We have been discussing a lot lately about the different meanings of the Yamashita cross signs. And, we have been covering their meanings that pertains about the locations, distances, and directions of the hidden treasure deposits. However, cross signs aren’t just all about clues to the whereabouts of the hidden items. There are also some cross signs that tell or warn about the presence of dangers.

So what are they then?

Identical Cross Signs

What we have here is an identical symbol of crosses, one on the left and the other on the right. Take note, both of them must have exact same measurements or size.

Now, if you happen to discover this type of particular sign on your diggings, you should immediately start taking caution. It’s because this sign is giving you a warning about the presence of a booby trap. In most cases, this danger sign is often encountered several ft ahead before the setup trap.

Here is another danger sign with the cross symbol. It also has the same exact meaning as the one above.

Three Identical Crosses Inside a Box

The above image is another danger sign which is composed of three identical crosses and they are fitted inside a rectangular box. The rectangular box is what represents the treasure deposit which we have already covered in the past previous post. As for the three crosses inside it, they are what gives the warning about the dangerous trap.

Assuming that you have encountered this sign, and you happen to uncovered the container of the treasure deposit, then it is important that you need to be careful. It’s because being careless particularly in handling the container or attempting to move it can cause the trap to be triggered.

Cross with Some Sort of Rectangular Box

You can see on the image above that the cross is on top of some sort of rectangular box with a dot at its center. Anyway, it is a danger sign where it is giving you a warning about presence of a trap right at the entrance or opening where the treasure deposit is currently hidden. Based on my personal experiences, this danger sign is more often used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers on site locations with tunnels.

Cross with Three Curves

Among all the other danger signs that we covered in this post, this sign is the one that you need to be aware about. As you can clearly see in the illustration above, notice that there are three curves on both sizes of the cross and one on its top. Only the bottom part has none.

Anyway, the meaning of this danger sign is that there is a trap setup near the treasure deposit and it is a serious one.

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