Cyanide | Most Dangerous Japanese Treasure Poison Trap

According to all medical research, cyanides are quite deadly or lethal type of poison that can immediately take effect against a contaminated victim. It actually comes in many different forms but the most common type used by the Japanese Imperial Army in World War 2 as poison trap was the infamous “glass-encased cyanide capsules”.

These cyanide capsules contains two separate chambers. One of the chambers contains a chemical component called, “Sulphuric Acid” while the other chamber contains a cyanide powder (“Potassium” or “Sodium”). If it happens that a digger accidentally broke the glass, the two components will mix together which produces a colorless fume known as “Hydrogen Cyanide Gas” (HCN). When inhaled, the smell is like a “bitter almond”.

Another common method used by the Japanese Imperial Army for their poison traps was that, they mixed powder type of cyanide on the final layer of soil that they used to cover their buried treasures. Aside from the soil, they also mixed it with asphalts or tar.

Signs and Symptoms of Cyanide Poisoning

The most common symptom that can be immediately observed with cyanide poisoning is “difficulty in breathing” like being suffocated. It is because this type of poison targets the cells of the human body responsible in utilizing the oxygen.

Here are more signs and symptoms of cyanide poisoning:

1. Weakening

Once a victim is poisoned by a cyanide, his body will tend to become completely weak. As a result, he will experience confusion, excessive sleepiness, coma, shortness of breath, headache and dizziness.

2. Sudden Collapse

When cyanide is ingested, the effect of the poison can be immediate that the victim will suddenly collapse. It specifically affect the heart and the brain which causes either seizure or coma.

3. Pink or Cherry Red Skin Color

The color of the skin of a cyanide-poisoned individual can be pink or cherry-red it’s because the oxygen are being trapped in the blood unable to get into the cells.

4. Fast Breathing but Slow Heartbeat

A victim may breathe pretty fast but his heartbeat can be very slow.

5. Depression

A person who is aware that he or she has been contaminated with cyanide-poisoning will often result into suicide attempts.

Treasure Hunters and Cyanide Poisoning

As a treasure hunter, it is expected that you are already aware about the risks involve when attempting to recover the Yamashita treasures. The Japanese Imperial Army in WW2 genuinely hid most of their treasures consisting of deadly traps that only clever and experienced treasure hunters can safely recover.

Unfortunately, if a poison gas trap is triggered especially several feet deep from the ground, the diggers have “very low chances of survival” unless they are wearing their gas mask. You have to know that it is also impossible to escape because the effect of the poison gas is almost instant. So if the diggers got poisoned, it may take time for the rescuers to retrieve them out from the surface. But before they do, the diggers are most likely dead.

Moreover, cyanide gas can kill a human victim if inhaled directly into the lungs. At some distance, the presence of the deadly gas can be noticed which smells like a “rotten egg”. This should serve as an early warning for treasure hunters to stop their diggings and vacate the area. Or, wear proper equipment particularly their gas masks before they proceed on their excavation.

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Hi Sir! I just want to ask how to eliminate a cyanide gas inside a hole that we dug which is now 48 meters deep. We already placed a blower with piping for the gas exhaustion out from the surface. Before we reached the 48 meters deep, we encountered water at a depth of 20 meters but we were able to continue by manually taking out the water until we decided to stop. When we came back for some time, the water no longer accumulate on the bottom. It is like there is a big hole under. However, the presence of the gas remains the issue. Please help us find a way on how to eliminate it. Thank you.


      Continue with the blower method but if the gas still persist then the diggers must wear their gas mask.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Good day Sir Elmo, this is Marivic from Cebu. We reached about 130 feet and we finally uncovered the concrete vault measuring 2 x 3 x 6. The vault is very hard that even a jack hammer cannot penetrate. Gladly, the digger managed to create a hole on its upper portion but a white smoke suddenly came out. He said that it made him feel dizzy.

      Sir, does this vault contain the treasure? How can we get rid of the white smoke? Please help me and thank you.


      Yes it is possible that it contain the treasure or it can also be just a blockage. As for the poisonous gas, just leave it there for several days since your digger managed to create a hole on it. But if the gas still persist then use gas mask.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Maridy Thearese says:

      You can ask or call for help and use highly classified device to detect special metals like gold. 09071671201

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good Day Sir Elmo,

      Please teach us how to cure cyanide contaminated soil.

      Thank you.


  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:


      May I ask about poisons used by the JIA, its something like a Green mud/soil and very fragrance it can dissolve plastic and human skin. What is the best way to handle this poison or to neutralized its effect.


  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      I have to ask the question. If anyone wanted to use cyanide to prevent treasure recovery like the Spanish how did they neutralize it effects on there recovery procedures? Thanks.

    • If we are talking about Yamashita treasure, just don't break those strange bottles containing powders or liquids. But if the cyanide gas is already present or contained inside the chamber where the treasure is stored, then use a blower. Blow the gas out until it replaces the gas into breathable air.

  • Anonymous says:
    • HotDrixz™ says:

      Is gas mask enough or does it still need a suit?

    • Just the mask.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good day Sir,

      Can you help us interpret the round metal that we recovered 3 ft under. The form is like first two legs are circle in form and remaining legs is bend in horizontal form and the other they bend vertically around 2 inches then they twist it 7 times. The other two legs is bent like a shape of a bell. I was worried because the 2 legs like a form of a bell, there is a small wire tied but no connection to a certain object as I observe.

      What is the profound meaning of this sign that we found? Your reply Sir is highly appreciated. Thank you.

    • 3 ft is a shallow depth where I suggest digging a little bit more. There could be some additional signs just underneath it. You have to know that the more signs that you can gather, the better and more accurate I can interpret the meaning.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Glennux Laguna says:

      Hi Sir Elmo, how to eliminate the water that is itchy?

    • Flash it with fresh water by using water pump.

  • Hi Sir,

    At around 2 feet, we found 3 stone 1 is a perfect sphere the other is not perfect sphere and a cylinder stone with both sides having a bulging dot in the middle. Around 4 feet, we found 8-12 bottles forming circle like sun rays without a circle and in the middle, a slant wood about 1 foot long with a hole in the center like a pipe. We dig another foot and it starts itching, we are waiting for the itchy stuff to pass to start digging again.

    Sir we don't know how to read signs and symbols can you share us yours please. In our 47 hectare lot we still have many signs we don't know. If we find something, we will contact you shortly.

    • Nice project that you are currently working on. Keep it up. As for the signs on your property, you can take photos of them then send it to my via PM on my FaceBook Page account so that I can help you interpret it.

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