Does Gold Really Attracts Lightning?

Recently, I came across one interesting comment asking about gold and lightning. The question is that, “Is it really true that lightning is attracted to gold?”

If this is possibly true then as a treasure hunter, searching for gold treasure deposits especially those that were hidden by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) can be easily discovered. All you have to do is to take note of the exact spots where every lightning struck on the surface of the ground then dig it later when the storm is over.

According to the commenter, he read a book entitled “Lightning and Gold Theory”. It seems like an interesting book to read so I immediately searched it online to buy a copy but I couldn’t find it. I have trouble finding the book because he forgot to include the name of the author.

Anyway, by basing it alone from the title of this book where it includes the word “theory”, it means that the idea or opinion behind this book is not yet scientifically proven.

According to my research, there is really nothing that can attract lightning to be intentionally hit by it.

There are so many reasons about why and this will take a very long article to thoroughly explain about it. I’m pretty sure that it will only bore you out and it is unrelated to treasure hunting. So to save you the time, lightning strikes objects or places randomly.

To give you one possible reason why it’s totally random is the movement of the storm up the sky.

Lightning is Attracted to Gold due to its Conductivity

Perhaps the most common misconception about why lightning is attracted to gold is due to its “conductivity”. If you know nothing about conductivity, this is a property of an object to freely transmit electrical current.

However, lightning will never choose any specific target whether an object has high or low conductivity. It will simply hit anything around the surface of the ground with no preferences.

Through my further research, I came across a popular discussion involving a miner who claimed that based on his experience and observation, he noticed that the high mountain near his place was often struck by lightning. Due to this curiosity, he decided to mine the mountain. And surprisingly, it was rich with gold ore deposits.

Can we consider this as a solid proof?

Unfortunately, scientific findings claim that lightning commonly strikes high places. Thus, places like high mountains and buildings are the primary targets and not due to the presence of gold.

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