Enclosed Treasure Deposit Inside a Tunnel or Hole

Based on my own personal experiences as a treasure hunter for the hidden Yamashita treasures, the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers had commonly hidden their treasures inside tunnels. And in order to further secure their treasure, they often enclose them inside tough objects such as rocks or concrete.

In this post, we are going to discuss a topic about a marker that has been discovered by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community. Unfortunately, he was unable to send an actual image of the treasure marker that he discovered on his site.

According to him, he found a large rock on his site with an engraved treasure sign. The image below illustrates the engraved treasure sign that he discovered. As we can see, it consists of three symbols. Two of the symbols are like the letter “C” then followed by a dot.

So how are we going to interpret this particular marker?

Interpreting this treasure sign starts from the leftmost symbol which is the first C. This indicates a certain hidden tunnel or hole around the site.

The next succeeding C with a dot is considered as one symbol where its meaning has something to do with the treasure deposit. It actually confirms that the item is hidden inside the tunnel or hole indicated by the first C symbol. But aside from being hidden inside the tunnel or hole, the item is stored inside a large rock or concrete.

Now if we are going to work on this project, we need to search for the opening or entrance of the tunnel. Surely, there will be additional signs around the site that can give us a clue about where to find it.

Assuming that we discovered the entrance of the tunnel or hole that is being referred to by the treasure marker above, then it’s time to put our muscles to work and dig.

There could be some buried markers that can be encountered especially when the Japanese Imperial soldiers had designed their tunnels with complexity. And of course, there is always the possibility that there could be a dangerous trap.

Our goal for digging the tunnel is to search for the enclosure of the item which can be in the form of a large rock or concrete. So let’s just assume that we discovered at the end of the tunnel a large size of concrete box. 

We already know for sure that the item is stored inside this box of concrete. So what we have to do next is to either pull the object outside the tunnel before breaking it or to break it inside the tunnel to retrieve the treasure deposit. 

However, breaking the concrete enclosure of the item can be so hard that it could take a lot of time. Anyway, patience is the key especially when you are confident enough that the precious items are stored inside. This is actually one of the advantages of being able to interpret treasure signs correctly. You will always have a strong confidence that you will seem to have an endless energy to continue working. 

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