Not only did the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) have buried gold items in the Philippines but also other precious objects like diamonds and jewelries. But unlike gold items such as gold bars and golden Buddha, diamonds or jewelry deposits do not take so much space on their hiding places. So the JIA preferred to hide diamonds and jewelry deposits inside hard rocks and concretes.

What’s really interesting about diamonds and jewelry deposits inside rocks is that, most of them are not buried under the ground but out on the surface. But despite being hidden on the surface, it isn’t easy to spot or locate these rocks even if you have a metal detector.

Throughout my treasure hunting career, majority of my encounters and experiences with regards to hidden diamond deposits were on places with sources of water. Such kind of places includes old creeks, waterfalls, and rivers. One of the reasons why the JIA preferred these kinds of places is probably due to the presence of many large hard rocks that they can use for hiding their looted jewelry treasures.

Seven-Like Symbol Refers to Jewelry or Diamond Deposit

If you have a copy of the Yamashita Treasure Signs or Codes, you will notice that most of the signs that have references to diamonds and jewelries have the seven-like symbol. Below is an example:

Diamond Treasure Deposit

As you can see, the symbol on the left side is closely similar to the number seven while on its right side is a positive or plus symbol. The meaning of this sign is “Diamond Treasure Deposit”.

Here are more signs that have the seven-like symbol that has something to do with diamonds and jewelry deposits. You have to know that jewelry deposits refer to items which can be diamonds, gem stones, silver coins, and gold coins.

 Jewelries Deposit

Jewelries Deposit

This Yamashita Treasure sign has the seven-like symbol which clearly indicate that the deposit is composed of jewelry items.

Golden Buddha and Jewel Deposit

Golden Buddha and Jewel Deposit

Shown on the image above is one among the most interesting Yamashita Treasure sign that you should be happy when you found it. As you can see, the very first symbol from the left most side is commonly viewed by many as similar to the numerical number eight. Unfortunately, this symbol has nothing to do with the number eight it’s because when you are going to closely analyze it, you will notice that the symbol is a human figure. Thus, it represents the golden Buddha as the deposit.

Next to the symbol of the golden Buddha is the seven-like symbol. Just like the above interpretation, it indicates the presence of jewelries which are an addition to the golden Buddha deposit.


Jewelries Treasure Sign

What do you notice on this Yamashita Treasure sign? If you are going to look closely, you will notice that the sign is composed of two seven-like symbols. It can be describe as double seven. Since it is a sign that is composed of double seven, it is actually putting a lot of emphasis that the hidden deposit consists of pure jewelries.

Jewelries and Money

Jewelries and Money

What do you notice on this sign? If you got it right then there is again the double seven symbol but this time is has an additional symbol on the right which is a small oblong shape symbol. Just like how we interpreted the double seven sign above, it also gives the same meaning on this sign. The oblong shape symbol is what represents the money deposits.

Signs with Seven Symbols but No Relation to Jewelries

At some point, you will encounter Yamashita Treasure signs with the seven-like symbols but their meanings have nothing to do with jewelry deposits. Whys is that? We will explain this later below but first let take a look into these kinds of signs.

Treasure under Deposit

Treasure Under Deposit

One among the most commonly asked meaning of a Yamashita Treasure sign is the 7KD. The meaning of this sign is very simple which means “Treasure under Deposit”. Despite the presence of the seven-like symbol, its meaning has nothing to do with jewelries or diamonds.

Proceed Digging

Proceed Digging

As you can see on the image above, the sign consist of a seven-like figure. When interpreted, it means “Proceed Digging”. Just like the 7KD, it has nothing to do with the item deposit but an instruction that gives direction.


Door Treasure Sign

And lastly, we have here a 7C Yamashita Treasure sign. The interpretation of this sign means “Door” which again has nothing to do with the hidden deposit.

Identifying Jewelry Deposit Signs from Signs that gives Direction

Now, I want you to scroll back to the top and review all the Yamashita Treasure signs posted above. If you are going to study it carefully, all of the signs that refer to diamonds and jewelry deposits have the seven-like symbol paired with other symbols that have reference to the hidden item deposit. The positive or plus symbol denote “wealth” while the eight symbol refer to golden Buddha deposit. While, the oblong shape symbol represent money.

On the other hand, all those Yamashita Treasure signs discussed above that have nothing to do with the item deposit are actually paired with symbols that tell about directions. I repeat; the “paired symbols” are all about directions or locations.

So let’s take the 7KD as an example. The KD symbols are an instruction with the meaning that the item is buried under. They do not reveal what items are hidden under on that particular spot. Another good example is the 7C sign. The C symbol is actually what represents the hidden door or entrance. So when combined together, it gives the meaning of “Proceed towards the door”.    

7 Comments to “Diamond or Jewelry Seven Symbol Yamashita Treasure Sign”

  • Hi, Is it true that a ‘Kenpeitai’ was sent by JIA to destroy and remove all the treasure signs around the Philippines?

    A Japanese Kenpeitai soldier lead us to a location of our site.

    The site was under the waterfall. After we reroute the water and dried it. The the area was shaped like a ‘shoe’ or a ‘boots’ we dig and encountered a heart shaped object (4×2 inches) the outside color is a smooth white finished and the inside color is dark brown. The texture is very hard. I hope I can send a picture for you to better examine the item. We continue digging and found a ‘tip of a metal chisel’ about 2 inches long. Pointing on a direction. We continue, and found a big cement on our way. Is this a positive sign? Or we need to stop?

    • Yes, that’s true. But in most cases, amateur treasure hunters are really the one who are destroying most of the signs and markers for them.

      On your project, since you found a tip of a chisel then I suggest that you should try to continue.

  • Need of partner of project which we are about 20m slope going in cave all cement. Last item we got is the turtle and rabbit. If interested call me 808 450 4944. Going back to location end of Jan

  • Here in Victorias city near in my place I saw more symbols and sign especially the 7kD sign in a big stone.

    • That is very interesting, 7KD is a very common sign which means the treasure is hidden under.

  • What kind of sign that broken jar and 1 bottle and skin tree?

    • If you uncovered these objects under the ground for a certain depth then it means that you need to continue digging on that spot.

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