One of you guys had asked me if a certain engraved Yamashita treasure sign must be engraved deeply before it can be considered a legit marker. This made me realize that this topic needs to be thoroughly discussed because it’s important especially to the amateurs.

The JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers had indeed engraved their markings deeply on surfaces of various hard objects particularly on surfaces of large rocks and concrete. They were able to do it through the use of their special chemical to dissolve and sketch the symbols of their treasure signs with so much ease.

Through the use of this chemical, they were able to engrave beautiful signs that can only be made through the hands of a person or the Japanese soldiers.

So does it mean that every legit marker needs to be engraved deep to be considered as legit?

My answer to this question is “No”. But for those treasure hunters who started hunting for the hidden Yamashita treasures right after the Second World War like Roger Rogelio Roxas, the answer is “Yes”. This was due to the reason that all the engraved markers left behind by the JIA were still fresh and too obvious to be noticed during that period of time.

But when it comes to our current or present time, many years have already passed where our environment has gone through a lot of changes.

You have to know that even a certain deeply engraved marker onto a surface of a rock, it will somehow become shallow throughout the years that pass. Rocks actually tend to naturally degrade where they reduce in size. So as time goes by, their surface portion will degrade or reduce which affects the engraved marker to become shallow.

With all the years that passed starting from the time that the JIA soldiers had engraved those markers to now, you should expect that most markers won’t be deeply engraved.

Another reason why most engraved markers are now shallowly engraved is due to the type of plant called “moss”. These are small green plants that inhabit surfaces of rocks. With this type of plant covering the entire surface of a rock, it can make the rock degrade more quickly. So if you happen to have a rock on your site with a suspected engraved marker on it, it is very important that you need to carefully clean it to avoid damaging the sign.

Overall, a certain engraved marker does not need to be engraved deeply before it can be considered as a legit type of marker.   

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