I actually came to notice that many amatuer treasure hunters still do not know how to determine the exact direction being pointed by an embedded old nail on the body of an old tree marker. So on this post, I will try my best to explain it in the best and simple understandable manner for everyone to easily understand.

But before we proceed, let me share with you another important aspect that you need to know about old nails embedded on the bodies of old trees.

You have to know that some old nails embedded by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as markers to the bodies of old trees are now totally engulfed by the trees. This now makes them impossible to notice unless you are going to use a metal detector.

But basing it on my own personal experience as a treasure hunter, when the tree had entirely engulfed the old nail, the portion where the old nail is embedded often form a bulge. Thus, you need to cut it in order to expose the old nail out. But as you do it, you need to be careful not to hit and bend the old nail out from its original form. You can stop after you manage to expose at least half of the old nail’s body.

The Old Nail Marker is Pointing at a Downward Direction

If it happens that the old embedded nail on the body of the tree that you discovered is pointing at a downward direction then it means that the treasure deposit is hidden nearby.

In order for you to be able to pin-point the exact digging spot, you will need help from one of your fellow treasure hunters. And, you also need a long string.

Now, what you have to do is to climb the tree and then tie the string to the tip of the old nail. The other end of the string is to be pulled by your fellow crew similar to what is shown on the illustration below.

After you go down from the tree, position yourself at a viewing distance and then instruct your fellow crew to move and adjust. When you manage to perfectly align the direction of the old nail from the string then the spot where you fellow crew is standing is your digging spot.

The Old Nail is Pointing Straight or Upward Direction

If it happens that the old embedded nail marker that you found is not pointing down but pointing straight or upward direction then it means that the treasure deposit is hidden from a far distance. 

For old nails that are straight or pointing horizontally, you still need to follow the direction where the exposed tip is pointing at.

As for the old embedded nails that are pointing in an upward direction, it often refers that you need to travel onto the top portion of the mountain.

Two Embedded Old Nails forming an X

Somebody in the comment section actually encountered two embedded nails inside the body of an old tree. And what makes them quite interesting is that they form an X. So what does it mean?

It actually means that the treasure deposit is buried right underneath the old tree. However, this still needs further confirmation through other markers around or markers that you will uncover when you start to dig underneath it. 

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