Digging Yamashita Treasure According to Dreams

According to research, every one of us always does have a dream every time that we go to sleep. But there are a few individuals who claim that they do not have dreams. Experts’ explanation about this is that they actually do have a dream but the problem is that they just can’t remember it.

In this post, we are going to further discuss more about dreams and treasures.

When it comes to dreams, some details about it can give you important information about what might happen in your future.

So when you have a dream about digging a buried treasure, this could mean that there is a huge positive change in your life that’s coming. This positive change can be in the form of financial, relationship, or other things where money is not involved.

But what most of your guys are interested about is that dreams can also be a bridge that allows spirits to communicate with the living.

Thus, if there are spirits guarding a certain treasure and they would like to give it away to the chosen person, they often establish communication through dreams.

Bridge between the World of the Living and the Dead

Based on my personal experiences with people who had successfully recovered Yamashita treasures through their dreams, they have one thing in common. This common thing about their dreams is that they “repeatedly had a dream” about it.

In their dreams, they were able to communicate and talk to the spirits guarding the treasures giving them instructions where and how to recover the item.

Thus, their dreams weren’t just one time but multiple occurrences until they were able to uncover and recover the treasure deposit.

So if you only had a dream about a certain treasure once then it could just be an ordinary dream. Or, another possible reason is that the spirits might have found another person who is more fitting to receive the treasure.

Things in Exchange for the Treasures

At some point, the spirits will tell you some conditions that need to be strictly observed. One of the most common conditions are the individuals involved who are allowed to work and dig on the site. In some cases, only the person in-contact with the spirits is allowed to dig.

Aside from the conditions, the spirits may also ask things in exchange for the treasures. Some of the commonly ask objects to be offered to them include food, money, clothes, and animals. After the offering, you can get the money and clothes where you don’t have to leave it behind.

But the most common question is that, what if the spirits ask for human life?

This is the only favor that you should not give to the spirit because there is another alternative method which is to offer livestock instead. But what is the reason why these spirits want human lives as an exchange to the treasure?

The answer to this question is in our history. You should know that many soldiers and innocent civilians had their lives taken because of these Yamashita treasures. Thus, if human lives are what it took to hide these treasures, it also requires human lives to recover them. But in the hands of a good spiritual medium, human lives can be substituted with livestocks.

Moreover, if the spirit really intends to give the treasure that they are guarding to a deserving person, they will never stop reaching out to him or her. They will continue to appear in his or her dreams until he or she decides to make an attempt to dig the treasure. 

The best part about spirits willing to give the treasures to someone is that they can accept simple offerings. But for the spirits who are not yet ready to give the treasures, they are the ones who are too demanding with their offerings such as going to the extent of asking human life in return.

As for the spirits who really don’t have any intentions of giving the treasure, they will protect it making it quite impossible to be recovered. And in relation to dreams, they can use it to further scare the people attempting to search for the item.

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