The JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) in WW2 (World War II) hid the majority of their war-loot treasures on places consisting of larges rocks and trees. They choose such locations because they actually used these surrounding objects as treasure signs.

When it comes to large rocks, they will either marked them with engrave signs or moved them on some certain locations. Moving large boulders of rocks were possible for them due to the number of their slaves. As for the trees, they will also either marked them with signs or plant them on some certain locations.

On this discussion, let us focus about “moving the rocks” and “planting trees” to some certain locations as Yamashita treasure signs.

One of the things that bothers me when it comes to JIA treasure signs is that, “they love to use triangles” as their basis. So when it comes to large rocks, the JIA often arranged them in “triangular formation”. This formation often consist of three huge rocks situated on three different spots that when “imaginary connected” together, they form a triangle. They also did the same to the trees but by planting them.

So if it happens that you noticed on your prospective site a strange arrangement of rocks or trees as describe above, it could be a JIA treasure sign. But in order to confirm, THs (treasure hunters) must explore the area for any other possible signs especially “markings”.

Here are some of the following JIA treasures signs relating to hidden treasure deposits within triangular formations of rocks or trees:

Encountering a similar treasure sign illustrated below means that “the object is hidden within or inside the group of rocks or trees” with triangular formation. As you can see, the triangle consist of a dot in the middle. This clearly emphasize that the object is hidden in the “center portion” of the surrounding rocks/trees.

This next triangle sign has the same exact meaning explained above. Although, the symbol consists of two triangles with a “plus sign” (+) and a “dot” on top of it. The two triangles actually signifies the “surrounding trees or rocks” while the plus sign means “at the center” and the dot representing the “hidden item”. In short, the treasure is hidden in the middle of the trees or rocks.

Unlike the other two previous signs above, the interpretation of this third triangle sign is “deposit around the triangle of trees”. Thus, it means that the buried spot of the item can be anywhere within the surrounding area of the trees. However, you will notice on the sign that it consist of a “short tail” on top of it. This is a clue which means that the object is hidden “nearby a bended tree”.

Encountering just a plain triangle sign indicate that the “object is hidden in one among the corner of the trees or rocks”.

This triangular sign is almost similar to the first sign introduced above. But the slight difference is that, the dot is “near one of the corner” of the triangle. This means that the object is hidden near one of the corner of the trees or rocks.

On this sign, it is composed of “three dots” inside the triangle. This actually means that there are three separate deposits hidden within the “inside area” of the trees or rocks with triangular formation. It specifically means that the object is buried right at the corners of each trees or rocks.

This is another triangle sign indicating that there are three separate deposits but they are buried “outside” the corners of the trees or rocks.

And finally, this triangle sign also indicate that there are three separate deposits hidden “in-between” each of the trees or rocks.

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    • What is the meaning of two vertical lines that are perfectly parallel to each other at the opposite sides of a rock? I posted an illustration from your FaceBook page. The blue broken lines indicates that the East and West lines are parallel/aligned. At the west portion, there is also a symbol which look like 7 which is along with the vertical line.


      Already responded in FaceBook.

    • Hi guys, is there anyone that can help me about the meaning of a treasure sign that I found. I will be sending some photos please help me.

      • You can describe the sign that you found and I will try to help interpret their meanings.

    • We found a huge rock at the middle of the river consisting of a square (2 in x 2 in) sign engraved on its side facing to the West. Where is the possible location of the treasure? We tried to explore for more signs but we did not encountered any in the vicinity. I need your analysis. Thanks.


      Since there are no other signs around except for that engrave square symbol, the item is possibly hidden inside the rock itself. You have to know that square sign also refer to the “container” of the item. So in my own opinion, the rock is the container.

    • Can I ask about a hard rock with yellowish color and surface similar to a marble tiles if it contain a treasure?


      It is hard for me to confirm. If there are only engrave markings on it them I may be able to tell. Anyway, the rock is strange to be well polished like marble tiles so it mean something. And the only possible way to answer your question is to break it.

    • Sir Elmo good day to you. I sent you a photo of a rock with triangle shape which has four dots on it. Please help me interpret what it means. Thanks a lot.


      I will first check the photo that you sent.

    • What is the meaning of a triangle shape or pyramid shape rock? Many thanks Mr. Elmo!


      It has several different meanings but basically, it has something to do with the “corners”. Anyway, I suggest looking for additional signs around which can help clarify what it specifically mean.

    • Hi Sir Elmo. My grandfather found three big rocks that were positioned in triangular formation. Due to their curiosity, they pulled one of the rock and luckily they found a sign which was similar to the letter D. Under the rock, they also found a bone and arrows. However, they did not dig it because they were old enough to do the work. So my grandfather called a treasure hunter who used his metal detector. Then suddenly, he offered to buy my grandfather’s property. Gladly, my grandfather did not agreed.

      What should I do Sir Elmo? I need you advice. Thank you.


      My best advice is to go to the site then examine the signs yourself. Then, describe the signs in a more accurate details so that I can help you out with the interpretation. You may also want to take photos of them then share them to me for a much better illustration.

    • I talked again to the grandfather and he said that they cleaned the bushes from the three rocks that they found. On them, they found many other signs like animals, arrows and etc… They cannot remember them all.

      They tried digging one of the spot where they encountered a big flat rock with an engraved D symbol under it along with some bones. As they continued, they panicked when they suddenly discovered a bomb sign. So they immediately covered it back again.

      Sir Elmo, what should we do? Thank you and I will wait for your response.


      The signs are important to me to help you out. They are the key in determining the location of the hidden item. So, I suggest that you need to gather all possible remaining signs on the site so as what your grandfather can remember. Then, describe them all in details including their distances from one another.

    • Hey! I am Darren. I am really amazed by the signs that I found beside the El Nido River. It is an X mark with a hole at the right side. The area is actually full of many signs and codes around. Although, I am not a treasure hunter. There are signs carved on the surfaces of big rocks and old trees.


      It is an interesting site and it seems that the area contains multiple deposits. So in order to pinpoint their locations, we need to interpret those signs. I suggest taking photos of those signs or hand draw them for a better illustration then send it into my FaceBook page.

    • Good day Sir. I want to ask about a four pieces of stainless rods planted inside the trunk of an old tree. What does it mean? Thank you.


      I wanted to know if these four pieces of stainless rods are bended or not. It would be much even better if you can just take an actual photo then send it into my FaceBook page.

    • Hi Sir Elmo. In our project, we found three white rocks that are arranged in a triangle formation. But when we lift those rocks above, they became ashes. What does it mean?


      It is strange that they turned into ashes. My guess is that, they are probably not rocks but some kind of soft clay.

    • Hi Sir Elmo, I have found big stone have sign M O J in creek. What does it mean Sir, please reply.

    • Aside from that sign, I need you to describe the creek and which part of the creek did you discover that marking.

    • Hi Sir good day to you! Sir I would like to ask about sign X with a dot on its left side. Now how can I find the item Sir because we don't have a gold scanner. Please help me Sir to find this item.

    • If there are no any other signs along with it then it means that right on that spot, specifically on the left side is the spot that you need to dig. Anyway, I already have a long detailed discussion about the X sign so I suggest that you read it as well.

    • Good day Sir,

      The position of the X when you read this message in the left side of the X, they have a dots on his left side center of the X. And this sign sir is engraved in large old stone or rock. Aside for that the one big stone are connected to other one big stone. And the sign X on the top of the big stone connected like a triangle, but the have a holes or small stone alone two big stone connected.

      Please help me Sir. Thank you very much.

    • I think it is best that you send me an illustration. You can send it into my FaceBook page.

    • Good evening, Sir.

      My cousins are trying to dig a treasure. They are now on a watery layer. Suddenly, one of my cousin experienced extreme itchiness and the next morning, he saw a capital letter A with 3 dots on his legs where he experienced the itching sensation. What does it mean, Sir?

    • This is my first time to hear a case like this. I think that there is a spirit or entity that is involve here which is responsible in marking your cousin's leg. If I am to interpret those markings, it means that there are three separate items containing gold deposits.

    • Hi Sir Elmo Hope you are good. Sir Elmo i have found a map carved on rock and much more sign closed to that on other rock/stones. One of that is the Big x sign in carved on rock close to that map in the circle. I have photos of that, I need your help please.

      Thank you.

    • You have to describe me all the other signs around that you have found.

    • Good day sir Elmo, my father and grandfather was digging for a hole supposedly intended as a septic tank but as they're digging they encountered bones and some antics (glass and plates). When they dig deeper they encountered a bed of sea rocks in the area. By the way the site is located 100 meter away from a beach. Also, they uncovered rocks that looks like river rocks, there's used to be an old tree in the site but my grandfather told my father to stop digging back then because he believes there are spirits guarding there which explains the bones they've found in the dug site. My grandfather have died a month after they have built our house in the dug site.

      My father haven't thought of it for a long long time until recently, when he dreamed about my grandpa telling him why he haven't taken cared of the dug site which is now underneath our kitchen floor. He dreamed of him thrice already so he decided to open in up once again but before doing so, we contacted someone who could help us with the spirits. "Manong" who was the espiritista took the skull we found on the site and we proceed the digging. There I saw the bed of rocks that papa told us before. We also found 2 stainless steel cups like the one they used in a movie when drinking a hot drinks. One has a Japanese writings and the other has "stainless steel japan" written on it at the bottom of the cup.

      Is there already stainless steel back then?

    • Interesting project that you have here. You have to keep it up. And, "yes", stainless steel already exists at the time of WW2. Thus, that stainless cup is a good sign.

    • Hi Sir Elmo. My grandpa found 3 huge square like rocks and the middle rock has a sign of a skull. Then the following rocks are just there at the side of the one with a sign at the middle. Can you help me what and where the treasure is if there are?

      Also my uncle wants to know what is the meaning of a rock with a sign of footprint in it? Thanks so much!

    • A skull sign often mean that there is a hidden buried treasure on that site but has deadly poison trap. As for the footprint sign, I suggest that you search the post where I discussed all about it.

    • Good day Sir Elmo, I just want to get this straight Sir. At 12 ft we found a big heart-shaped rock. At 16 ft we found another two big rocks in a certain position that look like a pair of eyes. And at 17 ft, we found a big plain triangle-shaped stone. Now, all this stones are color black like it was coated with asphalt. So may I ask Sir, where does it lead us? What does those stones mean? by the way, starting at 16 ft, the soil gets itchy and harder as we go deeper.

      I hope you will answer my questions Sir. Thank you for your time and God bless.

    • We have found broken jars and too many hearth sign and a lot more. How could we determine the location of the treasure. Please help us, we are so confused right now.

    • Good day sir Elmo. May I know your FB account Sir because I would like to discuss to you about the metal ball that was found by my father. We open it sir and we found the powder and stone inside the ball we just don't know what is this kind of powder and stone.

      Somebody say that it is a diamond. This metal ball Sir was covered by the cement and there has a sign of the cement the sign is square then engrave sign in the center of the circle and a sign like the number 7 that is all written of the cement cover in the metal ball.

    • Good day Mr Elmo, this is my email address [email protected]. We found three big rock triangle formation in small river, and beside there was a small hole and well that there is no source of water. The one big rock there was a tree on the top. We dig the well wondering that the treasure was there. We dig about 85 feet. And we found big charcoal 55 feet, a lot big shell 7 to 13 kilos in 65 to 70 feet, 3 not so big triangle formation rock inside we dig on 80 feet, many maroon stick look like nail from a big shell. Hope to here you soon thanks.


    • We found three rocks that looks like a landmark. The rocks distance from one another is 100 m it formed as a triangle, on one of the rock it looked like it has a handle and there is a sign engraved "SHA-"(a triangle sign with a dot in the middle). We break the stone but found nothing. What can you say about it Sir?

    • I found a placard in a rock that has a triangle with a small circle in the middle it said, "camp 2, for information 1865".

      What could it mean?

    • Good day Sir Elmo, I would like to ask about the meaning of 3 pcs of stone triangle 1 kilo each and one pcs of diamond 5 kls. We found underneath the semi-flat rock with a letter D hole 3 inches deep. This rock 3 in TRIANGULAR FORMATION, and this is the middle rock the left side has oblong with slice at the end and the right side is a frog with one eye to left side look kind directly into the left one THE OBLONG with slice at the end. Sir, we are hoping for your kindness. Take care and more power to your blog and God bless.

    • Elmo. Can you help us? We found a sign in the rock forming a triangle. The sign is a triangle the dot is inside but the dot is not in the center or side its located at the top.

    • Elmo please help us. We found a rock forming a triangle located in a small mountain but it is on the sided part. One of the stone has a sign. The sign is a triangle with dot inside but on the top and dot connected with arrow and x with dot on its left side. One of the stone of a rock triangle on the lower part or bend part has a big stone not normal. We dig in between of the rock and the big stone we found a circle stone 1/2 meter from the big stone. What do you think Sir Elmo?

    • I suggest digging a little bit deeper to know what other possible signs beside that large circle stone can be uncovered. If it happens that you encountered signs or other strange objects then it probably means that you are digging on the correct spot.

    • Hey Sir,

      I'm Farley. I'm not a TH but I've seen a Skull sign in the entrance of semi barracks of a stone cave. In the front of the cave, there's a big tree need to people to hug it. There's triangle shape stone pointing to the ground followed by another triangle stone then another one pointing to the skull.

    • Can you tell me where or what is the skull facing or staring at?

    • One of the eye of a semi-skull looking at a stone that look like a turtle shell, I've seen some rusty metal in the area. Also inside the tree I dig 1 foot, there are tiny rust metal.

    • The semi-skull sign that you found is trying to say that the item is buried under the rock that it is staring at. You stated here that the rock is like the shape of a turtle shell. In one of my old post where I discussed the meaning of a turtle sign, it can be interpreted as "buried under". You also mentioned here some tiny rusty metals which I think it was placed there as an anti-metal detector.

    • Thanks a lot how deep it is? Is there any bomb in the area?

    • From the signs that you stated on your comment above, none of them tells a hint about how deep the item is buried. And yes, there is probably a dangerous trap due to that skull sign.

    • Sir Elmo, I have found a rock. Please identify what is its meaning. Please give me your e mail address.

    • I suggest trying to contact me on my FaceBook Page.

    • Help me Sir Elmo. In our place we found a rock triangle on the top but sided part of a small mountain and has a big stone beside the rock triangle. This big stone is no ordinary, its a man made stone. One of the stone has a sign. A triangle with dot inside but located on top and a dot with arrow and x with dot and line under the x sign.

      I analyze it with my code and sign. If I am not wrong, the triangle with dot is is "around the bend tree or rock triangle and dot with arrow short distance". And, x with dot and line last sign before the object.

      We dig in the one of rock of the rock triangle which is the rock located at the bend part of the mountain and near the big stone. In the center of the rock and the big stone, we found a big circle stone about 1 meter of its diameter. We break it because we think it is the object but we failed.

      What do think of this Sir Elmo? Please help us.

    • What is the meaning of a circle stone almost 100 kilograms. It located in between of a big stone, one of the rock of a rock forming a triangle. Please help me.

    • I think it could be a marker which is represented by one of those signs your found which are the dots. Anyway, I suggest trying to dig a little bit deeper underneath the circle shape rock that you discovered.

    • Sir, I have a site. At left side is an acid fruit then at the right side is an old tree. On the west side is a mountain. Where is the exact location of the treasure.

      Please answer me. Thank you Sir Elmo.

    • Are there markings or engraves signs to any of those locations? Without any of them, it is hard to confirm presence of hidden Yamashita treasure on that area. Unless you have a map or a live pointer.

    • Hi Sir Elmo good day. Please help me Sir about this strange things that I found in our land. I am not a treasure hunter but I think it is a treasure sign. I found a rectangle marble and has 4 different colors. I found this inside the century tree.

      Thanks you so much Sir. Can I have your email address?

    • I also think that what you found is definitely a treasure sign. Its only through by human hand that such strange object can be placed on that spot. Anyway, based on my opinion, the treasure could be inside the trunk of the tree. But before you plan on cutting down the tree, it is best advised to use a detector to scan the trunk of the tree just to be sure. If none can be detected then there are probably other signs around.

      I suggest contacting me on my FaceBook page. The link to my FB page is on the right side panel.

    • Sir. I saw a sign in Mindanao. It is a hole with tail in the big rock nearby the old tree. What is the meaning of this sign? Sorry for my English I am not fluent.

    • The tail represent either a creek or a waterfall. Then at the end of it, it is where the item is hidden.

    • I am from Davao. What is this sign? A stone form of mango fruit seeds. Beside the stone is an arrow sign pointing to the mango tree which is near at the river.

    • I suggest checking the mango tree. Try inspecting it for any carved signs on its trunk.

    • Good day Sir Elmo.

      I would like to ask what is the meaning of the letters x, y and cross sign? Please help us because I am so confused. Thanks and God bless.

    • The Y represent a creek or an old trail while the X represent the hidden item. The cross sign means that the item is hidden at the intersection.

    • I need your help Sir. I found a turtle with no feet and no tail but have head facing east and also the have shell. How we contact you Sir? I have some pictures. I send it to you if you want to see.

    • This turtle sign that you found is putting emphasis on the direction where its head is pointing at. You stated here that it is facing towards the East, so you have to inspect that area where you should find more additional signs.

      You can contact me and send those pictures via my FaceBook Page which is accessible via the FB icon found on the right side panel.

  • What if its an open triangle?

    • I really do not know what you mean, do you mean its like a V sign?

  • Good day Sir. I would like to ask about the sign on a stone which has a marking of Japan 1940 and then the have an arrow going down. Where is the treasure Sir? Thanks.

    • I cannot promise that I can pin-point the exact location of the item. However, basing from the details that you have provided here on your comment, the best spot to start digging is where the arrow is pointing at.

  • Sir, we found a big stone about 150kg. At the east side of the stone, there’s an engrave triangle with 3 hole in the three corner. What does it mean? Please help us. Thank you.

    • There are three objects on your site as markers (it could be old trees, rocks, concretes, houses and etc…) which are arranged in a triangle. On each corner of these markers, there are hidden deposits.

  • What do you think about the of the big rock inside the tunnel? and also boulders around the rock?

    • I think that there is something behind those big rocks. Perhaps they are covering other tunnel entrances or chambers.

  • Hello Sir Elmo, good morning to you my friend,

    We dig a septic tank at 5 ft. We found a big clamp shell with hole at the center and I noticed 2 big rocks in north side with v carve at the edge and 2 big rocks in west side with carve v. As we check the clamp shell hole its not actually circle hole its look like an arrow pointed at the west side. We continue to dig as I read on your forum that clamp shell represents underneath deposit.

    We dig deeper about 15ft right now and we found 3 rocks triangle formation to the west side. My question is, do we dig deeper? Or do you dig drift to west side pointing to the rocks with v sign? Help us please, we are newbie here. Thanks.

    • You should continue as long as you are encountering markers or signs along the way. If none of it at all then you should stop and try the other spots being indicated by the arrow signs from the surface.

  • Sir Elmo, I found an engrave triangle sign on a big rock here at our farm. There’s a hole on top of that triangle. Another one hole in a rock just beside the rock with triangle sign. Please help me on its interpretation. Thanks.

    • Look for old trees or rocks around position in triangle as described on the post. The one with the dot indicates the spot where the item is buried.

  • Sir, good day.

    Can I have a favor?

    About rock triangle formation with dot in the center. Please reply to my request. Thank you.

    • The triangle represent three objects that are arranged in triangular formation. We can also say that, there are three corners around the area. In most cases, the formation or corner are comprised of old trees or rocks. As for the dot at the center, this represent the deposit indicating that it is hidden at the center of the triangle formation or corners.

  • My mother tell me his father is searching for rattan tree then he dig the rattan tree and found gold coin and sliver coin we family don’t tell any body I pretty sure that is Japanese treasure because Japanese had hide in our village.

    • If the JIA did paid a visit in your place then there is a huge chance that they did hid those gold and silver coins. I suggest that you should still keep this a secret then recover it secretly on your own. I believe that, that treasure is for you to keep.

  • Hello Sir, I’ve discovered a yellowish color of water inside the area or in a digging place. What does it means?

    • That’s very strange. Anyway, I suggest that you should try to figure out the source or where it is exactly coming from. It’s because on the source the yellowish water, you might find something important. Most likely, you may find some major clues.

  • Good PM sir,

    There is certain portion of flooring of the house of my grandfather that sweating or having moisture every morning but no any cracks on cement floor it is like round as ball circle. This house is around 50 years old. From the beginning my parent doesn’t give these attention and they says its natural but it was happening until now. What does it indicates? Sir please give me certain meaning of these.

    • That is strange, if possible then you can give it a try digging underneath that concrete floor. Other than that, try looking for strange engrave signs or other objects because they can also give some valuable information.

  • Good day Sir,

    We found a triangle sign in a huge old rock. And I notice that their are tree big rocks forming in triangle. We are just confuse if where is the digging spot. Inside or outside part of the imaginary triangle? Thanks.

    • It needs further clues in order to answer your question. Thus, I suggest that you should try to look for more additional clues especially on those corners where you have the tree markers and big rocks.

  • Sir Elmo, good day,

    I really need your help I have found a triangle sign under the ground with a shallow hole at the center portion and depth of 8 inches and this triangle sign made up by wood but there is 1 dot at the right side portion of this triangle? What is the meaning of this Sir?

    • When it comes to triangle sign like what you have found, it requires surveying your entire where you have to look for markers such as old trees and old rocks. When it happens that you found such markers, what you have to do is to observe their formations. In most cases, they form a triangle formation. As for the dot, it represents that one among those markers is where the Yamashita treasure deposit is hidden.

  • My grandparents lot area had a Japanese treasure site, Japanese excavate our land forming a very big V formation, which I measure consisting of 30x30x15x15x10x10 feet and the dept is about 1 meter approximate V form Japanese excavated land and the bottom of the V pointing north and in bottom side of the V form connecting a triangle form measured 10x10x7feet also 1 meter dept. Inside the triangle form had a Japanese well square form at the top corner of the triangle form, from the east side of the triangle form had a talisay tree with y form.

    I dug at the center of the triangle and I found small wood form like v, as I continue digging at around 3 ft dept I found a wood stem that have two cut v form at two edge of the stem most like two arrow facing point. As I look the stem, there’s an engrave of a full human face and body legs are missing and in the chest of the human body engrave a heart shape. As I analyze the engrave human face with body its been facing below under the position of the stem. As I continue digging under the stem, I encounter soil layering color green mud followed by big river stone, then followed by a kind of coral stone. All of that has already taken out to my dig site.

    One reason that make my digging delay is that there is a kind of double sealed sack that I accidentally torn due to my sharped tool use for digging. When it happen, the water suddenly turn itchy from natural water. That’s why I stop digging and suspended my operation. After a long period of digging suspension its been observe that the itchy water has been gone that is why my operation is now back to active but maybe I got some wrong digging timing. It’s because of the rainy season as of now my digging status is about 5 ft deep and encountering a sand and gravel portion which is starting to be more difficult to dig due to massive water arose.

    As for now my goal is to reach the cement vault which I did not recover yet, one of your tip I read is that the meaning of x of which I analyze the two two cut facing arrow most likely a sign of x, that you meant the depth of the treasure cement vault for ten feet. As of now the depth of my dig site is 5 feet, but I recognize the small present of asphalt or alkitran appearing to the water flooring like oil or grease. Now my question is that, is there a chance that the cement vault place under with the depth of 9 feet bottom reference of the cement vault? Can I have some little advice about my problem of the sand and gravel of which my difficulties going deep digging due to collapsing of sand and gravel? Is there another technique that I can use as I’m the only one digging this site? My water pump is only 1 HP and I cant afford to buy powerful equipment due to lack of finance. Actually I meet a person whose interested my site 8 of them but I carefully chose only one man to help me providing pump.

    Please your advisory is needed as you are a kind of veterans when it refers to treasure hunting, respectfully fresh treasure hunter Jaran.

    • As you describe your project here, I find it quite interesting especially that you are the only one working on it. I really admire your motivation and determination in being able to find your target. Now, let’s proceed to your questions. About the cement vault, this is often a thick layer of concrete cement which can be very hard to break especially when you are doing it manually. And yes, you can encounter a concrete vault at only 9 feet depth.

      As for your second question, you can deal with the sand and gravel from collapsing by piling rocks or bags filled with sand as a barrier or support.

      Anyway, I wish you luck with your project.

  • Hi Sir, I encountered triangle sign pointing down engrave in old Narra tree and a face engrave in big rocks pointing directly to a Narra tree. What does it means?

    • It seems that those signs or markers are pointing towards the old Narra tree which is the digging spot.

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