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Hello “Treasure Hunt Club” Community, throughout all the posts and pages that I already posted here on my blog, there is really no particular post where I made myself a proper introduction.

Old time members of the community already knows me by the name, “Elmo Zugwalt”. It is a very popular name which means that I am not the only one who is using it. Anyway, I won’t be discussing here my personal details but everything about my involvement in the field of treasure hunting.

When it all did started?

As my younger self in the past, I am always fascinated by breaking codes and puzzles. I really enjoyed solving them especially those that are very challenging where only a few can solve it. The main reason is that, in every codes, decoding it will always reveal unexpected surprises in which what I really enjoy a lot.

So my interest about solving puzzles has evolve into hunting for hidden treasures. Anyone who hides his valuable treasure will always leave markers, clues or a map that will later allow him to recover his items. However, no one would ever want to leave clues or even treasure map that can be easily interpreted by anyone. They have to make it quite puzzling that only they themselves can decode it. But unfortunately, there is always someone who can also figure it out and break the code.

Some of the reasons why people hides their treasures:

1. War

War is one of the main reason why a rich individual would rather bury all of his precious treasures to a certain secret location than to keep it at the bank. So if the war ended and he managed to survive, he can retrieve all his treasure back and continue his life of being a wealthy person.

Unfortunately, wars would usually take a lot of years that the person who hid his treasures dies at an old age or quite too old enough to remember anything from his past.

2. Stolen

If a certain person stole something valuable then it is a common sense that he will surely going to hide it. Bandits robs banks, pirates loves to plunder villages and even soldiers during wars can loot anything they wanted on their newly conquered territory.

However, stolen goods are not always safe in the hands of thieves so hiding them is their best option.

3. Security

All banking firms are not really 100 percent guaranteed secured. This is the reason why there is an insurance that may possibly cover losses if something went wrong. But for those extremely rich individuals, the amount of insurance is far too small for their total worth of money.

So for some wealthy individuals, it is not common for them to hide their treasures.

These three common reasons why people had to hide their treasures offers good opportunities for treasure hunters. But that’s not all. There are also many other valuable treasures that were considered “lost” with very insufficient clues on how to find them. One of them are popular shipwrecks containing tons of undocumented valuable items.

There is really so much challenge to treasure hunting trying to solve or locate a certain valuable object with often very minimal clues. You really have to perceive all the possible angles of the situation in order to derive high probability deductions.

Spent a Lot of Years in Treasure Hunting

With my full interest in treasure hunting, I spent a lot of my time in treasure hunting.

I first started as a treasure hunter in the Philippines. The reason why I have chosen this place to start was because of the Yamashita Treasure. Unlike any other countries, the treasures of Yamashita were hidden during the near end of the recent Second World War which means, the clues and markers aren’t tampered much by nature or time where they can still be encountered all over the place.

It took me a lot of years and some amount of investment so as many learning curves before my team recovered our first small deposit of the Yamashita treasure. But my journey to treasure hunting did not end here, I even invested more on better equipment which allowed my team to achieved more success.

My succeeding projects does not only involve the Yamashita treasure in the Philippines. I also travel around the world in search of other and more interesting hidden treasures.

My First Blog – Treasures and Antiques

The first blog that I created about treasure hunting was the “Treasures and Antiques” hosted by Blogger. My original purpose was to document my journey and share valuable information that I acquired through my actual experiences.

After just several months of blogging, I really never expected to grow such a large number of readers and followers. Comments started to pile-up so as my email inbox accumulates a lot of messages. It really gives me so much pleasure and interests responding to all inquiries.

From Free Blogger Platform to a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Some individuals are saying that websites or blog created from free blogging platform such as Blogger don’t seem like legit. Thus, I hired a Web Developer to perform all of the technical stuffs particularly the migration or transfer procedures to a self-hosted WordPress blog. He also currently maintains it except for the written contents which I provide.

I also renamed the old title to “Treasure Hunt Club” which I think is a lot more fitting name for a treasure hunting community.

Imposter Warning for Everyone

At some point, posting your contact details on the Comment Form cannot be avoided especially when you want to reach other people with similar interest. This is often the case when you are looking for a seller, buyer or financier.

The problem here is that, anyone can send messages to those contacts and pretend as Elmo Zugwalt. You have to be warned that currently, I only establish private communication from my FaceBook Page account and nothing else. I no longer open my old email because it is being heavily spammed.

My Future Plans on this Blog

Keep on Providing Useful Contents

I will keep on writing useful articles about treasure hunting and many other related stuffs such as antiques and metal detectors. This also include responding to all comments.

Mentioning about comments including private messages on FB, there are always slight delays on my responses. The community is continuously growing so as the number of inquiries that I have to answer back. This is the main reason why it could take several days before I can send my replies.


I am planning on doing some give-aways to every lucky members of Treasure Hunt Club Community. Perhaps, I will give-away my second-hand metal detectors or treasure hunting equipment that I no longer use.

Financial Support

If I can see that one’s project has the potential of being successful on recovering the hidden deposit, I will be providing some financial support.

Moreover, the most important of all is to always maintain a good and helpful community.

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  • Sir Elmo,

    Once again this is Mr. Jesus newbie TH hunter. I hope you consider my video and picture that I have sent on your email account. More power to you and may GOD Bless you always in your good deeds teaching and helping others like me.

    • Sir Elmo,

      Me and my family are hoping that you could help us and choose us to be one of the people you want to help and be our guide. Thank you and may the LORD GOD always Bless us. Thank you.

    • Resend it to my FaceBook Page account via PM because I no longer open my email account.

      • Sir Elmo,

        Done sending message at your FB account. I hope you like it and sorry for a long message and story to tell. I'll be longing for your message at my FB account also.

        To GOD be the Glory may GOD guide at Bless us always.

        Yours truly,

        • I will soon get to your message.

          • Sir Elmo,

            Ok Sir, today will visit our farm to check and harvest mangoes I'll be longing for your message at FB.

            GOD Bless Always Jesus

  • nestor miralles says:

    It open our eyes how treasure hunting is. Before we are only relying on spiritual which is susceptible to loko-loko. I am thankful to you which give some aspect about treasure hunting. Thanks and more power to you.

  • kinaraya.tao says:

    Thanks for being being generous with your time and effort in reaching out to the beginners. Many TH who became successful just hid all their recoveries and kept quiet, very much afraid of their safety. We have a saying, "Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa kanyang pinaggalingan, ay hindi makakarating sa kanyang patutungohan". Roughly translated. "Those who don't look back from where they came from, will not arrive at their destination".

    May God protect you always for being a good man.

    • Thank you very much. Those are really powerful words.

  • hone heke says:

    Good Day

    This is Hone Heke in Mindanao. I have written a book titles "Rough Guide to Treasure Hunting in the Philippines". Due to a lot of interest, we have been approached by a TV Producer from Nat Geo and Discovery to produce a 13 episode Doc. If you would like to know more, please email me. Best wishes and keep up your good work. Hone

    • Nice interesting book to read. So did they already released the documentary film? I would like to watch it.

  • I come across to your blog and found plenty of interesting facts but I noticed that you are not telling the people what was your common way of finding those gold you recovered.

    The most difficult part in TH is load spotting. Treasures are scattered in different load weight and depth that in some areas are surprisingly difficult to differentiate the burial place of the shallow load to extremely deep one by just using a gadget. This is the reason why plenty of treasure hunters in the Philippines are losing their hard earned money because of a single mistake of their guide which is to know where the deep and the shallow one. Most of the time their digging end up in a big deeper load which is impossible to recover without millions in your bank account.

    You are right that vault is so difficult to crack open as we already encountered in two separate situations and ended up empty handed after near mishap soil collapse of dig hole. But the most noticeable is the load locations are interestingly in accordance to engineering system burial spots. Every load weight has its particular depth levels that although not identical but in the same range of depths from big to medium to small. That was the Japanese engineering that I discovered.

    I noticed also that this classic burial style were almost identical in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

    • Basically, my method of locating hidden deposit is through interpreting signs or markers which is the most crucial technique that every treasure hunters should develop. If you got this skill which can only be acquired through a lot of experience then you will surely have a huge chance of success.

      Through experience, you will also be able to develop a skill which will allow you to determine if what you already started digging is positive or not. I have this kind of skill which saves my team from working on the wrong spot. I believe that I already discussed this on one of my old post which is all about identifying "disturbed" from the "non-disturbed" type of soil. So just by checking the condition of the soil alone even without markers, I know when to stop or to keep going.

      There are still a lot of many other things that I would really love to share for the whole community about treasure hunting methods. So far, I can say that I only shared 10 percent of my knowledge. So always tune up to this blog.

      In my own opinion, I think that the main reason why majority of treasure hunters fail is that, they do not know how to classify or distinguish authentic or man-made signs from those that are naturally made by nature. This is another discussion that I am not yet able to discuss in clear detail.

      Moreover, don't give up and continue learning from your failures.

  • Good day Sir Elmo,

    I hope you can help me out interpret JIA marking. A pair of feet pointing to each other whose marked on top of a flat smooth round stone and underneath it is a black round egg shape like stone in the middle. Around that smooth round stone to where those feet are marked there are small sets of stones assembled underneath that goes around with it. In a short distance, there's another feet marked on a wall-like stone to which the foot is position to the right.

    These markings are located beside the river. I do have ideas to which you have thought about the symbol but I hope yo can help me interpret these markings for me to better understand. I hope you can reply sooner.

    God bless Sir Elmo. I've been a follower for quite some time now.

    • The pair of feet which is based on my understanding from your comment is facing toe-to-toe. This means that the deposit is in the middle or center of something. Maybe, it could be at the center or in-between two old rocks or trees so check for these kinds of objects. Those small sets of stones that are arranged probably has to do something about a certain particular distance or depth. The other feet engraved on the wall means that the area where the hidden item is at the right side of the area.

  • Sir Elmo, I would like to send you some pictures and hope to know your opinion about it. I will send it through your FB.

  • Good day Sir Elmo,

    Thank you so much for your kind and generous reply, it will help me more to understand and interpret what it meant based from what you have thought and said. My initial understanding about it is that, the marker denotes on the middle to where the digging spot should be done and since that the marker is toe-to-toe it could meant 10 feet down underground or either the hidden items is on both left and right direction and the small stones around could be the amount of deposit it contains however like what you've said, I should check further around the area particularly the trees and old rocks, as for the other marker we have the same interpretation or it could possibly be 5 steps away from the marker. I know its much better to have additional support from a MD to make the job a little bit easier.

    I hope that I will be blessed with that tool one of these days. Sir Elmo thanks a million, I am continuously learning a lot from you and your experiences and applied it on the field, I will keep you posted if there's any development and continue to seek for your advises and guide.

    More power to you and your family.

  • Good Day Sir Elmo!

    I need some help regarding to what we have discovered recently. We were digging up a hole on our backyard recently when we accidentally encountered a heart - shaped rock with a shallow hole in it. The hole is about half an inch deep and it looks like it was made intentionally or by a man. After a few inches of digging, we now encountered a pyramid shaped rock on the same spot pointing upwards. Thanks and hope for your response.

    • Those are interesting markers that you found. The heart sign means that you are dealing with gold deposits. As for the pyramid, it indicates that you should check the corners because there could be sealed chambers or tunnel entrances.

  • Good day Sir Elmo, I am from Mindanao philippines. We discovered treasure signs but I don't know the exact meaning of it. 1st sign is X sign w/ dot at the right and letter C w/ 2 holes at both ends engraved in a huge rock. Then, another huge rock beside w/ 2 slanted lines.

    • Those signs indicates that the item is hidden inside the rock somewhere on its side.

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