Majority of Filipino THs (treasure hunters) are digging the hidden Japanese treasures in the wrong way. As a result, they end up triggering the deadly trap which unfortunately take their precious lives. This is the risk and danger of hunting the Yamashita treasure in the Philippines especially those with very little experience and knowledge on this activity.

As one of the examples, there was a reported incident in the past about a group of three THs who died in Laguna.

According to the police report, two brothers namely “Apolinario S. Samiano” (25 year-old, married and a tricycle driver) and “Bonifacio S. Samiano” (28 year-old, married and a construction worker) started digging for several months at a certain area in Barangay Timbao. Then suddenly, the two THs never came out from the hole that they dug. Due to the report, they inhaled some kind of toxic fumes.

Worried if they were still alive, their friend “Percival Delgado” (42 year-old, single and a construction worker) attempted to save them. He tried to use a rope to go down from the 30 feet deep hole. Rushing himself to rescue his two friends, he didn’t know that the rope was simply tied into the water pump. As a result, Delgado fell down along with the water pump that hurled down and crashed into his head. The impact killed him instantly.

Further police investigations claims that they are still trying to determine what really caused the death of the other two victims.

The Japanese Treasure Warning Codes

All beginners should consider familiarizing themselves with the Japanese treasure warning signs. It could save your precious lives and reap your efforts if it happens that you are able to recover the hidden deposits.

Here are the following compiled list of danger signs from my references:


Danger means that you are about to encounter the trap that lies ahead. They are an early warning sign that requires some “thinking or analysis” before you intend to proceed with caution. The problem about danger signs is that, they don’t give a hint about what kind of trap has been setup.

Check here for more Danger Signs

I am pretty sure that everyone is already familiar about b-o-m-b-s. They are devices that when triggered, it will cause a sudden and powerful explosion around its surroundings. Setup b-o-m-b traps are now considered as “vintage b-o-m-b-s” but you have to know that they are still functional. The Japanese Imperial Army actually used “Cosmoline” which is an anti-corrosive thick grease that prevents the traps against rusts.

Check here for more Booby Trap Signs


It is no doubt that the two THs discussed above that got killed was caused by a poisonous gas. You have to know that poisons can either have an “instant” or “later” effect upon inhaling it into your lungs.

Check here for more Poison Trap Signs


An explosive sign indicate the presence of a b-omb trap nearby.

Check here for more Explosive Signs


Check here for more other danger related signs.

Moreover, when you found a Japanese Yamashita treasure sign, you need to study it carefully. It’s because there are several signs that are almost exactly the same as the others. And, they have different meanings. So if it happens that you misinterpreted a warning sign, your diggers are digging down their own graves.

29 Comments to “Dangerous Japanese Treasure Warning Signs”

    • Good afternoon Sir. Can you help us interpret the meaning of a pin of flower type bomb? At the side is an engraved symbol similar to number ”9”. There are also pieces wood charcoals, broken plates and bottles. We encountered them all at a depth of 3ft. Thank you.


      I do not really know what you mean by a ”pin of flower type bomb” but what I am sure about is that it is a warning sign involving dangerous trap setup ahead. Thus, you should proceed with extreme caution. The symbol that look like number 9 in relation to danger sign mean, ”do not disturb”. As for the scattered broken pieces of materials around, it means that you are on the correct digging spot.

    • Hi Sir! Is it possible that there is a bomb even in an area that is full of water? Our site is actually near the sea. Thank you.


      Chances are low but there is a high possibility of encountering water traps.

    • Hi! If we encountered a skull poison sign, what's the best thing that we should do?

    • Wear gas mask as you attempt to proceed. You may also want to use a blower if you are starting to smell strange scent.

    • Hi Sir, may I ask you some question regarding the early warning sign? I noticed that there is a sign of rock forming bottles, what is it?

    • I think those rocks are not danger sign, it is actually a type of sign that "indicating" of possible hidden treasure around the area.

    • Hi Sir good day. I encountered a skeleton bone above 4ft. What is the meaning Sir?


    • Good evening Sir. We are new in this activities and read some column. We are digging now on a sign of turtle stone 3 layer in 1, no tail and head pointing down. We dig in 3ft, we found stone form of boots shoe. In 6ft, we found stone purple slice with line 3. This site is island. And the history have a treasure proven already.

      We are digging open and make bigger so that easy to move. What is the meaning of boots shoe? Can you explain it?

      Your new reader Perla. I hope Sir you reply. Thanks.

    • Hi, I would like to ask what it means when there is a danger sign on our site. Does it mean that there is a big possibility that a treasure hidden in it?


    • Sir, what about vile with gray powder inside? What can we do to prevent being poisoned? Also, the wire is it safe to just cut it?

      Thank you.

    • Hi Sir, we are currently digging in our area and now experiencing changes of color in water, the water became color blue, green and yellow like a rainbow color arrangement. Is there any chemicals to be used to neutralize the poisons inside our diggings?

    • Hi Sir.

      Is it possible that the rock of water falls feet will be the sign of treasure?

    • Good day Sir Elmo,

      What is the meaning of a triangular positioned tree of 2 acacia and 1 mango tree. They are all century old tree.

      We dug the area of the acacia tree which has a bent main branch. At 4 meters, we recover a 4 meter log post upright position. As we go down the layers of the soil, color are black, gray and yellow- orange until 8 meters. There are also leaves in the black soil.

      We found another log post in 8 meter, beside it is a big branch of a tree lying position representing letter Y. At the center of the Y is intentionally made letter C. Beside these Y is a piled boulders of clay representing a cone.

      We will wait for your reply Sir Elmo. Tnx

    • Hello Sir, what will we do after digging six ft? We saw a wire color blue only – one only. what will we do?

    • That blue line can be a guide towards the location of the hidden item so my best guess is to follow it. However, you need to take extra carefulness as you dig because it might also be leading you into a trap.

  • Hi Sir Elmo,

    I would like to ask what is the meaning of grease that we encounter in our site 8 feet below the dome?

    • Try to determine if the grease is not natural. If its not then it is a marker which is more of a guide that can lead you into the hidden deposit.

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