In this post, we are going to cover a rock marker that bears a shape that is similar to the letter “D” symbol. And another rock marker where there is an engraved “arrowhead” with a line on its right side. Both rock markers have been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

So his questions are,

“How are we going to interpret these two rock markers?”


“How can we locate the exact digging spot where the item is buried?”

According to our fellow treasure hunter, his site where he settled his own house used to be an old creek. They had diverted the direction of this old creek in order for him to build his house.

Aside from this old creek, the history of this site during the Japanese Imperial Army occupation, they settled a camp 500 meters away from this old creek. We all know that when there is history involved where the Japanese Imperial soldiers stayed or passed a certain place, there is a huge chance that they buried a Yamashita treasure.

Based on my own personal experiences as a treasure hunter, it is not common for the Japanese Imperial soldiers to bury their treasures where they settled down in their camps. They preferred to hide and bury them distances away from their camp site such as the site here by our fellow treasure hunter.

When it comes to old creeks, these are common places where the Japanese Imperial soldiers often hid their Yamashita treasures. We have already covered a topic about old creek in my previous post where we discussed the possible portions where you should put your attention in exploring and searching for markers. Thus, in case you haven’t read it yet then I suggest that you should read it perhaps after you are done with this one.

Now, we have here an actual photo taken and sent to us by our fellow treasure hunter to analyze and interpret. At this angle, the rock bears the shape of a rectangle. You may think that there must be something valuable stored inside but it is best that we should take a look at its other angle.

At this angle, we can clearly see the entire shape of this rock marker. It is very noticeable that it bears a shape that is similar to the letter D.

My interpretation of this rock marker is that it indicates a downward direction.

Since this rock marker is connected to the old creek, the downward direction is actually referring to the lower portion of the old creek. As shown in the illustration above, the lower portion indicated by the red box is where we should put our main focus on our search for the next or succeeding marker.

The main reason why we should put our focus at the lower portion of the old creek is due to the hole at the center of this rock marker. This hole actually indicates both the location and buried spot of the item. So the overall meaning of this rock marker is that the treasure deposit is buried or hidden at the lower portion of the old creek.

Aside from the D shaped rock marker, we have here another photo of the second rock marker that has been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in the same area. If we are going to look closely, it has an engraved arrowhead that is pointing in an upward direction.

On its side, there is a short engraved vertical line.

This type of treasure sign is actually very familiar to some of you that you may interpret it with a meaning indicating a certain hole or tunnel. This would be the case if the arrowhead is pointing at a downward direction but in this case, it is not.

Thus, my own interpretation into this particular engraved marker is that it has something to do with the other D shaped rock marker. It basically provides more clarity where we have to search the right side portion of the old creek.

This engraved arrowhead is referring to the direction indicated by the D shaped rock marker. As for the engraved line, this is what fully confirms that we should stick to our search at the right side portion of the old creek.

Again, in this illustration that we have here, at the lower portion of the old creek is where we need to put more of our attention in exploring and searching for the next treasure marker. And just like what I previously stated, this next treasure sign will also be the final marker that will most likely tell us the treasure deposit spot or the digging spot.

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