point at. So on this next post about cross markers, we are going to cover cross signs that give hints about both directions and distances of the hidden treasure deposit.

There are actually several cross signs that provide clues about specific distances of the certain hidden item. But in this post, we won’t be able to cover them all. So we are only going to discuss those that are commonly encountered around. Some of these cross signs that I also added are commonly asked by some amateur treasure hunters where they found them on their actual sites.

Cross Sign with 40 ft Distance

Okay, so let’s start with the very first sign which is shown on this illustration above. As you can see on the image, there is an additional symbol at the longest line or main pointer of the cross sign. This symbol consists of four small lines.

In the previous post about the meaning of a cross sign, we have already discussed that the longest line of the cross is the one that is pointing into the direction of the main treasure deposit. 

Now, the added symbol is composed of three vertical lines that are slightly tilted on the right while one of the lines is horizontally underneath them. This horizontal line is actually what indicates that the symbol is referring to a far specific distance. Starting from the cross sign towards the hidden location of the item, the distance is 40 ft.

This next illustration of a cross sign above is another marker indicating a 40 ft distance. But unlike the previous one, this sign has only three lines. Try to take a closer look and you will notice that the first two lines are shorter than the third line. This third or longer line is what indicates that these lines are referring to a distance of 40 ft.

Cross Sign with 30 ft Distance

This cross sign is pretty closely similar to the very first sign that we have discussed above. The only most obvious difference is that it only consists of three lines while the other one above have four. As you can see, one of the lines is at horizontal direction which again specify that these lines are referring to distance which is 30 ft.

Here is another different version of a cross sign indicating a 30 ft distance. As shown on this illustration, the added symbol consisted of two vertical lines. Although, one of the lines is longer that the other which again confirms that these lines are referring to distance which is 30 ft.

Cross Sign with 20 ft Distance

In this illustration, we have here a cross sign that simply consists of two lines. These two lines are referring to a 20 ft distance. Each line has a value of 10 ft. Since there are two, it’s 20 ft. But, there are also cases that there is only one line which refers to a 10 ft distance.

Cross Sign with 60 ft Distance

Here is one among the interesting cross signs that I encountered before. It pertains to a far distance of 60 ft. As you can see in this illustration, the added symbol has an arrowhead and it is pointing into similar direction being pointed by the cross sign. This means that they are trying to refer a far distance which is 60 ft.

If we are going to analyze further the added symbol, you will notice that there is a small line at the upper left end of the arrowhead. This actually marks the starting point. Now, on the opposite side are two other small lines which represent the 60 ft distance. Each of these lines is composed of 30 ft but since there are two of them, it gives a total of 60 ft.

Cross Sign with 150 ft Distance

This is the cross sign that pertains to the longest possible distance that I share on this post. It actually indicates a total of 150 ft distance. I have not really encountered this type of sign yet in any of my past previous experiences. However, one of my fellow treasure hunters did so I added it here on this post.

A Cross with a Dot or Hole at its Upper Right Corner

What do you think about this cross sign which has a dot or hole on its upper right corner? Going back to the past topics that we have already covered, when it comes to dots or holes, they are more commonly interpreted as a representation of the hidden treasure deposit. Thus, the hidden item is buried at the upper right portion of the site itself.

So what is the distance from the cross marker to the hidden item? As shown in this illustration, the distance has an estimate of 5 to 10 ft. Your follow up question is maybe, “At what exact line of direction?”

What you have to do is to connect the dot or hole into the center of the cross marker then extend it to a distance of 5 to 10 ft. As shown in this illustration, the red line is what illustrates this line of direction. But in an actual operation, we often use a long straight stick or wire.

Your follow up question is maybe, “Why is the distance an estimate of 5 to 10 ft?”

The answer to this question actually depends on the size of the object where the cross sign or marker has been engraved. If it is engraved on a large object, you should consider the 10 ft distance while 5 ft distance for the small size object.

Let’s say for example that you found the cross sign engraved on a large old rock. Since the old rock is a large object, the distance that you need to follow is 10 ft. On the other hand, if the old rock is not that too huge then follow the 5 ft distance.

Moreover, cross signs can actually be quite complicated to interpret. So if you happen to encounter a certain cross sign that is yet to be discussed then feel free to ask their meaning on the Comment Form below.

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